Think Tweak


On occasion I do too much.  I expect too much of myself and I get high on checking off a to-do list, and I really love to see big results!  Can you relate to that at all?

Yesterday, as I was doing a little weeding in my flowers (with a long handled hula hoe), I was thinking about the fact that things are starting to look pretty nice out there because of the daily, little, efforts that we have made over the last few weeks.

We decided that we would spend 5-10 minutes weeding in the mornings, me in my flower bed and herb garden and my husband in the vegetables. Well, he has helped me a lot with mine, so so much for a division of labor.

When weeding is daily, all it amounts to is tweaking things. The weeds are so small you really have to look for them! And pulling them, or hoeing them takes almost no effort at all.

I absolutely love dealing with “problems” while they are tiny and “tweak-able!”

Most of the time we don’t give ourselves credit for the small things we do that make such a big, positive difference in our lives or in the lives of our family members. And, I believe, that sometimes we don’t deal with them when they are small because we want to see big changes later even if it means expending more energy to make it happen later. What do you think? Do you see any evidence of this mentality in your life?

I mean, you can see the difference between going out to a garden that is overgrown with weeds, tackling them and then standing back to see the reward of your efforts as a massive improvement. Versus, taking a tool and walking around for 5 minutes, if that, and keeping the weeds away before they are even really visible! It doesn’t create a striking change, but it keeps you from needing one.

The amount of effort required is minimal when you are working on the side of prevention.  And the rewards are huge when you consider the fact that you can then attend to other small, tweak-able items with the time and energy you have saved by working on things a little at a time, and before they are overwhelming.

What other items can you think of that could be almost effortlessly tweaked on a pretty consistent basis, that would free you up to relax and do more of what you want to do?

What about anticipating meal times earlier? (Before the kids are crying and hungry, and before you are hungry and short on time!)

Or, getting children ready for bed before they are exhausted and behaving badly?

How about saying ‘no’ on occasion to one more committee or request, if it isn’t in the best interest of your family for you to be stretched a little further?

I hope that you are taking some time to think and ponder and breathe as you are going about your days. My hat is off to you for all of the good you are doing every day of the world!

Much love to you!


Little Veggie Inspiration


I walked into a friends house the other day while she was sauteing veggies for part of their breakfast!  They looked so good I had to try something like it.  I choose to combine chopped asparagus, diced summer squash, onions and mushrooms. I simply sauteed them in olive oil and sprinkled them with a little dried vegetable seasoning.  They were so good with our pasta!

Have you tried cooking any new combinations of vegetables lately?  Any ideas you want to share?

I’m so excited to have herbs growing inside and now outside in a grow box.  I cut up fresh oregano, basil and rosemary for the pasta.  There is nothing like the real thing!

I hope you have a great, growing summer!



Looking for Pictures


When you are creating your vision board, it is important to find pictures that illustrate your goals.  There are so many “words” in pictures and our minds gather their meaning very quickly, and then those images stick!  True isn’t it?

We all know that destructive images are rampant in our society and we know how addictive they are.

Well, this is an instance where you can take advantage of your mind’s ability to latch onto something visual to help you to create the outcomes you want!

Have you identified some of the things you want to accomplish?  Or some of the books you want to read or the service you want to render?

I’m still standing in front of my board looking at that picture of the woman singing in the band, and I don’t know how or where that will come into being, but I trust it will.

Now’s the time to jump in and dream and let your wishes be known!

Create! Your mind knows what to do to keep you focused and open and ready to create the life you want to live.

I hope you’ll go for it!



Trusting You, Trusting Me


Today I heard someone, who has done a lot of living, speak about trust. He said that we don’t really know each other very well because most of the time we don’t allow others to see our real selves because we don’t trust them enough.  Do you trust people to the point of being able to be completely open and vulnerable and fully yourself?

The idea got me to thinking. What are the things that we habitually do that might keep our closest friends and family members from trusting us with the gift of truly knowing them?

And if emotional intimacy is the ultimate prize of human interaction, isn’t it a sad thought that so many marriages and families are devoid of real, whole-souled closeness?

Here are a few thoughts:

1 When we are critical of anyone, even ourselves, we give others the signal that they are not safe with us.

2 When we gossip, we let people know indirectly that we do not protect those that are not able, because of their absence, to defend themselves.

3 When we complain about the efforts of others, we give people the clue that eventually they may be unappreciated too.

4 When our emotions or behavior are out of our control, we are giving people a warning that we aren’t trustworthy, even to ourselves and our own best interests.

5 When we mock others, those present may slide further into themselves with a vow never to be vulnerable in our presence.

I wish that everyone in the world could have at least one person they could trust whole-heartedly with the beauty of their whole selves. And just think of the consequences of that!  I believe that our prisons and divorce courts and detention centers and drug-rehab facilities would be empty. Intimacy or connection is the great anti-drug and the antidote to possibly every human problem we have.

Maybe we can each make a tiny shift in our awareness and then in our thoughts, words and behavior that will help us to deepen and strengthen those precious relationships we have right now, by learning to trust and by becoming more trustworthy.