General inspiration

Think on Purpose


“Every good thought you think is contributing its share to the ultimate result of your life.”

Grenville Kleiser

Joy; calm; well-being; love; happiness; fulfillment; achievement; worthiness; sustenance; generosity; acceptance; creativity: we can think on these!

Happy Friday my friend!


Quiet Please!


I remember one day when our kids were little, my brother visiting and hearing the classical music that was playing in our house, and probably seeing that I was tired and ready for bed at 8:00, said something like, “You need a little more music in your life!” as he vocalized a high-pitched noise to make his electric air guitar squeal on a prolonged note.

I just looked at him. How could he know that my life was full to the brim with excitement and adrenaline rushes? He’d never been a parent let alone had three little people under the age of four. No, I needed music that calmed my nervous system and helped me to think in full sentences, considering my state of sleep deprivation.

This parenting game is intense because so much of a parent’s time is spent taking care of urgent, noisy tasks! I know that you know this, but I just have to validate the fact!

Which is why this month we are working on finishing small projects; cleaning or organizing small to large trouble spots that are screaming for our attention; simplifying our spaces; simplifying our schedules; making plans to quiet the stress of  “I don’t know where to begin!” A list that is prioritized, number one needing attention first, and two being next and so on, is the beginnings of a plan.

Even the smallest efforts will pay great dividends! Look around. What is calling to you? Can you remedy it simply? Can you get someone to help you if need be? Can you write a note to yourself, if you aren’t up for tackling it right this minute, and allowing the note to take the sound of urgency down a few notches?

I pray that you will feel empowered to keep moving forward, encouraged to take one small step after another…
Life is good. You are amazing!






The Artist In You


Do you feel creative? Inspired? Motivated to make some changes for the betterment of your home environment?

Good for you!

Just a reminder that you, by your nature, are a creative genius!

Can you recognize the colors and styles that make your heart sing? Can you close your eyes and envision the way you want a room to look or to function? Or can you just imagine how you want it to feel? {That’s a great starting point!} Or do you just need to clear out some clutter that has built up around your already functioning rooms? Make a few decisions? Give a few things away?

If you’re starting at the beginning, you may not want gobs of color or flowers or coordinating file folders, or maybe you do! No matter! Whatever your style happens to be, dream about what you want, envision the feeling and style that will make you and your family feel most at home, and take baby steps to implement a plan to bring that vision into reality.

This is creativity.

You don’t necessarily need a glue gun. Or a paint brush. Or know how to use Photoshop. You just need to begin by tuning into your own likes and dislikes.

I hope you will use your creative powers to improve the function and organization and beauty of your spaces by: recognizing what you have; giving thanks for all the abundant blessings in your lifeand asking for help in creating more light and life by bringing the “matter” in your home into order.

Creating makes us feel most alive!

What little thing can be done today to move your plan into action? I wish you success and fun in the journey!


Focus Challenge


I was reminded today that focusing on pain is easy.

While oftentimes focusing on feeling good takes more effort.

Probably because pain makes noise! But isn’t it ironic that 9/10’s of our body might feel just fine, even good, and yet that one muscle or nerve that is causing a pain signal to be occurring in our brain jumps to center stage of our awareness and has a spotlight on it! Or, most things in our world might be humming along well, but that one issue with that one child for instance, might be crowding out our awareness of all else.

The problem is that by focusing on the pain or the problem, we can create more of it.

Our muscles tighten, blood flow is restricted we fatigue and often the pain intensifies. Or, we get so focused on correcting a behavior problem that we don’t draw attention to what behaviors are adding joy to the family!

So here’s a challenge:

Every time you become aware of pain in your body or realize that you are feeling overly frustrated or challenged, gently turn your attention to what is feeling good, what is working well, or something about which you feel calm and confident.

And for a few seconds, 30 might be a good goal, focus on those things by thinking deeply about them and the ways they make life enjoyable and meaningful for you.

Of course, take care to do what you can to alleviate what may be wrong and get the help you or someone else may need.

But consider the power of intentionally shifting focus, even for a few seconds, to build more awareness of all that is right, and thereby grow a feeling of wellness and strength.

I am amazed by you! You are a force for good!





Sometimes we are afraid of being aware.

Maybe we will discover what we don’t want to know about ourselves or others.

{What if I don’t think I can handle what I might find?}

Coming into greater clarity might mean:
Seeing your home as it really is;
Coming to understand a challenge someone you love is facing;
Becoming aware of destructive thoughts you may be habitually thinking;
Getting clearer about changes that need to happen in order to move forward.

I offer this reminder to us, as we are all hopefully in the process of heightening awareness, that there is Someone standing behind us, always with us, who will never leave us and delights to comfort and nourish us; that He is not found in things or any possessions; that no mere mortal can replace.

With His strength and power and love, we will have or gain the ability to see, to feel, to rejoice, to grieve, to learn, to risk, to accept and to change.

Knowing He is there makes all the difference.
Knowing we are loved helps us see purpose and growth in pain.
Knowing we’re not alone keeps us present and working through our “stuff” instead of retreating into fear, hiding, compulsion and addiction.

He is our friend, and awareness is a gift.

God give us the strength to be shown ourselves, as we really are so that we can take inventory and move on!