Self-care ideas

Ideas and inspiration about the need to care for ones self

Japanese Proverb


“Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.”

When we consider our “why” for doing the challenging work of introspection, self-discipline and self-caring, isn’t it mostly our love for those who depend on us, whose lives are impacted most by our efforts to be the best version of ourselves we can be?

I think that’s what love is for. To give us the motivation, the grit and the will to evolve and grow!

When we can’t muster up the courage for ourselves, we can more assuredly do it for them!

Happy, happy 2018!

With much love,


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Take Time


Time to pull out all of the self-care tricks you know!

The treadmill feels so good after stress. An Epsom salt bath is just the thing for tight muscles. A massage sometime soon would be quite helpful!. A quiet hour to read a book or write a letter of thanks would re-

center things. Most of all, I challenge you to find a time when you can be alone to think about the year ahead and make some plans and set out your vision. If you could take two or three hours to do that, or if you have the ability to go somewhere overnight, I recommend getting to someplace beautiful to think and to write! Write about the year behind you, what you learned and how you grew. Then write about the year ahead and what you hope to learn and the ways you want to continue your growth! It is a powerful thing to do and will make a great difference in how you spend your time in 2018.


All my best wishes to you.



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Choose Your Response


Ok Ladies, here’s a little shot in the arm if you’re open for it!

“In particular, the onset and course of disease are strongly linked to a person’s ability and willingness to cope with stress. Stresses that we choose evoke a response totally different from those we’d like to avoid but cannot.  Helplessness is worse than the stress itself.” (Italics added – isn’t that an amazing insight?)

“The interpretation of stress is always tricky for an outsider, for the same circumstances can be detrimental to one and neutral or even beneficial to another. Johns Hopkins University psychiatrist Jerome Frank notes that “stress comes mainly from the patient’s interpretation of events.”

These quotes are from the delightful book, Love, Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Siegal, and they fascinate me because I can see the truth of them in my own life and health.

A few things to consider:
1 What is easy for you to deal with may be difficult for someone else to handle, and vice versa. One more reason we cannot know the burdens of others.
2 If you are feeling stress, do your best to re-frame it in your mind and change it into something you can handle without as much discomfort.
3 Resorting to a belief of helplessness is not only unhealthy emotionally, but physically too. Remember the Eleanor Roosevelt quote that says that no one can put you down without your permission? It seems that slipping into helplessness is also a choice. The greatest among us stay out of the victim role of believing they have no control. It’s a worthy goal for all of us!
4 Finding meaning in any event can change the level of stress we feel. If you believe that the challenge you have now will in the long run be turned to your good and give you valuable experience, you will have greater energy to apply yourself to learning and be more flexible and teachable.
5 Changing our habitual thinking patterns also changes our chemistry and circuitry! Know that you can create new pathways and stir up a different chemical soup for your mind to live more comfortably than running from one adrenaline pumping stress to another. Retraining your belief is what it takes.

“I am a life-long learner.”
“I am learning new ways of responding to stress.”
“I am re-framing my interpretation of the events in my life.”
“I am strong and resilient.”
“I care about my future and my health.”
“I am a great role-model for my children!”

A new mantra requires rehearsal! Over and over and over again. It took years of saying negative things to yourself over and over and over again for them to take hold in your belief system. So it follows, that shifting things to the positive will take some effort.

Are you ready for better days? Awesome! Let’s get to work and remove helpless from our thoughts and our vocabulary.

Be well!







A Truth


I don’t have to make everything all better.

And neither do you.

Everyone has their own challenges to work on and it is right for each one to strive for their own growth.

Deep breath in……………………………hold it……………………………………let it out.

What are your challenges? They are the only ones that you have full power to tackle, so use your energy there!

What changes would you like to make in the coming year? {That bright, new beautiful year is on it’s way! So exciting!} When we think of our own growth, it is exciting! When we think of moving another person to change, it is heavy. So let’s stay in our own space, working out our own salvation, and offer our support and love and encouragement and minister to others along the way!

Your growth is inspiring! And observing you living your life to the fullest will inspire those you love to take hold of the reigns of their own lives and do exciting things too.

I hope you are taking great care of yourself each day. Listen for the kind, mother voice in your head and let your own nurturing in. A tended mother is a kind mother that draws her family to her with soft, feminine power.

Love to you today,


Your Story


Hello my friend, how has your day been?

I hope you are speaking kindly to yourself and to others, and apologizing and giving forgiveness when necessary! {Yes, that is daily!}

In thinking about Christmas and the fact that the calendar is about to flip to a new year, I wanted to offer a valuable tool I learned about when my son was in the special education program. It’s called Social Stories. I used it to write stories about his life that would teach him new ways of doing things and about thinking new thoughts about himself. I remember one day I had written a simple story on several pieces of paper, drew simple stick figures for pictures and stapled them together.

As we sat on the living room couch reading the new story, our oldest son walked by on his way downstairs. The child who was reading with me called out to him and said, after reading a page with these words, “I am bright!”

Because it was in writing it was the gospel truth to that young mind and it was a stunning moment for me that still stirs me to tears.

What new stories need to be told at your house? Stories about children sharing with each other and getting along? Stories about everyone helping out and then being appreciated for their helpfulness?

What about stories of how to respond to friends in a difficult situation, or stories about when to talk to an adult about something that is troubling? When these stories are personalized, they are internalized.

You can use simple illustrations or you could put real pictures of your family in them. I took some pictures recently of my grandkids doing specific things so that I can use them to illustrate the kindness they have shown that I have observed and want to encourage in social stories.

To take this a little bit further, what about a story about your marriage or about making tender Christmas memories this year or lowering your stress level or incorporating new self-care plans like exercise or eating well? Adding pictures to these stories is like creating declarations on steroids! And the sky is the limit! Instead of just saying, “I care for myself,” you can add a picture of you making a smoothie or walking on the treadmill {the type-o I just corrected is too funny not to share– the “treat” mill! No, no, tread is better!} or lying in bed resting at the hour you desire to go to sleep.

What true creativity!  Actually creating the outcomes you desire by letting your mind see and catch hold of what you really want! What do you think, could some social stories end up in your family’s stockings this year?

You are magnificent. You are right where you need to be doing the challenging and exhilarating work of family creation and development. There isn’t a time in our lives, whether we are 20 or 85, when we stop developing these relationships. But certainly, one day at a time is all any of us can do, and second chances are available again and again. So don’t you quit! Keep going! If there are things that need to be made right, start now. If you need help, ask for it. Pray for what your heart truly desires and then hold to your faith and do your part to make miracles happen!

Love, love, love,