General inspiration

You’re The Top!


I’m so impressed and proud of you young mama’s!

And you grand-mama’s too!

I am witnessing your amazing-ness every day!

I see you taking care of children when you are tired– oftentimes without the help of your spouse, because of work or other commitments.

I see you getting through trying physical issues, all the while remaining your mostly patient self!

I watch you pull yourself up and challenge yourself to keep going.

I sense your strength every time I’m around you.

I say a lot of silent prayers as I watch you, asking God to watch over you and to prosper you. To make your efforts count and to help you to get glimpses of the wonderful work you are doing as a wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I witness the passion you have for your family and I see you overcoming your challenges so that you will be able to give them what they need most; a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy mother and or grandmother.

In so many ways, you are blessing the world!

I am in awe, and I thank you for your pluck and perseverance, your goodness and your love.

I hope you will take good care of yourself today and tomorrow, because you are needed, and oh, you are loved!

All my best,



Love Is On It’s Way


What warms you and makes you feel loved? A cup of peppermint tea at bedtime? A warm bath?

How about a little sleepy head next to you listening to a picture book as you read? An “I love you,” and “thanks”? How about warm socks and a good book in a comfy chair? Is it seeing the laundry folded and being put away? Or the kitchen sink sparkling after a good baking soda shine?

Is it looking at the sky or noticing the birds? Is it petting a cat or playing with a curly puppy? Is it listening to an empowering song or stepping out into the night air after it rains? Is it seeing the smile of a friend when you remember her birthday or the emoji blowing a kiss coming back on a text?

I hope that whatever it is, you will receive it when it comes or create it for yourself or for someone else.

Life is a long time, but childhood is not. Please give your children the mother they deserve by treating yourself with dignity and respect. Give yourself what you need, relax and enjoy these precious days.

Everyone will be better off when you take the breaks you need to refuel and recharge.

I think you are wonderful. Keep being your amazing self!




What Are You Waiting For?


Can you remember when you were little and it was getting close to Christmastime

or your birthday? I remember that I would start thinking about the upcoming celebration more and more as it got closer. I was preoccupied at times with wondering what the present under the tree with my name on it was! Or how so and so would like the gift I got for them. That kind of anticipation turned into a kind of waiting. When everything else was measured by how many there would be until the day; how many school days left, how many piano lessons or how many chores to do.

It seems that throughout our lifetimes, we end up doing a lot of waiting. For that boy to call, for the day of the dance, for the letter of admission in the mail, for getting the braces removed, for the hair to grow out, for the morning sickness to be over, for school to start, and on and on. And we learn that the waiting does end, and more waiting begins.

So, how amazing it is to learn to be present in the waiting.

To continue to work and learn and take breaks and breathe, all while there is something coming up ahead that will change life…again.

Being present while waiting is pretty tough if the day you’re longing for has to do with feeling better again! Or being able to walk again or see someone you have missed again!

If you are in a difficult waiting moment, I pray that you’ll hang on and find whatever snatches of relief and peace you can as often as you can!

The long awaited day will come.

Be well my friend. I wish you all the lessons your waiting is bringing to you!



Every Stage: A New Mission


Do you ever drive yourself crazy, like I do at times, wanting to make sure that you are doing what you are meant to do here? I guess maybe a preface is in order.

I really believe that we are each here for a reason. And that we each have a role to fill in making the places where we live better. Not only that we can leave a legacy of change and growth, but that it is our mission to do so.

But that’s a tall order isn’t it? To figure out what to do with the gifts and interests and passions that God has given us!

I heard two thoughts today that help. One is that in the different stages of our lives, our mission may change. When I was a young mother, I felt strongly that my mission at that time was to give my efforts and energy to nurturing and teaching my children. My husband was supportive of my feelings and together we made that equation work.

But now my children are grown and gone, that mission of motherhood is morphing into a mission of loving and encouraging adult children, grand motherhood and of mentoring other young women through the Lioness platform. I couldn’t have done these missions, in the way I felt best, simultaneously! Along with our growth comes new ways of giving. The experiences I had as a young mother have given me the benefit of hindsight that may be helpful to those who are now in the motherhood trench!

There are also other interests I have that I am now free to pursue and it is a good time of life! Life goes on and we continue to learn, to experience and discover who we are and what we have to give. And what we have to give grows!

As you consider your mission, the one you are living now, I’d offer the second piece of wisdom I heard today. That is: what we give is not about us. It’s about contributing to the growth and well-being of God’s children. And as a wise man recently said, “Life isn’t about how many runs you score, but about how many runs you help others to score!” {Von G. Keetch}

You have a unique mission to perform here. Prayerfully find it if it isn’t apparent already. Qualify yourself for it if needed and give it all you’ve got!

Then as time passes, be willing to embrace the next stage, or your next mission.

Life is a long time. Breathe in 2, 3, 4, hold 2, 3, 4, exhale 2, 3, 4.

I truly believe that God will show us His will in our lives and that His plan trumps anything we can imagine. He created you. He gave you your unique gifts. There is time to be you and there will be more of you, as you grow in service to His children.

Much love to you!


A Stick In The Spokes


I’ve heard people comment that saying declarations is too hard because they can’t get over the fact that what they are saying isn’t true.

I can feel for that confusion. It is an act of faith and really a mental hurdle, to speak of things in the present tense, when consciously they may not have arrived in the present… yet.

But, I have to say that declarations have been life-changing for me. I started using them when I was ill and could hardly function. The declarations I learned then were about how well my body was working and how wonderful I felt! I laughed and felt silly {ok, ridiculous} at first!

Eventually though, my body did get well and I did feel good! Quite frankly, I don’t understand all of the why’s and how’s of our psyche’s! I just know that with persistence, your perspective and reality do change based on what lens you are using and to which things you give your focus and attention. {Remember the idea of ignoring bad behavior into extinction and giving good behavior kudos and smiles? Same deal.}

And do you remember Dr. Sarno from last year’s blog posts? {He’s a guru of mind/body connections.} One thing he pointed out in his writing is that one of the most important things you need to do when you are dealing with pain, is to break the pain-fear cycle. You have pain, then you begin to fear pain, then the tension from the fear adds to the pain and the cycle causes pain to escalate and is ultimately prolonged.

So, when you throw a declaration at pain like, “I am well, I am whole, I am limber, I am strong!” it’s like throwing a stick in the spokes of a moving pain-fear cycle. You may not stop it’s progress on the first throw, but over time you will stop it dead in it’s tracks.

Just saying the words, “I am well” releases tension in your body. {Say it 50 times and you’ve found Nirvana!} Our bodies are quite obedient and they are always listening to what we are believing and saying!

Yes, it does take persistence. And yes, some beliefs take time to shift. But for heaven’s sake, go ahead and throw the first stick already!

You’ll find that the cycles of discouragement or apathy or physical pain or loneliness will get shorter and shorter as you get better and better at putting the truth you choose into your mind by speaking it out of your mouth!

Sending you  much love!


P.S. “I am getting better at saying declarations aloud, multiple times, every day!”

P.P.S. “I am feeling more vibrantly healthy every hour!”

P.P.P.S. Now you give it a try! What declaration do you need today?