Inspiration on parenting

Having Fun!


Do you ever find yourself waiting for the right circumstances to come along so that you

can enjoy yourself and have some fun? Waiting for a break from an average day? Waiting for a birthday or graduation or relief from some daily burden?

So what makes life fun anyway?

Is it when you feel relaxed and happy and at ease with yourself and the world? And doesn’t it include an element of humor and graciousness? And don’t all of those things come from inside, actually independent of our circumstances?

I have spent time with people who can make most any day and any activity fun…even those we call work!

Maybe then, with a quick shift in outlook (if need be), we can turn most situations into enjoyable, maybe even fun times. We can relax. We can choose to smile, and let life and its complexities come and go.

And when there are difficult moments, we can remember that when our behavior is kind, gentle, respectful and firm we will get further than venting our frustrations on others by demanding, scolding, chastising or belittling them. {And we can get back to enjoying life much faster too.}

Even if it’s a regular day, I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest!

My love and best wishes to you,



In The Middle


When we’re in the middle of creating something, or as in the case of several young mothers I know, someone, life can feel like an unbalanced dance.

Some things are on hold while others are full-tilt, and even while you’re taking the steps that need taking, you know that soon, everything will shift around another way!

Is it comforting to know that everyone is in some sort of limbo? They may appear to be settled or at ease, but somewhere in the life of every person I know, is an issue waiting to be resolved. Maybe it is even more than waiting, it may be a time when they are in constant prayer and thought about how to solve a problem or to accept a change or to have the courage to make a positive change.

Is this observation true for you? Do you know anyone who is sitting pretty without a care or heartache of any  kind? Me either.

So, maybe we can all take a deep breath in……..and then in acceptance of where you are right now…….let it out.

The moment you are waiting for will come; the decisions will be made; the help will show up; you will ride out the storm if need be. And through whatever comes, you won’t ever be alone!

You are a treasure my friend.

Please take good care of yourself today.



Because of You


Because of you, the world was a better place today.
There was more laughter and fun!

There was encouragement given and kindness shown.

Because of you, life was easier for someone today.
You care and you show it.
You share other’s burdens and help to lighten their load.

Because of you, someone smiled today.
It may have been a baby in your arms or the child whose tears you dried.
It may have been your spouse who felt your love when you smiled in his direction, and meant it.

Because of you, I have greater hope!
I see you in my travels, I meet you on the street and I marvel at your beauty and your strength!
You are fighting the good fight and living with grace.

Because of you, things are better than when you came.
Oh, happy, happy day!

Be well and keep on doing all the simply grand things you’re doing!
Love, love, love,


P.S. This post is for all of you, but I dedicate it to my friend Belle who was born on this day! Love you my friend, thank you for all you are teaching me. xo

Go Deep


I hope that today finds you intact, body and spirit.

This mothering business is no small investment.

Like the circadian rhythm deep in your cells; the movement of muscles circulating watery lymph-cleansing fluid; the awesome steadiness of your heart muscle moving the blood that enlivens and animates you– like these physical processes, so you are to your children.

They are tender (loud, but tender!) plants that need the nourishing soil of your presence, your light, your voice, your smile, your care. They thrive on your attention and crave it like air.

Can you give them a place to grow now that you have given them life?

Can you make the environment of you so nourished and loved that clinging to you, they will be fed by your love-liness?

Can you, in quiet and stillness, go deep inside your heart every day to intentionally plant seeds of comfort and courage and then bend your knees and water your soul with a life-giving connection to the powers of heaven?

Can you hourly speak words of creation and truth that your very cells will hear and obey? “I am grateful for this day!” “I am well and whole!”

You are the deep place where your family is growing. And even though you are giving and and extending, needing patterns of rest and recovery too, still, your expanding heart and giving hands will be graced with growth that is meant just for those who provide safe places for others.

So please turn, and look at the girl in the mirror. Calm her, love her, protect her, provide for her needs and comfort her–fill her loving cup to overflowing with the life-giving medium that has no limit in all of time and space. The Love that fills the universe is meant for you to have in abundance and to allow to flow through you to everyone you meet; especially those of your own creation! No need to conserve! There is plenty and to spare!

I declare that God’s love will help and bless you, day by day as you humbly ask to be healed of any infirmity, spirit, mind or heart or body. Ask to understand how He feels about you, then listen. And feel. And know.

With great love,


P.S. Beautiful quotes:
“Deepen…that is where your reality lies. That is how you will find your place, and how you will find your true center.”
“It is only when we are fully rooted that we are really able to move.”
Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea


Seems as though there a lot of people who have colds and flu right now. No fun!

One thing we make that has helped to “thin the junk out” during colds and flu is a nice warm cup of tea. (Not hot, let it cool before drinking.)

Put water on to heat, then squeeze juice from 1/2 a lemon into your cup. Add 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger (or fresh grated ginger if you don’t mind texture), 1-2 teaspoons raw honey, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne. Add water to the top of the cup when it is heated. Stir and let the tea cool until it is just warm.

You can certainly back off the cayenne if this tea is for a little one, but if a person can take the heat, it makes the ginger much more efficient.

I hope you are well my friend.

Take good care,


P.S. You can make this into a nice cough syrup by leaving out the water and adding a few Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Spicy and good! And very good for a sore throat.