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Day 20- What Do You Need?


I’m so glad you are here taking this self-care journey. Good for you! 20 days down and only 10 to go!

Today, I’d challenge you to take a few minutes to think about what you need today. Asking the question is part of knowing how to care for ourselves.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Could you use a brisk walk?

A nap, even a 20 minute rest?

A break of some kind? Maybe time to focus on finishing a goal? Or tearing into a project that has intimidated you for too long?

{Sometimes it’s the things that are undone that are the most draining right?}

Or maybe it’s time for a good, solid, simple shift in perception, the kind that comes from shifting our focus to see someone else’s needs. It’s as good a medicine as anything can be!

What about acting on a charitable thought that came to you this week? Something that would help a friend or a neighbor perhaps?

Once you know, take decisive action, and move ahead.

Always, always remembering that every single baby step counts!

Be well my friend.


Day 19- Speak For Yourself


Hello! Welcome to the 19th day of our focus on self-care. I’m so glad you’re here!

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Today, I’m posting the script of the declaration video so that you can speak them aloud for yourself. I would suggest that you even go a step further and record your voice speaking them, then listen to these truths in your own voice as often as you can!

“Firmly rooted in truth, 

I stand safely in my appointed

time and place; daily, I 

absorb Living Water; grounded in earth;

Connected from afar to it’s red, living core,

I am strong, courageous and whole.

As a sparkling, living, sunny gem, my

Soul is God’s creation, my life a

Gift; I discover, and

Determine my divine path; shining, 

Rising, in the light of each new day,

creativity is my birthright.

I claim the power of my voice; 

the power of decision; the power of 

action; the power to change. I am the

Captain of my soul; on my finger, gleaming and bright,

I wear the Captain’s glistening, golden ring.

As wrapped in silken emerald down,

I am enfolded in divine

Love and abundant grace; In turn, 

My heart flows over with 

streams of

Mercy and Peace.

Safely, I speak- petitioning- 

my wants and needs are

Heard, are honored; effortlessly, with respect and

kindness, I speak my mind in the crisp

blue sky. I decide with

ease and delight!

As lavender gardens reflected in still and quiet pools, 

my tranquil spirit listens for the divine; It’s voice 

prompts my hands to lift, to bless; my

Mind to learning and forges my spirit-

Connection to all living things.

In beauty, my head is crowned with heaven’s sparkling,

diamond light; with face up-turned, 

I give thanks! For each day,

strengthens and instructs;

I act with dignity, for my soul is

Divine. In joy and grace, I wear the

Crown of Creation.”

I wish you heath and happiness that spills over to bless your family and friends.

Be well!


Day 18- Wash Your Mouth!


Ever make your own body care products?

Here’s a simple idea for mouthwash that works well!

Fill a plastic squeeze bottle with water. Add 5-10 drops of a high quality peppermint essential oil.

Just shake, squirt into your mouth, swish and spit it out.

No chemicals. No medicine taste. Just nice and clean!

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Take good care my friend!


Day 17- Time to Be


Your children are young right now.

They won’t be tomorrow.

They are curious and hungry to learn.

They learn from play and experimentation and discovering the world in their own backyard!

This all happens just once.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Mud pies and stink bugs, a curly dog, a sunning cat and a feather blowing in the wind. Children are present so they can enjoy and learn from all of the simplest things.

Yes, they will benefit from developing talents and playing on teams, but they also thrive in free play, in learning to work around the home, from sitting in a tree with a good book.

We only get to be rambunctious, care-free, curious kids once.

Moms and dads might consider scaling back expectations – and their worries about college prospects and future careers to make time for all of the simple, unscheduled joys of living!

When you hear, “Mom, will you watch me do a back flip on the tramp?”

Say, “Yes!”

Your children living in the present moment is a sweet, once-in-a-life-time invitation for you to be present too!

The self-care challenge for today is to follow the lead of your children and practice being present. Just be.

{And we’d all love to hear about the fun you have!}


Day 16- Overwhelmed by Grace


Hello my friend! How is your self-care journey coming along?

Thank you for the words of wisdom and experience you have shared in your comments! Please continue!

Something that I believe is crucial to creating a self-caring environment for yourself is learning to create declarations that will support your thinking.

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

Years ago, my Granny gave me a book titled, You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, and it was a massive wake-up call to me! I had no idea how negative my thoughts had become.

Self-cutting, critical, damaging thoughts that I would have been appalled to hear from anyone else! Can you relate? We have to wonder, why do we “take it” from ourselves?

Part of the issue, as I learned in my shock, was that I just didn’t hear it.

I didn’t consciously know how hard I was on myself. Then I started imagining the words I thought as actual physical blows, and it was tough to see that emotionally, I was beating myself bloody on any given day. So I went to work at rewiring my thinking.

I learned, what I call, the art of declaration and it has been such a gift to me! {And yes, if you have been here very long, you’ll know I yammer about it a lot!}

The last few days I have been noticing that currently, the most common self-talk I have now is a voice of encouragement, even saying things like,

“Way to go! You got that job finished!” or “I’m proud of you.” or “It’ll be ok. You’ve done hard things before and you’ll be able to do this one too.”

Do you hear a positive coach in your head? Do you give yourself credit for trying? Do you forgive yourself, even if someone else hasn’t? {Yes, that’s a hard one for me too.}

So here is a declaration I challenge you to hold close to your heart today:

“What I am becoming is more important than what I have been.”

I challenge you to say this aloud every hour today. Write it and hang it on your mirror, your car dashboard, your kitchen window, or wherever you will see it most. Set an alarm on your phone. Invite your children to repeat it with you!

It has all the right stuff to be a powerful declaration! 1 It is spoken in present tense. 2 It is positive. 3 And above all, it is true.

{Remember the idea that we need to close the gap between what we believe and what is actually true? I think that the lack of positives we believe and say about ourselves is evidence of the biggest gap most of us experience between our belief and God’s truth. Here are other declaration ideas, “I speak kindly to myself. I am God’s child. He loves me today and always. I don’t have to be perfect to feel His love for me.”}

“What I am becoming is more important than what I have been.”

Do you have regrets? Even little ones? This phrase will help you let go of those.

Do you have a vision for things you want to change in your life but get hung-up on wondering if you’ll ever be able to change? This sentence gives perspective and hope.

Do you need to free yourself up in some way? To “repent” or turn back to God or to someone you may have offended? Including yourself?

We must do what we need to do to move forward. Ask for the strength to let go of old hurts. Ask for clarity to know what the next step is for recovering our full power.

Step by step. Even tiny steps create meaningful movement. In fact I wonder if baby steps aren’t the most desirable and long lasting?

It has been my experience that we choose what influences us {as much as we possibly can}, the direction we want to go, the spiritual weight we desire and are willing to lose that will free us up, and then God provides the speed He knows we are able and ready to handle.

“What I am becoming is more important than what I have been.”

I pray that you will take very good care of yourself today.

Much love,