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Years ago, I went to a week long educational event, where you could choose from an array of classes on everything from parenting to the Middle East, and attend as many as you could squeeze in from 8:00-7:00.  I loved it! And I went for several years each summer, hungry to learn more.

After a few years, I would come home and type up my notes and do my best to apply what I had learned.  It was a great experience for me and I believe my home was greatly benefited by that opportunity.

One of the classes I attended on several occasions was a parenting class taught by a man named James Jones.  As I listened to him, I heard him call me out on the ways that my thinking was unclear, the ways that I was confused in knowing what was good parenting and what behavior of mine was an attempt to quench the guilt I felt for my parenting mistakes and the cover-up of my own disconnectedness.

He corrected me as I sat in a group of sometimes hundreds of people (probably all getting a clue like I felt I was) and yet I never felt put down or discouraged.  I think that maybe that is because Dr. Jones tells you about his own journey in parenting that led him through a maze of frustrations, of hitting brick walls, of having his confidence shattered and of the great ah ha’s he had that were humbling and extremely valuable.

Then, several years ago I ran into him.  I was grateful for the opportunity to thank him for the profound ways that he had helped me and my family.  And I asked him how I could get my hands on some of his books that had gone out of print, to share with my clients!

I was amazed when he told me that he had decided that he would like to put all of his work, that is multiple books and audio recordings of books and classes that he has taught, online somehow and grant them to the public domain so that anyone could download them and have them for free!

He said that I could call him in a few months and see how things were going with that project, and so I did.  I think we talked every six months or so for a couple of years.  And then this week, after someone asked me a question that I thought his work could answer, I tried to call him again to see what had happened thus far with his idea.  And all four numbers that I could find for him said they were disconnected.

Then almost at the same moment, I saw the post of a friend who had tagged a parenting blog with a note to herself to read it later…and as I looked at it I saw that it was labeled James Jones parenting!

I am so happy to report that when you visit, you will find an invaluable resource for your family!  I am in amazement at the generosity of the Jones family and of their efforts to make a lifetime of work and learning available to anyone and everyone! For free!  At the touch of a button!

So to Dr. Jones and his family, I say a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU!  And to you readers I say, if you are a parent, I encourage you not to delay!  Check out the site and download these books and audio classes and books.  They will be a blessing to you and to your children.  They may even change the course of  eternity.

Blessings to you and your family.


P.S. Thank you Bree for your timely post!  xo

Psalms 46:10


I offer you a reminder of this cool, deep water. I hope you can take a moment, close your eyes, quiet your mind and drink it in.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Love and blessings to you wherever you are on your journey today.



Letting Go


What if….

What if life is a long time and you will not miss out on a thing when it comes right down to it?

What if what you are doing right now is so important and so unique to you that it truly trumps any other major pursuits at the moment?

What if there will come a day when you will bless the things that are challenging you now?

What if you are actually, really and truly, never alone?

What if your “wings” are getting stronger with each push against the “egg” you are trying to break?

What if there are more rewards, more smiles, more sighs, more laughter, more adventure in the days ahead than you have ever imagined?

What if right now, you could let go of your pain, your worry and your grief and it would be ok?

What if you went to a quiet place and asked yourself what can I do next to lighten my load and then you acted on the answer?

What if you are lovable and kind and gracious and lovely just the way you are today?

What if….?

I pray you will do what is necessary to care for yourself today and nurture the dream you have for tomorrow!

May your journey be bright and true!



The Little Things


I had the sweetest neighbor when I was a young married new mom,  She was one of those people who exudes happiness and contentment, even though she and her spouse had never had much in the way of possessions or opportunity, but they made everything they touched sing!

They had married young and purchased a tiny, old home and then spent 50 years making it a haven of beauty and peace.  They dug a cellar literally with a shovel.  They grew a garden that rivaled Eden.  They built a small back porch onto their little kitchen and ate all their meals there in the summer.

She made bread a few times a week and shared it with the neighbors (we loved our turns!). They both sang and square-danced and seemed to always be smiling.

They raised six children (I believe) and they, like their parents were a blessing to their community.

One memory I have of this friend was her comment to me one day when she came to see our new baby.  She asked if she could help me tidy a bit and I was grateful for her help.  She was one of those people who didn’t judge, just pitched in to be helpful, so it was comfortable to have her presence and influence.

As she busied herself making our bed, she remarked that early on in her married life, she had timed how long it took to make their bed in the morning, and then she said, she realized that she could always make time for the 1 1/2 minute job that would immediately make everything else seem orderly and well kept.

She made that comment to me 28 years ago, and I still remember that visit very well. She was teaching  me, without making a big deal of it or seeming like she thought that she was older and wiser and that I was in need of her wisdom! Of course, I was in need of her wisdom, and I appreciated her brand of sharing and leading.

We just learn things little by little don’t we?  I didn’t ever think of bed-making the same after that conversation.  I began saying to myself, hey, it’s just 1 1/2 minutes and it’s going to change my sense of well-being so much!

Sometimes we allow our physical surroundings to intimidate us and make us feel incompetent or incapable.  But when we do the little things (and time ourselves for future verification and validation) little by little we can create order and feel that we can maintain it too.

I hope that you have a sweet neighbor in your life, or that you are being one to someone who is coming behind you.

We need each other!

Be well,



Fight Smarter!


I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s post and the idea that it may not be enough to speak our declarations each day.  According to Mr. Peale, we have to take them to another level, like 10 notches up if we want to gain the self-mastery, confidence, health and the “creative faith” we desire.

So what does that look like?  What does it mean?

I’m thinking that it means that I am posting my declarations in multiple locations.  It means that I will go back to using grand music in the background as I say them.  It means I will begin again to carry them on my person, probably on a note card in my pocket.  (That is a powerful habit, not sure why, but it really does well to remind you many times through the day, what you have chosen as your focus.)

It means that I’ll give myself permission to obsess about the positives!  To sound like a nut, contradicting the odds, seemingly denying the present state of affairs and keeping my gaze on only the present positives and the future I want to create.

It means rolling up our sleeves and getting seriously settled in the driver’s seat.  It means getting a little feisty about what conversations we intentionally have and recognizing how we feel more often. It means kicking up our self-care even higher and gratefully accepting more help when we need it.

Too often, we make minuscule efforts to guard our minds and hearts and then wonder at the unfairness when we get solidly knocked to the ground by a difficult challenge or even by a fleeting negative thought!

More ammunition!  More energy in preparation!  More “creative faith!”  More determination!  This is where we put our “stubborn!”  We plant our feet and say to the powers that be: This is where I stand, and I will not be moved from my chosen path.

God bless us each to catch the vision of our personal power and then to use that power to move heaven and earth to fulfill our personal missions here.  If it is right, God will grant our desires if we ask in faith.

You’re amazing!!  And I send your my love and confidence.

Be well!