General inspiration

Say, “Stop!”


When you recognize a negative thought running around in your mind, say stop! Don’t let it finish itself, stop it now! If it starts up again, stop it again and again, until you get so good at it that it can’t even really form into a sentence before you’ve shown it the door.

Feeling heavy in your body or spirit? Get the negativity out.

Feeling out of control or overwhelmed? Think back to the last internal conversation you had and turn it around.

It is your life. It is your mind. It is your choice.

One red flag to consider: When you feel yourself trying to control someone else, it is most likely a reaction to feeling out of control yourself. Take a break and have an honest chat with yourself. What is right in your life? What resources do you have? What positives can you draw upon? What expectations can you adjust or let go?

An hour at a time; a day at a time; that’s all we need to do.

Sending you much love,


Get Help When Needed!


Today, I had some help with my housekeeping and it was a dream! It’s a trade I have going and I am loving it.

It brings to mind a friend of mine who, on occasion, will say that with her own hard work and the help of her grown children, she’s gotten on top of her yard again, (you know who you are!) and it messes with my mind because I don’t know how often I would be able to say such a thing! Maybe in the spring before the weeds are giving me a run for my money, or maybe in the fall right after everything is put to bed!

But it seems that the feeling of “being on top of things” has got to be heady stuff! And today with a little help, I’m feeling so encouraged.

Made me wonder about you women with little people at home. Could you use a hand up? How would it feel to be just a little closer to the calm that comes with the deep clean, that you would like? What would that help look like? What skills do you have that might facilitate some kind of trade?

One thing that occurred to me today is the idea of a simple arrangement of- you help me and I’ll help you- maybe you and a friend attack some job at her house this week for an hour and next week hit something else at your’s!

Or maybe it’s, you watch my kids for an hour while I get a few things done, and I’ll return the favor!

When my daughter was a young teenager, we had a cute lady in the neighborhood who hired her, and a few of her friends, to come to her home to help her clean.  She chose the younger girls because she wanted to train them to do things the way she wanted them done, and I’m sure it helped that they weren’t expensive help either! I felt that it was great training for the girls and a big lift for the woman who was the mother of several very young children. It was impressive and instructive to me to see what proactive looks like!

Look for the win-wins that may be lurking right around the corner!

Godspeed you to your greatest good!






I Like Myself


With your new or brushed-up validating skills, how are you treating yourself?

When you make a plan to take care of yourself, are you honoring that plan?

I was reminded recently that confidence is gained through keeping our commitments to ourselves. And that’s a life-long quest!

One of the most powerful mantras I’ve ever used, is simply saying, “I like myself.  I love myself.”

If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot.  You’ll know you need to employ this tool whenever you are feeling snappy or frustrated or down. Amazing how self-acceptance, or rather the lack of it, is most often at the root of all of our slow vibration moments.

If you want to prove the point to yourself, the next time you are angry or frustrated with someone else, take a quick look through your mental log and see what negative or cutting thing just crossed your mind about you. It’s as if you’re on the defense from a self-injurious thought or comment first, and then the blame gets shifted to whomever happens to be close by. Yes, it sounds too simple, but give it a go.  See what you discover. {If you are constantly down on yourself, you may not hear the put-downs right away. It may take some practice shining a light on your mental chatter. But once you tune into what you are actually doing to yourself, you will be in a position to make massive changes very quickly!}

You can immediately shift your feelings by saying these simple words, I like myself, I love myself. Say them until you feel the shift and then move on in your interactions with others.

It is so effective, it feels miraculous.

Be lovable. Be loved. And start with yourself.

All my best!


Gratitude Draws Support


It was brought home to me very powerfully this week, to hear a sweet young mother giving thanks for what she has and adjusting her outlook to the parameters that are her reality right now.

Her gratitude, in the midst of what has been frustrating circumstances in her life, was like a call to all who know her to rally to her aid and rejoice with her in the blessing she acknowledged!

That beautiful energy of light and inspiration came through her words and touched my heart.

What beauty surrounds us as we find ways to accept the things we cannot change and find the strength and courage to seek out the good and give thanks and appreciation for the blessings that are always overflowing, whether we notice them or not.

Have a wonderful, counting blessings week ahead!

Love, love, love,


Thanks for the inspiration Bree!!

“I love my life.”

“I am decisive and prompt.”

“I give thanks in all things.”

“I receive insight in the midst of offering gratitude.”

Turn It Around


When it comes to self-care, what is the biggest mental hurdle that gets in the way of your planning and accepting care?

I’m going to take a guess that it is the sense that amid your family responsibilities, you don’t feel that you have the time, or that you might be perceived as self-centered or, selfish if you make the time!

You’ve heard stories of mothers who have given everything in order to keep their children from starvation or some kind of peril. And on the other hand you’ve heard of mothers who abandon their children for another life.

Or, maybe you have felt abandoned yourself and decided that it’s the last thing you would ever want to do to your children.

So, there’s a balance to strike here.

First of all, you need to know what your goal is and that can be tricky. I don’t know how you would describe the outcome you want, but I think that for the most part, the ideal we are all trying to reach by making choices that will benefit our families, is that of intimacy, or said differently, a real connection to family members that is dynamic and real.  It’s creating the kind of connection where real sharing, listening, learning and teaching occurs. It’s a place of safety and freedom for each person to feel understood and to find joy in one another.

What I’ve come to recognize in my experiences, is that there are multiple ways to sabotage relationships. They’re not only dependent on your physical availability, but also on the ability to be engaged and feeling, the ability to forgive and move on and the desire of both parties to share, to name a few. All of which are crucial matters for family wellness.

And here’s the point: It’s very difficult to be in an emotionally available place when you are tired or bored or feeling uninterested in life!  {As I write that, I remember the fog caused from riding the hormone roller coaster of pregnancy and nursing and losing sleep to care for babies and then doing my best to function during the days! But, that stage passes, and life goes on in growing times and seasons as anyone who has given birth or is raising a child knows!}

But in general, self-care is the thing that helps you to be awake and alive and interesting and emotionally available to your people!

It is relationship preservation.

So, the next time you are tempted to discount your need for self-care, please consider the benefits your family will reap from your wellness, and jump in!

And give thanks!

All my best to you,