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Taking Counsel From Your Faith


In seminar, we are working on mindset. Why? Because your mindset is crucial to the health and functioning of your family!

By this I mean that when you are in a place of positivity and learning, when you are defending yourself against negative thinking and deception, when you are resilient and able to deal with adversity, then you are leading your family by example to greater growth and health.

Cultivating a positive outlook is a task that requires practice, practice and more practice. Do you know how many negative thoughts you have every day? What do you do with those thoughts?

In seminar, we are practicing the skill of recognizing negatives, mentally shifting them to positives and sending them back out in new, true positive statements.

It’s a boundary thing.

No more wallowing in self-depreciating, self-pitying mind chatter.

No more listening to doubts and dramas and fears, as if they are the counselors who are giving us a shot of what we might think of as hard reality. But are negative thoughts really helpful? Should we take counsel from our fears? No.

No, they just keep us down and struggling.

I hope you’ll join us as we learn with humility and sobriety, to right the wrongs that may be habitually happening in our thought processes.

You could ask a friend to hold you accountable. You could share the challenge with one of your kids and work on it together.

I wish you the strength that will come as you spend more and more of your energy in thinking of the true and the beautiful in your life!

You are beautiful my friend!










What does spirituality mean to you? Some see spirituality as a practice, maybe a time to be alone in nature or to quiet the mind. Others feel it is learning to meditate or exercise. Yet one definition I read lately, that really strikes true to me, read along these lines:

Courage of the soul.
Expressions of love.
Surrender for something higher than self.
Loyalty to goodness.
Doing, being and living for good.
Victory over self.
Communion with the Infinite.

Since we are in the thick of a self-in-the-center culture, this kind of outward-looking, service-mindedness and priority driven behavior offers great perspective. Expecting personal growth and progress without learning interdependence and teamwork is like trying to become a winning soccer player without a team.

Our world is full of people like you who are giving and loving. I believe you are the majority though you may not seem to receive a lot of public attention.

I hope our society can cultivate a level of spirituality that will help us to hold onto the good in everyone we meet, learn to forget self, reach out to others and continue to expand our most generous instincts.

Love to you today!

P.S. Reaching out and “forgetting self” does not mean self-neglect. {After all, how can we give when we are exhausted or ill?} It’s a tricky concept, but because we are human and have constant needs for sleep and food and exercise, we have to learn to balance caring for self and caring for others. And all we can do is try and practice and learn as we go!

One rule is to first fill your cup, then go about sharing with those around you. If you are trying to function with an empty cup, your ability to give generously will be stifled or cease. What ways do you need to be fed? Rested? Nurtured? Please plug some of those needed things into your schedule today. Call the chiropractor. Make an appointment to get your eyes checked. Take an hour for a massage. Whatever it is that you currently need in order to be in balance, take the first step to put that care into motion. Today.
P.P.S. I hope you have a great week finding ways to strengthen yourself in order to contribute your gifts to your family, friends and community! I wish you well!


Yes You Can!


“Develop yourself out of challenge.”







A few years ago, I scratched this thought at the top of a piece of note paper when I heard it. I’m sorry I didn’t write who said it because it is valuable and profound and I appreciate it!

Nevertheless, now it is yours. I hope it inspires you to action as it has done me!

Be well.


Telling Myself



We have to inform our brains to think about what we want them to think about.

It is our tool and it is extremely obedient.

Say I want to focus on learning to practice a new skill every day. How can I ask my brain to help me?

I can take a picture of myself practicing. I can repeat declarations, informing my brain that I want to practice and that I am improving every day! {Lest discouragement set in and stay for too long!}

I know, it actually sounds like an act of God to convince myself that I want to practice!

Bottom line is, we have to inform our brains.

We have to inform them regularly and with as much intensity as we can muster. And in as many sensory-rich (seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling) ways as possible.

We use the gift of imagination and see and smell and hear and feel ourselves doing those things that will help us get where we want to go!

{If you’re worried, you’re already using your imagination, only you’re using it to your detriment and lack of forward motion. Oh, the minutes, days and years I have wasted there! Can you relate?}

What do you want to learn?

How will you inform your brain today?

Sending you my love and confidence that you are a creator with super powers!


P.S. The act of God part is really real too, in that we ask to be given the courage to tell our brains what we want in the first place and then that we’ll be granted the grit to make the concerted effort to focus in and be faithful to our goals! Lot’s of prayers here!








Stand Strong












Do you have concerns or challenges or questions that you have been praying over?

Do you need greater strength? More courage? Endurance?

Keep asking; keep praying; keep working; keep hoping. It’ll come! It’ll come.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31

Be strong!