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Sip On This


While you’re preparing for your holiday festivities and beginning to think about 2018, I wanted you to know that I’m running a special on health coaching in time for holiday giving!

Get off to a great start in the New Year with someone to walk beside you to better health, greater organization for your home, a new look at your priorities and goals and an all-around mental, physical, spiritual and emotional adjustment!

Here’s the scoop:

Sign-up before December 15th and pay only $75/month for a three month program! {That’s an $85 savings each month!}
You get: two 50 minute sessions each month {either in person or distance}
bi-monthly assignments and
email support between sessions!
This price will not last beyond this holiday– unless you are a returning Lioness. xo

Also, I’m offering a discounted price for Lioness Seminar, 7 Steps to Family Wellness, that begins in March! You can join us in person for a great group experience, or take the course at a distance with the Lioness 7 Steps Workbook and audio recordings.

And of course, the Lioness planner is on it’s way!

I’ve been around the parenting block, cracked the household management job, lived to tell about planning and cooking 2-3 meals a day for 30+ years and I would love to support you in creating the healthy life you want for your family.

If health coaching had been available to me during the time I was raising children, it would have saved me so much time and effort and stress! Man, I can’t say that emphatically enough.

Anyhow, I hope you’ll let this opportunity marinate in your mind and if it speaks to you and you and want to jump in {or whisper in Santa’s ear that you’d like to jump in}, please do so ASAP by sending me a note!

Remember, you won’t start until January, so there’s no stress through the holidays.

Hope to hear from you!

Love ya!


P.S. Please share this offer with your friends while it’s here…

P.P.S. Gift certificates are available for any of the above!


So Excited!


I love having projects in the pipeline that I believe will be a benefit to you!

I hope you might be interested to know about a few of them:

1 We are working on a music/declaration video for you! Original music by the talented pianist Heather Bosshardt, visuals by the creative Stacy Casperson from Stacy Rose Photography, and declarations from Lioness that I hope will inspire and uplift you every day!

2 My lovely consultant, Shantel Peaden from Red Ladder Design, is working on next year’s planners and I’m so excited to see them! The idea is to add a new design each year, while still offering the design from the year before. So if you like the peaches and cream floral look of last year’s, you can reorder that one, or choose the new look if it suits you better. The tools and content will remain the same. The goal is to eventually have four different designs, one of which will hopefully compliment your kind of style.

3 Also, there is a gift being offered when a new Lioness blog subscription is made! We pondered over how to offer it to you ladies who already have a subscription and are active in the Lioness community. What we came to was a challenge! Would you consider sharing the Lioness blog with a friend and getting a print-out of the gift when she prints hers? I hope you will like the little booklet of recipes for kids, featuring 10 smoothie recipes that are fun and of course healthy! I would love to reach 100 X more families just like yours, and who knows best who are where they are than you? If Lioness has been a support to you, even a little, would you consider sharing the love with a friend?

The kids cook booklet is small and simple, but who knows, it may be the thing that gets a child in the kitchen, interested in making (or helping to make) their own healthy food!

And how about a smoothie recipe for today? I had this for breakfast this morning (thank you for the inspiration Carlin) and it was a delight!

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

1/2 cup cooked butternut squash
1 cup greens (I used fresh mixed greens, but frozen spinach would be my first choice!)
2-4 Tablespoons flax seeds
2 cups almond milk (or whatever milk you use)
1 frozen peach
2 frozen bananas
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
5 slices of frozen zucchini squash (if you have some)

I don’t have a picture because I shared it and drank it before I thought to capture it! I’ll post one soon.  Just know that even though this tastes just like pumpkin pie, it is still green. Just can’t be helped. If you don’t have one of the ingredients, don’t stress. Just know that you want mostly what I consider substance, like the protein from the flax, the minerals and goodness of the vegetables and then you likely will want a little sweet from a banana or peach or whatever frozen fruit you may have. {Know that they are far sweeter when they are frozen! Sometimes when I’ve had a lot of fresh produce, I’ll make a smoothie with it and I’m shocked at what flavor is lacking compared to using the same fruits frozen.}

Have a wonderful evening my friend!



P.S. Use Adobe when printing the cook booklet–I’ve heard that works best! (Thanks Shanna!)

P.P.S. If you you’d like to pre-order a planner, please let me know ASAP so I can get a feel for how many to print this year. Thank you!




“I Belong”


I listened to a business pep talk the other day and the lovely girl who wrote it suggested four things to offer business clients: 


1 is to provide a community of like minded people who can create friendships and support one another
2 is to provide sacred spaces where people feel safe to share who they are inside,
3 is to simply love the the people you are serving! and
4 is to notice, appreciate, hear and understand them to show them that love!

I thought it was great advice, {thank you for the reminder Fabienne}. We endeavor to offer these exact things at Lioness!

But even more importantly than what this recipe can do for a business, I’ve been thinking that this is a great recipe for what we want to offer the people we call family.

It’s really a little lesson on validation isn’t it?

So… is there someone in your house who could use an extra dose of understanding today?

I challenge you to find them (and I will too) and let them know, by your validating ways, that they belong in your heart.

Be well!


That Face!


A truth that was brought home to me lately is that the tired and rundown version of ourselves

comes across to our peeps an awful lot like our angry and frustrated self. Very similar energy that tells people to watch out, there’s uncertainty ahead!

Not a pretty picture.

We owe it to our families to strive to be the best version of ourselves {rested, balanced, pleasant} as we possibly can as often as we can.

That, most likely, means slowing down to the speed of real life.  Accepting things and people as they are, and finding joy in the most basic and simple happenings of our family life.

Be that girl with the smiling eyes.  Laugh at your children’s humor. Watch their antics and cartwheels. Cook for them and talk to them over dinner. Love them every way you possibly can.

But first, love yourself and care for yourself.

Everyone will benefit from your self-care efforts.