In Remembrance


In memory of my friend Sharon Stilson, who left us unexpectedly and far too soon, I say, thank heaven for positive, uplifting people who are an influence for good wherever they are! {And a reminder that life can change so suddenly…}Til’ we meet again…

Sandal Feet


Have you been wearing sandals enough yet this season that your feet are starting to dry out and look scruffy?

Go from reptile looking feet to baby softness by soaking your feet in a cup of Epsom salt in hot water for about 15 minutes. It is amazing!

Take care of you. It will only mean you can take better care of them. You matter and you are important. Without words, self-care says, “Daughters, this is how a woman cares for herself and demonstrates her self-respect.”

Besides, 15 minutes with your feet in warm, soothing water…..ahhhh. It’s a bit-of-heaven!

Love you!


Let It Shine!


Have you gotten a little burn on your neck or face or arms yet this early summer? Seems like it’s easy to do when you’re outside more than usual at the beginning of the season.

These days I use coconut oil for that. I’ve heard some funny jokes {none of which I can think of this minute} about the benefits of coconut oil. It’s been quite the craze hasn’t it?

I do use it quite a bit in baking and frying and smoothies and granola, but the most common use I have for it is on my skin. It heals minor burns like you can’t believe, if you haven’t tied it already.

Just smooth some on and soon the pain and redness has eased up. When the kids have been out in the sun for awhile, it’s a great thing to do when they come inside. A little oil on the nose and cheeks and neck.

See what you think!

I hope it’s a sweet summer for you!



P.S. has great deals on their vitacost brand coconut oil. You can get 52 ounces for about $20 and free shipping!

A New Side


It was one of those evenings when I was pulling random vegetables out of the fridge

wanting to create something new. {Do you ever get stuck making the same steamed carrots and broccoli like I do?}

Here is the recipe that came! It is simple, really fast and the flavor was awesome! I will definitely make this again.

1 onion, coarsely chopped
1 green pepper, coarsely chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
in leftover bacon drippings. After a minute or so, when the onion is starting to look translucent, add:
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced

When that has cooked for a minute, add:
5 large kale leaves, torn into 1-2 inch pieces
2 tomatoes, diced
Real seasoning salt to taste

Cook for just a half a minute or so once you’ve added the kale. It is better if you let it keep it’s color and body and not allow it to wilt too  much.

That’s it! See, it comes together very quickly and the flavor is so good!

I hope you are enjoying your cooking adventures this week!



P.S. Remember you can buy bacon without the nitrates and nitrites in most stores now. {Walmart carries it.}

Who Wins?


The press is on! It’s big and it’s real!

There are so many people, causes, things and machines all vying for your attention! And who will win it, today and tomorrow?

In an article I read, and I think I’ve mentioned before, the designers of some of the most influential social media sites, actually disable the dings and red dots and exclamation points that appear on their devices because they know that those attention-grabbers are almost psychologically impossible for a human brain to ignore…and they don’t want their family to be living a life of pseudo reality! {The very life that they helped create for millions of other families. According to the article, it sounds like they didn’t mean to make something that is so very good at grabbing people’s attention, or maybe they didn’t realize what the fallout would really be when people were glued to their devices instead of engaging with their family and friends…except, whether they knew it or not, they did. I could be clearer, but my husband just got home early and I want to see him, so I hope you get what I’m trying to say!}

What else and who else is competing for your attention? And how are you choosing where to give it? No really, the answer to that question is vital because it will bring you wisdom and direction. {Pause and think and answer if you will.}

I declare that you are brave and tough and crazy-good to be living the dedicated life you have chosen in the topsy-turvy world we’re in. I have no doubt that you are or can:
Choose your thoughts {do those declarations every day!!}
Choose your attitude
Claim your blessings
Learn new ways of being that will bring you greater peace
Get better and better at choosing where you will place your attention throughout each day

All my best to you!