Inspiration on parenting

Go Deep


I hope that today finds you intact, body and spirit.

This mothering business is no small investment.

Like the circadian rhythm deep in your cells; the movement of muscles circulating watery lymph-cleansing fluid; the awesome steadiness of your heart muscle moving the blood that enlivens and animates you– like these physical processes, so you are to your children.

They are tender (loud, but tender!) plants that need the nourishing soil of your presence, your light, your voice, your smile, your care. They thrive on your attention and crave it like air.

Can you give them a place to grow now that you have given them life?

Can you make the environment of you so nourished and loved that clinging to you, they will be fed by your love-liness?

Can you, in quiet and stillness, go deep inside your heart every day to intentionally plant seeds of comfort and courage and then bend your knees and water your soul with a life-giving connection to the powers of heaven?

Can you hourly speak words of creation and truth that your very cells will hear and obey? “I am grateful for this day!” “I am well and whole!”

You are the deep place where your family is growing. And even though you are giving and and extending, needing patterns of rest and recovery too, still, your expanding heart and giving hands will be graced with growth that is meant just for those who provide safe places for others.

So please turn, and look at the girl in the mirror. Calm her, love her, protect her, provide for her needs and comfort her–fill her loving cup to overflowing with the life-giving medium that has no limit in all of time and space. The Love that fills the universe is meant for you to have in abundance and to allow to flow through you to everyone you meet; especially those of your own creation! No need to conserve! There is plenty and to spare!

I declare that God’s love will help and bless you, day by day as you humbly ask to be healed of any infirmity, spirit, mind or heart or body. Ask to understand how He feels about you, then listen. And feel. And know.

With great love,


P.S. Beautiful quotes:
“Deepen…that is where your reality lies. That is how you will find your place, and how you will find your true center.”
“It is only when we are fully rooted that we are really able to move.”
Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea


Seems as though there a lot of people who have colds and flu right now. No fun!

One thing we make that has helped to “thin the junk out” during colds and flu is a nice warm cup of tea. (Not hot, let it cool before drinking.)

Put water on to heat, then squeeze juice from 1/2 a lemon into your cup. Add 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger (or fresh grated ginger if you don’t mind texture), 1-2 teaspoons raw honey, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne. Add water to the top of the cup when it is heated. Stir and let the tea cool until it is just warm.

You can certainly back off the cayenne if this tea is for a little one, but if a person can take the heat, it makes the ginger much more efficient.

I hope you are well my friend.

Take good care,


P.S. You can make this into a nice cough syrup by leaving out the water and adding a few Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Spicy and good! And very good for a sore throat.

No Time to Waste


Here’s a thought question for you: Is there something that is keeping you from “feeling” your life?

Just the normal, every day stuff. Do you feel glad to see your baby’s smile or have warmth flood you when you see your kids playing peacefully together? Can you feel satisfied at the end of a productive day or let yourself cry when things are sad or disappointing?

If you can, I’m so glad! If you struggle, I’d admonish you to take a look at what may be in the way.

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to feel because we’ve been hurt and so disappointed that we’ve wrapped ourselves in some form of insulation for protection.

Or maybe we have built a wall of busy-ness and distraction and we don’t even know that we’re living in a sort of numbing bubble.

Maybe the expectations, most likely unrealistic ones, are overwhelming and not humanly possible to reach! Then, disappointment may be a part of every day.

If you can relate to what I’m saying, would you consider taking some time to journal your thoughts and see if you can identify the issue? Then, if needed speak to a trusted friend or if necessary a trusted counselor and ask for assistance?

When you look back over your life, you will applaud your efforts to be well, because it is so very important to the functioning of your family!

When you don’t feel, you don’t connect with others, you don’t come to understand them and sadly, you don’t have the memories of those connections later.

I pray that you will work to be your healthiest self here and now. Healing is such a wonderful journey and so worth the effort!

Love to you,



What Do You Want?


What are the desires of your heart today? This month? This year?

Do you want to learn something new or start a new habit?

Do you want to get better at speaking kindly to yourself or exhibiting more patience with your kids? Do you want to learn a new language or read more or exercise more regularly?

Once you identify what you want, you just need to pick the actions or behaviors that will lead to that consequence.

Sometimes we think of the equation the other way ’round…we do what we do and hope the consequence will be good or at least not too painful.

But thinking first about the consequence we want, makes the path to getting there pretty clear.

Get the teacher, tutor or mentor. Make a plan with a friend to be accountability buddies. Identify someone who is a good parent and spend some time talking with them and observing their skills in action. Write a declaration about the joy of achieving your goal. Write out a list of kind words to say to yourself, put it in your pocket and read it out loud every time you eat {or some other thing you do multiple times during the day that will remind you to look at your list}. Decide on a simple reward for reaching your daily goal.

Whatever behavior will lead to the end you want, that’s the plan. You can change. I can change. We were designed to move forward.

Love to you!



Loose Ends


You know the saying that housekeeping is like beading a string with no knot in the end? In other words, as soon as you get the laundry done, someone takes off a pair of dirty socks…

Well, I’d suggest tying as many knots as you can in your housekeeping strings!

And the best way I know to do that is to anticipate as much as you can. What does that look like?

It looks like:

*Having a plan of how and when and who will do the laundry, regularly, at your house; Which loads happen on which days; Who is in charge of getting them through the washer and the dryer; Who is in charge of folding and putting them away. {Oh, don’t stop at washing and drying or you’re asking for a mountain to bury you in unfolded, clean clothes! And then after awhile, who knows which are clean and which are dirty?} And don’t forget to consider when the bed clothes will be changed and who is in charge of re-making which beds.

*Making decisions about what food you will prepare through the week; Knowing who will be cooking and who will be cleaning up.

*Expecting family members to clean-up after themselves; Backpacks are put in a designated space; Shoes and coats come off and get quickly put in their places by the wearers; Beds are made, even by the littlest members and toys are the responsibility of those who have pulled them out in the first place.

*Sharing the load when it comes to yard work and taking out garbages and cleaning the family car, inside and out.

*Starting when children are very young, invite them to participate in the maintenance of the home and of their own belongings. It is wonderful to be considered part of the family team!

I wish you all the best in your on-going efforts to create a house of order and a place of peace at home.

You are making a great difference in the lives of so many!

Be well.



P.S. We can’t honestly complain about what we agree to, either by not setting boundaries or not following through with them! {Well, we can, and I have, but it doesn’t hold much water does it?}

P.P.S. Maybe everyone else won’t do “their jobs” exactly like you would, but they will learn if you will allow them to try! Share the load and share the evolution of skills and confidence that will follow.