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You Are Making History Mom!



What a treat! I’m so happy to get to share a recording with you of an interview aired this morning on KMTI radio. Larry Masco did a great job interviewing Erica Komisar, author of Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood In The First Three Years Matters.

There are some insightful, and scientific gems here ladies and I hope you might take a few minutes to listen and be reminded that what you are doing as a mother is of utmost importance. In fact, you are creating a future for your children that is connected and calm and full of potential growth.

I’ve been reading the book and have felt that I want to shout from the rooftops that we have got to pull it together as a society and become truly family and child-centric, not just in what we say but in the choices we make!

A startling statistic I read this morning is that over the last decade, there has been a 400% increase in mental illness in children and adolescents.

We need to get very clear on who we are as family leaders, what we are about day in and day out, and what we will and will not give our time to, and then boldly lead out by our example so that together we can change this downward trend.

More ahead on Lioness about this topic! I hope you’ll stay tuned!

Love and blessings to you,


Table Talk with Erica Komisar

So It Goes


It’s another day living in contrasts; light and dark, (what a great place to be!)

A day to practice choosing hope and growth, from the knowledge we have gained from

Experiencing sadness and remorse;

Maybe you had a day of challenge and pain, or

Maybe you experienced a day of joy and rest.

(How would we know rest without strenuous work or understand joy without ever feeling pain?)

Hopefully you saw the sky and felt the wind,

And tasted something nourishing and were a

Blessing to someone nearby.

We can only be where we are; to effect change we have to

Want change enough to think a new thought, maybe even before we

Feel a new feeling.

That takes courage rising from our deepest selves. The part of

Us that fights (even when we don’t know it) to live in harmony with


May He bless and lift and comfort and encourage and

Direct and teach us all along the path

Of this splendid journey, this education, this gift of living

Here, in our physical selves, in this physical world.

God bless your desires to remember and to be your true, unique and wonderful self!

With much love,




This is a little community announcement! I thought that some of you may be interested to know that Erica Komisar, author of, Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters, will be the guest on the Table Talk show on KMTI radio 650AM, Monday November 27th at 8:15am. I’m looking forward to hearing her speak about her work and the need she felt to document her compelling research on a topic that is vastly important to individuals, families and society at large.

I hope you can tune-in! 

For those of you who may not be in the west and able to receive the broadcast, I will see if there might be a transcript of the show that I could share here or give you directions about how to find more info.

While I’m at it, I’ll ask, what kind and nurturing thing can you do for yourself today? I challenge you act on the answer to that question, which will help you to be in a state of nurturing kindness that will then pour over graciously to your family!

Sending you much love!


That’s A Wrap!


We finished our last group meeting for the 7 Steps to Family Wellness Seminar today and I was so happy with the experience! {Every year has been a delight with wonderful ladies coming together to support each other, and this year was no exception.}

It never ceases to amaze me how different we each are and what wonderful things we learn from hearing about each person’s perspective and experiences. It’s healthy and broadening to be a part of a group of people striving to learn together. Synergy is awesome!

So here’s a bug in your ear:
if you haven’t lately, put your feelers out and tap into a group who are interested in learning some of the things you want to learn, whether that be oil painting or writing or swimming or budgeting or dancing or time-management or nutrition! Then join in!

This year in seminar, we were privileged to have Lionesses from seminar’s past to introduce and speak about each step and what they have learned and then incorporated into their lives. It was enlightening to hear their words and their experiences! I was inspired by them as they added layers of understanding and depth to topics I have taught many times. Their perspectives were unique and wonderful!

When I was in college as a non-traditional student, the traditional students {those young enough to be my children almost!} taught me so much. When I had a technology question, they answered it every time!

What is it that you want to learn next?

I hope you will be able to find a “tribe” of those who are moving in your direction so that you can gain from the synergy of a shared group experience and also that of each individual’s experience too as you share with one another.

I hope you are well! Please take good care of yourself this weekend.






On Self-Care


“Where has God gone? Why has He gone away? Why has He let this happen? Why won’t He help? Why has He abandoned me?”

“God hasn’t abandoned us. We abandoned ourselves. He’s there, and He cares.

But He expects us to cooperate by caring for ourselves.”

Melodie Beattie, Codependent No More

Friends, our people are counting on us to care for ourselves so that we can care for them in healthy ways.

So go ahead and take a break, feel the sun on your face and give thanks for all of your gifts and the beauty of life.