Inspiration on parenting

Madeline’s Advice


I was working on a book review last week of the four autobiographies of Madeline L’Engle. (Author of A Wrinkle in Time, and other titles.)

In preparation, besides having read the books, I watched a few interviews/speeches she made and I thought the advice she gave on parenting, among other things, was noteworthy.

She and her husband Hugh raised three children while maintaining a country home and a city apartment. They were conscientious parents and loved their family!

Her advice went something like this:

“Don’t lose your temper in front of your children, but if you do, apologize! I apologize daily. Hug them and let yourself be real. As parents, love each other as you’re fumbling along, trying to figure things out. Some of the things we did with the best intentions, turned out to be the worst. And some of the things we did on accident, turned out to be the best!

Read to your children for hours. And let them pray for hours.”

I think there is a lot of wisdom in these words.

Another thought she offered, that I think goes hand in hand with thoughts on parenting was this:

“Not forgiving ourselves can be a supreme act of arrogance.”

Let’s keep trying, little by little, and determine to drink in the lessons we are learning and value the ways that we are growing…no matter how old our children are!

Sending you much love today.

Take good care,



Sweeten Your Speech


I’ve had a few experiences lately with seeing the destructive reality of using sarcasm in our daily speech.

When I was  teenager, sarcasm was king! It meant you were in “the know” you understood the subtle undertones of snarky (now that word hadn’t been born yet, but it’s a dandy isn’t it?) teen talk. It also meant you weren’t a “goodie goodie” heaven forbid.

But really, sarcasm is victim talk.

It’s a, here’s-to-everything-wrong-with-the-world cheer.

It’s cutting and wretched and devoid of hope and positivity.

So I challenge you to cut it out. Out of your casual speech and out of your thinking.

Is this how you want to be remembered? From Greek, sarkasmos, “to tear flesh, bite the lips in rage, sneer, gnash teeth, speak bitterly?”

Sounds pretty violent, and you know it surely can be if you’ve ever been the brunt of sarcastic remarks.

But it’s especially wounding to those innocents who are not privy to such derision (ridicule, mockery) and deceit.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been on the receiving end of several sarcastic comments, and it has reminded me that I never want to give someone the potentially hurtful sting that sarcastic comments deliver.

Beyond comments that are directed at someone in particular, sarcasm is equally as destructive in the general sense. Even if we are talking about a large group of people or an incident or commenting on someone else’s beliefs or habits, sarcasm adds foul blackness to the air and calls in darkness rather than inviting greater light.

If you are accustomed to using sarcasm in your communications, (I know I can do better), it may take deliberate practice or asking someone close to you to bring it to your attention when you slip into sarcastic speech. But it is worth our best efforts. Being trustworthy pays direct dividends to all our relationships.

I wish you all the best this wintry night.

Be well,


Massage, Marinate, Memorize


Here’s a mantra idea for this beautiful new year: massage, marinate and memorize!

First, massage your plan! Yes, take the time to work out your goals and plans, be dedicated about your time-blocking and then as you’re living those plans, massage them to make them enjoyable and doable! If things end up feeling too harried, rethink that part of your schedule, wiggle it until it’s a better fit. Pay attention to the kind of “stress” you have, whether it is heavy, under-the-gun type or the anticipating and somewhat excited kind! If you can mentally flip it around from heavy to light, by all means do it now! {If not, see the last suggestion for another idea.}

We all need self-care. But if you are living a life of care giving, make sure that you are marinating in self-care as much as you possibly can! {Marinating is thoroughly soaked!} I read a line today from C.S. Lewis, “we must think of a King at peace, enthroned, taking his leisure, serene.” That struck me. While we aren’t kings with servants and constant royal treatment, we are, in the big picture, God’s daughters and therefore royal. Maybe we could consider creating self-care that matches that title! Are you worthy of peace and serenity? Of course! So do all you can to cultivate peace and serenity in your day to day life. Be present and enjoy all of the simple blessings in your life!

Need a bit of a lift in the way you see your responsibilities or in your ability to set a few goals or to dream about how you would like things to go? Now is the time to memorize the declarations you need to support those shifts! In order for them to be really effective, you need to be able to repeat them often, so make them:
-short and sweet
-direct and powerful
-present tense and positive!
Then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

“I am happy and content.”
“I am grateful and constantly counting my blessings.”
“I am loved.”
“I take time to nourish myself.”
“I am worthy of constant care.”
“I break my goals into bite-sized pieces.”

I hope that you have your sights set on a great year ahead, doing small things {for yourself and others} with great love–which adds up to leaving a loving legacy of dignity, serenity and joyful peace.

Be well.









Hello there! I hope this short post finds you well!

I’ve been thinking about some of the crucial things we need in order to live well that we must give and take in small increments.

Things like sleep, good food, encouragement, fun activities, journal entries, good health and even inspiration. Things like these can’t be consumed once or stocked away or served in a one-time scoop.

They are daily, gathered little by little into the storehouse of our bodies and our memories.

You may have a great day at the beach with your children, but then as that fun becomes a memory and you all change and grow, you will have need of other trips and outings together.

You may prepare good food and give or receive encouragement today, but tomorrow will have need of new energy, nutrients, kind words and support of many kinds.

It’s the metered days, the sun crossing the sky, night falling and the moon rising. It’s a bigger shoe size this month and baby teeth falling out and a voice warbling as it finds it’s new, lower place.

What do you need to ask for today? What can you give today? Ask it and give it and then rest and look for newness in all things tomorrow.

Much love to you, you’re wonderful! Please don’t forget to speak kindly to yourself and then to your little ones.





You’ve Got It!


It’s like brightly glazed earthen bowls by a glowing fire. It’s clean windows and simple, beautiful food.

A yellow kite flying in a blue sky. A curly dog, so happy to see you that he wags ‘his whole self.’ It’s the steady, warm flame of a candle at dusk or a sky strewn with stars deep in the country. It’s like bright pink blown glass or a baby’s laughing blue eyes. It’s like a bed of bold, fragrant flowers or the weeping leaves of a willow in a soft breeze.

Your intuition is a bit of the feminine magic that turns ordinary days into inspiring memories. Yours is the gift of sweet connections, warm smiles, soft hugs and the quiet strength of knowing and being known and loved, freckles and all.

Be still and and listen to your knowing. It is there.

Be yourself because you are inspiring and beautiful! Cultivate your inward smile and let it shine on those you love.