Telling Myself



We have to inform our brains to think about what we want them to think about.

It is our tool and it is extremely obedient.

Say I want to focus on learning to practice a new skill every day. How can I ask my brain to help me?

I can take a picture of myself practicing. I can repeat declarations, informing my brain that I want to practice and that I am improving every day! {Lest discouragement set in and stay for too long!}

I know, it actually sounds like an act of God to convince myself that I want to practice!

Bottom line is, we have to inform our brains.

We have to inform them regularly and with as much intensity as we can muster. And in as many sensory-rich (seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling) ways as possible.

We use the gift of imagination and see and smell and hear and feel ourselves doing those things that will help us get where we want to go!

{If you’re worried, you’re already using your imagination, only you’re using it to your detriment and lack of forward motion. Oh, the minutes, days and years I have wasted there! Can you relate?}

What do you want to learn?

How will you inform your brain today?

Sending you my love and confidence that you are a creator with super powers!


P.S. The act of God part is really real too, in that we ask to be given the courage to tell our brains what we want in the first place and then that we’ll be granted the grit to make the concerted effort to focus in and be faithful to our goals! Lot’s of prayers here!








Stand Strong












Do you have concerns or challenges or questions that you have been praying over?

Do you need greater strength? More courage? Endurance?

Keep asking; keep praying; keep working; keep hoping. It’ll come! It’ll come.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31

Be strong!




“Lucy went first, biting her lip and trying not to say all the things she thought of saying to Susan. But she forgot them when she fixed her eyes on Aslan.”

Prince Caspian, C.S. Lewis

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Picture Your Life






I had the opportunity to visit with a client as school was starting a few weeks ago. She wanted to clarify her goals and talk about a few trouble spots that were causing her some uncertainty and a little frustration. It was a great visit!

I admire that kind of “I-am-a-life-long-learner” attitude! How much can be gained by proactively asking for feedback, taking opportunities to think out loud and then claiming responsibility to move things forward.

Wherever you are, I hope that you feel that you are teaching and learning. There will never been a moment when we won’t need to learn something new! Or to learn something again. That is life.

I wish you health and happiness as you strengthen yourself and your family.

Be well.



A Matter of Opinion


How amazing it is to look back over a full day and see the blessings.

That even though there were set-backs, patience won out.

That even though frustration could have been the shared emotion, there was generosity and helpfulness.

That though hard work was required, the strength was there to move through to the finish.

Because it isn’t the stress or the problems or the circumstances in general that make a day good or bad.

It’s our opinion about ourselves and the events that counts.

We can re-frame a situation and call it learning instead of failure.

We can pick up the spilled thing and move on without wasting time and energy being angry.

Mostly, we can pray to be kind to ourselves and others in the process of our every day experiences.

May you be blessed with kindness!