A single smile, a word of thanks. A note in the mail, a call saying “hi”.

A pause in traffic {letting one person in} a wave of thanks, a nod, you’re welcome. An encouraging word. A few minutes to ponder. One loyal friend.

A humble meal. A story at bedtime. A piggy-back ride. Clean hair, gently organized into braids.

Every day life’s story is unfolding. Little by little, our thinking patterns become our beliefs then our acts.

All the while truth sounding, says clearly, it is the little things that make or break our plans, our hearts, our lives our loves, that create each new beginning. Nothing grand, just every day, simple things!

Contentment {a nearly banished Fairy} promises to immerse us in abundance, the Beauty and Majesty of our lives here…if we will only slow down so that in stillness, we will hear her whisper: “Right now, you are wealthy beyond measure; you love and are loved.”

Large doors turn on small hinges.

Can you do the small things? Fight the small battles? Give the small gifts? Not for applause or likes, just moving from your heart in the right direction an hour and a day at a time?

Can you feel love in this moment and let it’s clarity remove the sight-narrowing worries that make you blind to the treasures you already possess?

Life isn’t out there somewhere. It is right inside of you, longing to dance and sing, to laugh and to grow!

Let your life unfold, let your heart be calm. Let Love comfort you– open your arms and let it in!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Close your eyes and listen.

Somewhere rain is falling, seeds will sprout and in time buds will emerge.

Then flowers, gracefully, naturally, and willingly, will unfold.

This moment, this second, Love is offering you peace.

Take it!



P.S. Those who do the little things with great love, over and over, a life time long, are those who become wise and great and worthy of emulation.  Who do you know that has lived a life like that? Watch her! And listen, she’s probably humming.



So Much Taste!


I hope this day finds you well! I’m about finished with being on crutches, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the kitchen, making real food!

It never ceases to amaze me how much flavor real food packs!

Here are two simple ideas for you today:

One: experiment with vegetables! Roast them, drizzled with olive oil and your favorite spices on a cookie sheet. {Diced, mixed veggies like potatoes, carrots, peppers and squash, or shredded cabbage or broken-up cauliflower or broccoli, etc.} Cook them in a slow cooker with some good bone broth. Try them fresh in a salad with fresh herbs diced on top. Drizzle fresh salad with rice vinegar and olive oil. {Best dressing ever!}

Two: make your own herbed oils to add to your dressings or to your cooked dishes. All it takes is mincing fresh basil or rosemary or chives or oregano or garlic and adding several teaspoons to a small bottle of olive oil. Let it sit for 24 hours or so and then store it in the fridge. You can strain out the herbs if you just want to use the infused oil alone, or keep the herbs if you prefer. The taste is incredible!

Nature is full of flavor and color and texture! Eat it up!

There are so many simple blessings to enjoy.



P.S. If you haven’t tried using Redmond’s REAL Organic Seasoning Salt, I highly recommend it! It is divine on roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, sauted veggies, in curry sauce, on garlic bread, etc. Chances are, you can find it in your grocery store, but if not, you can find them  online at The best buys are the 25 lb bags of Real salt and the organic seasoning salt in their 32 oz canister. Just got  more for my food storage stash last week and it feels good to know we won’t be running out anytime soon.

P.P.S. No, I’m not getting paid for this endorsement. I just love their products and their company and their people!

Happy Love Day!


Wherever you are in your journey, no matter how sleep deprived or worried or challenged this day found you–I hope you make it a joyful day! 

First off, jump down to the bottom and get the music rolling will you? Then come back…

Isn’t it beautiful? The water and the birds and violins, ah, I love it so much!

Now onto a few questions that may help you to have some joy on this Valentine’s Day:

When you’re in a space of loving and accepting yourself, how do you dress? Do you wear lipstick or just moisture?

How do you walk when you are in self-appreciation? Loosely with no cares? What do you listen to? {Pachelbel, right?}

How do you smile and what makes you smile when you’re at ease with yourself?

What do you eat when you are being good to yourself? {I don’t mean a splurging kind of good, but nurturing good!}

Most importantly, how do you treat others when you are feeling good? This is where it all really starts to make sense doesn’t it?!

My challenge for you is this: as you move away from this post, please do all you can to show yourself the love and care that you need. Pour it on! Smile at yourself, breathe deeply, let your shoulders relax, let go of your concerns. Say a prayer of gratitude. Feel heaven nearby. Wrap yourself in sweetness and all of that sweetness will spill over onto everyone you meet today. Because every person you meet is needing to feel loved too.

You are loved!







I am amazed many times when I am putting spam into the virtual trash bin, how disgusting and loathsome it can be. I really feel much better when it is written in a language I can’t read, then I don’t have to concentrate so hard on not reading what new filth has landed in my Lioness box. I mean, if I were actually having to touch it, I would feel the need to wash my hands, or bleach my hands afterward!

I also recently read a book about slavery. The story was real and the people were real, but written, as many stories must be, with fiction filling in the gaps of what we know. The fact that the author has walked through the house where these horrific events took place shot me with the reality of how horrific they really were! Could we imagine pulling up to that house today to see a black slave tied to the kitchen porch post being whipped for stealing a spool of thread from the person who owns her?

How tragically sad some our history is! And yet how much more tragic it is that many still live in a reality full of only objectified bodies, sexual innuendo, and enslaving the innocent! What a hollow, even hellish existence.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything that has been created to degrade and minimize and objectify people, most often women and children, could somehow be banished from our planet? Wouldn’t that be a great relief?

But today is not that day, today is the day we have to fight. To push back against corruption. To let our voices and our anger be directed toward the preservation and protection of all people.

{If you are surprised at my use of the word anger, understand that I believe it is absolutely the correct word, and I don’t use it lightly. Modern-day abolitionist and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, Tim Ballard sheds light on one of the issues I’m referring to, that of the world wide problem of child slavery and the sex trade. These issues are the fruits of the degradation that I’m talking about. Slavery and corruption are alive and well and require our awareness and attention!}

We must step up and push back.

Here are a few ideas on how to accomplish that.

  1. We develop relationships with those who are in our stewardship. Relationships of honesty and trust.
  2. We become fierce advocates for our family’s physical, spiritual,mental and emotional health and well being. No exceptions on what is allowed in the door of our homes and what is kept out. {Of course today the door most often means the router.} If something is objectifying or devaluing of life, it’s out. Women, fight! So your kids or maybe even your husband at times might think you are over-reacting or that you are too sensitive? I believe that this is an important part of being a woman! If you feel that something isn’t right, let your voice be heard. Kindly, gently, respectfully and firmly lead out. Shine a light on the issue. How we feel about things can be a wonderful compass to the rest of the family. Not something to feel minimized about, but rather, your sensitive feelings are something to own and employ for the benefit of your family. We are called to keep things human and real.
  3. We teach every chance we get. This doesn’t mean we are preaching at people all of the time! It means we are opening up conversations and asking questions and sharing our thoughts and testimony of what is right and what is wrong. We share our stories of the things we have learned and how we came to the understanding we have. It also means that we understand that, our example, how we spend our time, what we think is funny, how we speak of others, in all these acts, we are teaching our children.
  4. We must fill ourselves up with goodness and love every day. Intentionally seek out uplifting music, literature, causes and people. Join forces with others who are fighting a good fight. Work hard but also take breaks and fill-up our proverbial cup. And even though the battle is real and fuels our swift and definite response, we understand that we are not in a state of being angry. Allowing ourselves to feel anger in response to injustice is different than being an angry person or feeling justified in behaving badly toward others, even when our cause is just. Truly, fighting the good fight does not mean becoming combative or ugly. We fight the good fight with goodness and love, and by defending the innocent. {And by sending donations to people who are prepared to fight for the just cause that we feel strongly about fighting!}                                         

 As I write this, I see ways that I want to do better. Are there things that you would like to change in your life, in your virtual viewing diet or in your general mode of operation that might clarify your position or offer greater support to those who are struggling?

I hope the “spam” you receive today will be written in a language you don’t know.

Sending great love to you!


You’re The Top!


I’m so impressed and proud of you young mama’s!

And you grand-mama’s too!

I am witnessing your amazing-ness every day!

I see you taking care of children when you are tired– oftentimes without the help of your spouse, because of work or other commitments.

I see you getting through trying physical issues, all the while remaining your mostly patient self!

I watch you pull yourself up and challenge yourself to keep going.

I sense your strength every time I’m around you.

I say a lot of silent prayers as I watch you, asking God to watch over you and to prosper you. To make your efforts count and to help you to get glimpses of the wonderful work you are doing as a wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I witness the passion you have for your family and I see you overcoming your challenges so that you will be able to give them what they need most; a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy mother and or grandmother.

In so many ways, you are blessing the world!

I am in awe, and I thank you for your pluck and perseverance, your goodness and your love.

I hope you will take good care of yourself today and tomorrow, because you are needed, and oh, you are loved!

All my best,