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Coming soon to Lioness is a stunning bouquet of declarations set to music and illustrated with inspiring pictures! The intent is to fill your mind with words of truth about who you are with music that will bring those words to life and make them mentally “sticky” along with colorful visions about your creative journey and a reminder of the beauty of each day. I will challenge you to watch or listen to the video daily and let the messages lift your spirits and train your brain.

Can’t wait to share it with you!

Meanwhile, how is this week going for you thus far?

May I challenge you to set a timer on your phone at several intervals throughout the next few days to remind yourself to take a few deep breaths? To lower your shoulders and relax your jaw? In those few moments, also consider running a few hand-picked declarations through your mind that will keep you on track with your current goals. They might be as simple as,
“I am smiling at my children,” or
“I am moving forward” or
“I am calm and happy.”

By deliberately using your agent-hood, you will diminish the temptation to feel like a martyr taking up the slack or like a victim to the circumstances of your life.

Your words are your power.

Love always,


It’s Time to Grow!


It is time once again to launch the 7 Steps to Family Wellness Seminar! Another year has gone by and I’m hoping to have the chance to share these powerful principles with at least 10 more families! {Please see the Events page for more details about this year’s seminar with all it’s options, (distance and in person) then send me an email to reserve your spot!} We begin this coming Saturday, June 16th at 9:00am so don’t miss it!

A quick overview of the seven months we spend together:

Step 1 Take Charge of Thoughts and Vision

Step 2 Lighten Your Load

Step 3 Get Clear On Boundaries

Step 4 Primary Food and Self-Care

Step 5 Commit to Creating and Re-Creating Order

Step 6 Nutrition and Your Kitchen

Step 7 Meal Planning, Because Mealtimes Matter

Each month we meet for 1 1/2 hours. We learn about and discuss the step for that month. You take your workbook and binder home and work on specific assignments with your family’s help! When we get back together the next month, we report what we learned and what changes have been made! We learn so much from each other! Then we review the next step and repeat the process.

This has been a life-changing process for those who have attended this seminar series over the last four years. I’m hoping that year five will mean that my goal of assisting 30 families will become a reality! Help me reach my goal and your family will be blessed!

Here is a post from last year that gives a little peek into the heart of the program.

7 Steps Seminar Coming!

To those of you who have attended the Lioness at the Door 7 Steps to Family Wellness, seven-month seminar, may I ask a favor of you?

Would you think for a bit about the most important take away you had from your experience in seminar and share it in a comment here?

God willing, we will start the 2017 series this month and I’d love for those who are thinking about registering, to hear your favorite or most life-changing lessons.

Our 2016 groups were stellar and I love all of you!

Here is a sneak peek at what you will find in the 7 Steps Workbook:

“Now, if you’re a champion at hearing negatives, believing negatives, and feeling crippled and then paralyzed by negatives, you will have to understand that this process of learning to take control of your mind, or rather to redirect it over and over until the negative default habit is curbed,will actually make chemical changes in your body and you may encounter resistance to this new way of thinking.  Not to mention that since you have believed these untruths for so long, the truth may sound downright fake and utterly wrong!  That is, of course, more nonsense!  We are God’s children, full of promise and infinite value possessing the power to choose and to learn from our experiences.  It follows then that to progress, to move forward, we have to become our own best advocate, hear the blatant lies we have believed, and proverbially kick them to the curb!  We are Lionesses!  We are family leaders!  This is the battle to fight; the interior battle for peace within. Then we can begin to tackle other problems in our personal and family terrain.”

No more being victimized by negative thoughts. No more!”

That is a good reminder for me today. I hope it is good food for thought for you too.

If you know of someone who would thrive in seminar, please spread the word! I look forward to another growing year with another great group!


6 comments on “7 Steps Seminar Coming!”

  1. In a nutshell, the Lioness at the Door coaching program has been the best investment in almost 11 years of marriage. I felt drawn to it when I was pregnant with my third child and my husband was in his first year of an intense new career. I’m confident that it made the transition to three little boys infinitely smoother than it would have been, and it also prepared me for my recent transition from quitting my part time dream job that I loved to being a full time SAHM and feeling fulfilled, peaceful and even joyful with that decision and current reality.

    I am not a perfect mom, wife and homemaker now, but I am an EMPOWERED one. I’ve learned how to more fully take accountability for myself and my life and I feel like I have the tools, vision, perspective and support group (one of the best things about this!!) to truly be a “joyful mother of children.” For anyone that knows my background, that is a huge deal. Jaque’s coaching has helped me harness my ambition, drive, intelligence and other gifts and apply it in the most important arena in the world – my home. And to truly come to feel that this IS the most important arena in the world and feel challenged and fulfilled. I would highly recommend this to any mom looking for answers, looking for change, looking for hope, looking for direction, looking to be better (and isn’t that all of us??). I feel happier in my life than I ever thought I could, more empowered, purposeful and peaceful. Just do it – and REALLY do it – and you won’t regret it. It’s changed my life, and therefore the life of my family, forever (I hesitated to put that last sentence because it sounds cheesy, but it’s TRUE!!)

    • Thank you Heather, I am moved by your determination and dedication! It was a joy to have you in seminar and I am so grateful to live close and to be able to stay connected! Thank you for your friendship. xoxox

  2. I LOVED being part of the 2016 group, and I still think about what I learned. Daily I think about! I had so many take aways, #1 being that my role as a mother is POWERFUL and how I feel about ME directly reflects how I mother and what my children experience. Jacque helped me learn that to be the kind of mother we want to be, requires a bravery and strength that comes from within. It starts inside. It’s not about the perfect pantry or the pinterest worthy house. Although, she guides you through homemaking as well. But when your purpose is centered and your thoughts are aligned, you truly have POWER to change yourself and thus change your family for the better. My family is more unified and I am happier and feel stronger and more able after taking this course. She gives you concrete tools to use through out the month to practice and try so you can really SEE the difference in your home and in yourself! Nourishing the soul first gives you more power to serve and love with positive energy and clarity. Thank you so much Jacque! Take this course!!

    • Sarah, I am so happy to hear your voice! (I wish I could see you Provo ladies far more often!) Thank you for your kind words. Your work and efforts are the power and I applaud your desires to be your best! Thank you for all you contributed to the class as well. Love and miss you! xoxo

  3. I hope your next seminar can get started soon and I hope your recovery is going well! Sending lots of love your way! 🙂

    The biggest takeaway from the Lioness program (I can only choose one??? ;))
    I think would be my confidence as a wife and mom. Also a stronger belief in the importance of my role and my ability to fulfill it. Going through the steps gave me very practical teaching and skills, along with the support to make changes and become better. I think I could go through this program fifty times and still come out better than before and with a renewed desire to live up to my God given potential. I can’t say enough good things about Lioness, it has totally changed my life for the better!

    • Oh, thank you Heather! You put in the effort and did the work! So, so glad to have you as part of an incredible group last year. I feel changed by seminar each year myself. XO



Do you ever feel the need to take a break, large or small, from the things that may be driving you or constantly leaving you feeling empty, sick or discouraged?

Junk food? Media? Games? Negativity and sarcasm?

Hey, what a wonderful idea!

Sometimes we have to be on the outside of a habit looking back to see what influence it really is or has been.

If you feel it’s time for a break, I hope you won’t lose any time taking it!

You can reclaim more of your time, health and optimism by taking such decisive action.

And isn’t it amazing how just making the decision gives you a surge of energy?

Love to you today! Never forget, you are needed and loved.



P.S. Want to make progress toward greater happiness faster? Experts say, change your environment by spending time with positive, forward moving people and you will experience swifter motion forward too!

P.P.S. Please consider joining Lioness seminar starting up on June 16th! Wonderful women supporting one another is a beautiful thing! The things we can accomplish with support–the sky’s the limit!

Work On It


Some years ago I read a couple of books by Michael Gerber on business building.

I was very intrigued and especially enjoyed the audio version of The E Myth that Gerber read for the recording.

One thing that he emphasized over and over again is that entrepreneurs need to work on their business not just in their business.

In other words, you can write or coach or bake or paint or whatever it is that you produce or provide to your people, but that is only a small piece of being in business. The other parts are what you do when you work on your business, or what it takes to design the systems, policies and procedures, structures, to find people to hire, etc.

It’s the same at home.

You can spend all day every day cleaning and cooking and organizing, but the household really starts to hum when you have spent some time putting systems into place that support you in knowing what you need to clean, organize and cook, who is going to do it and when and how it will happen.

When you have a system under you, you know where to start, how to share the load with the rest of the family and much of the stress of putting out day-to-day fires calms down.

I hope you are well today. I hope you are spending time creating your system, so that you can maintain your home while boosting your health! We must learn to scale back the stress! I’m working on it. Hope you are too.



P.S. Are you ready for some help with systems? I’d be happy to walk through it with you. Just reply to this post or drop me a message!

It Works!


Ladies! I just have to share an epiphany I had last night! Well, I had it again, probably for the 50th time over the last 25 years…

But first a little background:

For the past two+ months I’ve been functioning with a broken foot. Cooking was non-existent for the first six weeks of that time, but now that I’ve graduated to a walking boot and can put weight on both of my legs, I can get around in the kitchen for short bursts of productivity.

What happened in between being down and now functioning enough to tackle the kitchen again is that I’ve had to make the leap again from not thinking much about food to where do I begin?

What to cook? How about the grocery list? {I kind of felt tired getting my brain back into the game.} This is how it went:

Last evening, I waddled into the kitchen on my wobbly boot, opened the cupboard door, pulled out my binder with about 20 weeks of meal plans (created over as many years), read aloud several of the week’s menus to my son and my husband, they voted on the one that sounded best to them, I pulled the index card from the plastic sleeve that has the grocery list on it, and BAM! I am ready to shop and cook!!!

It still amazes me.

Planning works.

It supports you over and over and over again.

It makes life simpler, happier and far less stressful.

So, if you are 1) living in dinner decision chaos, know that there is no need to live under that kind of pressure! Or 2) if you are making meal plans but not keeping them, repent! Plunk them down into a binder and stop spending time reinventing the wheel!

I hope that you will decide today to lighten your load by making a plan to feed your family simply and well.

Much love!


P.S. If you feel overwhelmed by working out a plan, consider a health coaching program with Lioness! Meal planning is one of the major life skills that you will learn here along with being empowered in many other areas of family health and wellness too! Give me a shout if you would like to chat and see if we would be a compatible coach/client team!