Japanese Proverb


“Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.”

When we consider our “why” for doing the challenging work of introspection, self-discipline and self-caring, isn’t it mostly our love for those who depend on us, whose lives are impacted most by our efforts to be the best version of ourselves we can be?

I think that’s what love is for. To give us the motivation, the grit and the will to evolve and grow!

When we can’t muster up the courage for ourselves, we can more assuredly do it for them!

Happy, happy 2018!

With much love,


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Choose Well, Read Well


I’m crazy about all things C.S. Lewis! And so I’m really excited to be starting the Narnia Code, a book by Michael Ward about the Chronicles of Narnia. Only a few pages in I came across a noteworthy quote for Lionesses!

“Stories like Narnia deserve to be taken very seriously because what we read as children is perhaps the most important literature we ever encounter. We’re then at a formative stage of life. “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world” goes the saying. And if that’s true, what about the hand that holds the bedtime fairy-tale?”

Does this idea ring true to you? That the literature you are reading to your children now is possibly the most important of their lives?

What a great moment in life! For you and for your children!

God bless all your caring efforts for their growth.

Be well,



Small Things With Great Love


In his book, Seven Women and the Secret of Their Greatness, Eric Metaxas tells of the criticism that Mother Teresa received from people within and from without the church. Some thought that she should go after social structures at the heart of creating poverty, while others thought she should reorganize her missionaries so that they could help more people at a time. They suggested that governments or social programs could do more than a group of nuns and so on.

Her response was, “that God required her to do small things with great love; that while government welfare programs exist for quite admirable purposes, ‘Christian love is for a person.’ I do not add up, I only subtract from the total number of poor or dying….every act of love for the unwanted and the poor is important to Jesus.”

As you think back over this day my friend, what acts of love did you perform in your own house? Think of everything from wiping noses to cooking meals to reading stories to kindly and firmly saying no when the moment rightly called for that response.

You are doing small things every day with great love.

I hope you can feel the love and make your contribution a happy, dedicated gift to God.

May He bless your every need.



Take Time


Time to pull out all of the self-care tricks you know!

The treadmill feels so good after stress. An Epsom salt bath is just the thing for tight muscles. A massage sometime soon would be quite helpful!. A quiet hour to read a book or write a letter of thanks would re-

center things. Most of all, I challenge you to find a time when you can be alone to think about the year ahead and make some plans and set out your vision. If you could take two or three hours to do that, or if you have the ability to go somewhere overnight, I recommend getting to someplace beautiful to think and to write! Write about the year behind you, what you learned and how you grew. Then write about the year ahead and what you hope to learn and the ways you want to continue your growth! It is a powerful thing to do and will make a great difference in how you spend your time in 2018.


All my best wishes to you.



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She’s a Comin’!


The new year, in her glory, is just around the corner! Here are a few questions to get ready for the energy surge the calendar flip can give you!

Would you take just a few minutes in the next 24 hours to answer these–and if you want to really hold yourself accountable to the challenge, give me a thumbs up when you’re done!

1 What are the best memories you will take away from 2017?

2 What skill would you like to learn that would best help you move to your next level in parenting or homemaking?

3 What one self-care habit would help you be your best self in the new year?

That’s it!

I hope to hear from you as you get your cogs turning. Let’s hit the ground ready to take the confident baby steps that will get us where we want to go in balance and harmony with our life’s mission!

Sending you my love,


P.S. Did the mental picture of “hit the ground ready to take baby steps” grind your gears? Ha! I like “hit the ground running myself,” and surely that’s ok if we have the structure in place to support ourselves! When we consistently take care of our basic needs, we can run quite a race. But, this family gig isn’t a sprint; it’s a long-distance run for sure. And functioning families require balance and taking things at the speed of life–Which as we know, is more like watching the seasons passing, not standing on the sidelines of the Indy 500 getting whiplash!