Inspiration on parenting

Forward and Back


Pushing my granddaughter on a swing, seeing her laughing and loving the wind in her hair, her little legs running through the air and her joy in going higher, I was struck by my own sheer enjoyment! My face hurt from smiling so hard! I loved being there in the sleepy little town we were passing through, watching her face light up when she saw the one yellow swing waiting for her.

I realized that the backdrop of a crisp blue sky, the white, billowy clouds blowing by and bright colored playground equipment were so vivid to me because I was really there and present in the moment.

And, as I considered the reason for the intensity of my feelings, it occured to me that the grandma I am today was born from being the mother I was. The mother I was understands that the expectant mother waiting for us in the car, was once the little girl I was pushing on the swing, only now I know that time doesn’t wait for us! It marches on and doesn’t stop. Even when we are busy. Even when we are overcommitted. Even when, for whatever reason,we are preoccupied and unthinking or unseeing.

And whether we have heard and seen and enjoyed and delighted…or not…the moments are gone. And our children are grown.

So, if it is at all possible for you to take my word for it, know as I know, that life is made of moments that are not here to stay.

Love those little faces and truly hear those little voices. Oh, it just all happens way too fast!

I wish you the ability to wring every ounce of joy out of your mothering days as you possibly can!

All my love,



A Hundred Ways


Your love is given in so many ways, it’s hard to count! But it may be worth asking the question, of your spouse and children, “what helps you to feel loved?”

Is it felt mostly during playtime or also when Mama holds the line?

Is it cooking together or sitting around the table talking?

Is it knowing that you’ll be there when they return home or the lunch you may have made for them to take?

Is it when you honor the budget or when you verbalize your contentment with how things are now?

Is it when you answer their call with “I’m happy it’s you” in your voice or the times you have welcomed their friends for a meal?

Whatever their response, and surely it will be different for everyone, you will be armed with knowing how to succor, or serve them best in future days.

You are making such a meaningful difference {in your unique style} for those you love!

Be well.



Getting Away


It never ceases to amaze me how a change of perspective changes everything.

Whether it’s the new perspective someone gives you when you’ve had a misunderstanding, “Yes, I said that because you said such and such and then you weren’t listening to me!” Oh. I did? And I wasn’t? I can see why you responded that way then. I’m sorry.

Or when you look back over shared history and see that a situation that might have been freedom to one person, was at the same time a tragedy to another.

And most always, when you get a little distance between you and home, you can look across the miles and gain insights into the circumstances, people and relationships that are waiting for you there. But at least for a moment, you can think and pray and ponder without being in the middle of the thick of it all!

I wish you many perspective-shifting, relationship-building, health-renewing experiences this year!

Much love,


Creating Home


Have you spent time putting ideas on paper of how you want things to go at home? Chores you’d like the kids to do, a rotation of cleaning or cooking responsibilities or even figured out when you’ll study and rest?

Sometimes this time can feel misspent if you get your master plan mapped out and then something crazy throws life way off balance! Like say, breaking a bone or having surgery or remodeling a house or moving…the list of potential plan-disruptive events is long.

But was your planning time really wasted? What happens when you are out of commission? Hopefully you will have help with things you temporarily can’t do and your general plan can serve as a guide to helpers. What happens when you get through the move? Voila! You can post your plan and get to work maintaining your new place.

Surely getting through the disruptions, the waiting until things are back to manageable, takes a lot of patience. You have to hold on to the vision of your kind of “normal” until you can live it again.

And if things change so much that your original plan doesn’t fit anymore, you can go back to the drawing board and craft one that does. Only now you’ll have the experience of thinking through things and writing your thoughts out.

Kids thrive on knowing what comes next. Routine and order can serve as a security blanket. The fact that regular life has so many twists and turns just means that we work for days of pattern and predictability, sprinkled with times of spontaneity and fun, while learning agility and practicing patience when we experience windows of waiting.

I wish you all the best!!



Work On It


Some years ago I read a couple of books by Michael Gerber on business building.

I was very intrigued and especially enjoyed the audio version of The E Myth that Gerber read for the recording.

One thing that he emphasized over and over again is that entrepreneurs need to work on their business not just in their business.

In other words, you can write or coach or bake or paint or whatever it is that you produce or provide to your people, but that is only a small piece of being in business. The other parts are what you do when you work on your business, or what it takes to design the systems, policies and procedures, structures, to find people to hire, etc.

It’s the same at home.

You can spend all day every day cleaning and cooking and organizing, but the household really starts to hum when you have spent some time putting systems into place that support you in knowing what you need to clean, organize and cook, who is going to do it and when and how it will happen.

When you have a system under you, you know where to start, how to share the load with the rest of the family and much of the stress of putting out day-to-day fires calms down.

I hope you are well today. I hope you are spending time creating your system, so that you can maintain your home while boosting your health! We must learn to scale back the stress! I’m working on it. Hope you are too.



P.S. Are you ready for some help with systems? I’d be happy to walk through it with you. Just reply to this post or drop me a message!