Inspiration on parenting

Work On It


Some years ago I read a couple of books by Michael Gerber on business building.

I was very intrigued and especially enjoyed the audio version of The E Myth that Gerber read for the recording.

One thing that he emphasized over and over again is that entrepreneurs need to work on their business not just in their business.

In other words, you can write or coach or bake or paint or whatever it is that you produce or provide to your people, but that is only a small piece of being in business. The other parts are what you do when you work on your business, or what it takes to design the systems, policies and procedures, structures, to find people to hire, etc.

It’s the same at home.

You can spend all day every day cleaning and cooking and organizing, but the household really starts to hum when you have spent some time putting systems into place that support you in knowing what you need to clean, organize and cook, who is going to do it and when and how it will happen.

When you have a system under you, you know where to start, how to share the load with the rest of the family and much of the stress of putting out day-to-day fires calms down.

I hope you are well today. I hope you are spending time creating your system, so that you can maintain your home while boosting your health! We must learn to scale back the stress! I’m working on it. Hope you are too.



P.S. Are you ready for some help with systems? I’d be happy to walk through it with you. Just reply to this post or drop me a message!

It Works!


Ladies! I just have to share an epiphany I had last night! Well, I had it again, probably for the 50th time over the last 25 years…

But first a little background:

For the past two+ months I’ve been functioning with a broken foot. Cooking was non-existent for the first six weeks of that time, but now that I’ve graduated to a walking boot and can put weight on both of my legs, I can get around in the kitchen for short bursts of productivity.

What happened in between being down and now functioning enough to tackle the kitchen again is that I’ve had to make the leap again from not thinking much about food to where do I begin?

What to cook? How about the grocery list? {I kind of felt tired getting my brain back into the game.} This is how it went:

Last evening, I waddled into the kitchen on my wobbly boot, opened the cupboard door, pulled out my binder with about 20 weeks of meal plans (created over as many years), read aloud several of the week’s menus to my son and my husband, they voted on the one that sounded best to them, I pulled the index card from the plastic sleeve that has the grocery list on it, and BAM! I am ready to shop and cook!!!

It still amazes me.

Planning works.

It supports you over and over and over again.

It makes life simpler, happier and far less stressful.

So, if you are 1) living in dinner decision chaos, know that there is no need to live under that kind of pressure! Or 2) if you are making meal plans but not keeping them, repent! Plunk them down into a binder and stop spending time reinventing the wheel!

I hope that you will decide today to lighten your load by making a plan to feed your family simply and well.

Much love!


P.S. If you feel overwhelmed by working out a plan, consider a health coaching program with Lioness! Meal planning is one of the major life skills that you will learn here along with being empowered in many other areas of family health and wellness too! Give me a shout if you would like to chat and see if we would be a compatible coach/client team!

Nope, You Don’t!


Just saying the words, “I don’t have to make everything all better” gives me a feeling of relief!
{If you’re new to this on-going discussion, I am referring to a book by Gary and Joy Lundberg, by that title.}

Why do we so easily buy into the false reality of needing to solve other people’s problems? Because some of us are co-dependent? Yes, I’d say that’s a big reason for me. Or what about, instead of getting our fix from fixing other’s problems, we are just really trying to stall, to procrastinate the changes we need to make? That’s still over there in the codependency realm isn’t it?

Ok, so what if you just want for someone to have less stress or an easier time with a challenge they have?

Well, that’s understandable. Ask any of us moms and we’d probably tell you that we have to think through the appropriateness of our attempts to support our children, even when they are grown!

So, as a reminder: your problems are your problems and their problems are theirs. I chuckle as I write this because that statement clears the muddy water pretty quickly!

What about compassion you ask? Aren’t we in the business of giving and serving and even sacrificing for our loved ones?

Yes, we are and here is where compassion comes in:
It comes when you listen with your full attention {if that isn’t an act of love, I don’t know what is!},
you ask validating questions {not giving into the temptation to give your two bits or lecture, another act of love!},
and then you give encouragement and, if you feel it is appropriate,
you ask what you can do to help with their problem.

They remain in the driver’s seat. You remain in the support seat. They figure out their problems and you figure out yours.

They get to keep their dignity and grow in decision-making skills and maturity and you get to live your life, as a trusted friend and mentor.

If I think of this process as it applies to my prayers and the desires I have for God to direct me, it is enlightening! Of course I want to grow and become all He knows I can be, so I can’t expect Him to tell me exactly when, how and what to do! Becoming requires our stretching, our thinking through our motives and desires, making our best judgments and learning from the consequences of our choices. I believe our Heavenly Father wants to bless us, but he is the great Validator, and won’t overstep our agent-hood by forcing us into or away from anything. So, like a child being asked by his parents, “how can we help?,”  I believe that God is waiting for us to ask for the help and blessings we need with our problems!

We just gotta keep on, no giving up! We’re on the road to becoming amazing validators with amazing kids! We just have to stay on the road {by apologizing when we blow it and forgiving when they do}, and we’ll get there over time.

I’m sending you my vote of confidence and my testimony that you are wonderful! I have seen your hearts so many times in your desires and actions and I know they are good!

Love and best wishes,




How You Love


What are some of the ways that you show your love to the people at your house?

Could it be mainly by doing the things that you are sometimes tempted to see as unimportant or mundane? Come to think of it, I really dislike the word mundane. To me, it is a grand misrepresentation of all that is truly important at home!

Negatively calling tasks mundane can imply that anyone can do them, that they are what is left over after the significant work is done and that the person who assumes them must have nothing better to do or at least has no ambition to do anything else!

I submit that all of these ideas are false.

On a given day, you  may be tempted to feel that stopping the busy-ness of the day to rock a sick child has taken you off the fast-track and plopped you on the mundane path, but I’d say not so. When you were sick as a child, who comforted you best? Was there anything you wanted or needed more that your mother’s cool hand on your forehead or the quiet time rocking until you fell asleep or felt a bit better?

Did you ever have the good fortune to walk into your childhood home or your grandparents home and smell a delicious dinner cooking or a pie baking in the oven? Someone was there cooking out of love for you!

How wonderful it can be to crawl into clean, sweet-smelling bed covers pulled back by a parent. To be tucked in with a kiss and a goodnight. Those fresh bed clothes were put there by someone’s unselfish efforts! And was there again at the end of the day when surely there are always other opportunities that could have been taken.

Nope, mundane doesn’t fit at all.

The tiny, almost invisible things that are done in a loving home each day are the exact hows of love.

Please don’t lose sight of the grand significance of the work that you are doing for heaven’s sake. For heaven’s sake, because, wouldn’t God Himself kiss those small hands and bandage that little knee and feed all those who are hungry? And wouldn’t He show patience for the crying child who doesn’t yet understand consequences, much the same way He shows us patience in our tears and our lack of understanding?

In fact, those are exactly the things that Jesus modeled for us.

And here we are, working out our salvation before Him, by following His example, using His servant-leadership model.

Every diaper you change, every nose you wipe, every hug you give, every meal you prepare and each bit of listening and encouragement you give, you give for Him.

And in return, you will receive His promised healing.

May you be made well and whole!



P.S. How wonderful it is to know, that even in our best efforts, we won’t be able to be everything to everyone! Purposely human and fallible we are! No, thankfully we were made to be resilient, to teach and to be taught, and we have the gifts of apology, of forgiveness and ultimately, every opportunity we will take to start again. And again.

P.P.S. You’re amazing and you are making such a difference in the world! Keep on going!