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Monday, Monday


It’s Monday. And I’m writing to you in the morning…for a few reasons.

Mondays can be brutal sometimes, can’t they?

It’s the day of putting the house back together, getting a new plan for a new week, starting over on all of the household duties that are weekly and basically gearing yourself up to face it all again!

If this speaks to your experience, then I want to offer you some food for thought.

Do you function on doing what you feel like doing on any given day? Do you get intimidated by big jobs or just have to talk yourself into tackling them every time you do them?

A few things that I have found helpful over the years are simple mind-set shifts and some practical tasks as well.

1 You are bigger than your laundry.
Out-think this task and don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Tackle it mentally by deciding how and when you will do it. All in one day? One load each day or specific days of the week? Who is doing it? How can you multi-task other jobs while your machines are doing the work? In making your plan, I suggest that you think it through to the very bitter end! That means it is folded and put away, and then it is done. Because we all know that laundry can overrun your house whether it is dirty or clean!

2 Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, not when you feel like it.
We can get ahead when we don’t function on how we feel but rather taking things as they need attention (or better yet, before they need attention). This may mean that you will be best served by a list that you can check off each day. Am I the only one that thrives on seeing check marks, DONE!? The list also serves you in the fact that you have a virtual stopping place and a way to say, today was a success, even though you didn’t tackle everything that needs doing in one day.

3 Increase your pain tolerance.
By this I mean, increase, by practicing, your ability to get through the tough stuff (whatever that happens to be for you). Some people don’t mind cleaning the bathroom while others would rather do anything else! Increase your ability to do the things that you dislike or even detest! Find a way. You could: delegate to someone else at your house who doesn’t mind doing that job, or hire it done, or trade someone or break it down into small bites so that you can spread the job out and not feel overrun by it.

4 Visualize your home fully functioning.
Take some time to close your eyes and envision the level of cleanliness you’d like, the feeling of peacefulness you desire and the spirit of cooperation and love you hope to engender. See it in your mind. Then pray for help to create it. You will be inspired to change this or that, possibly your own attitude about caring for yourself or your children or your home. Be open to learning new ways of doing things and new ways of using your femininity to draw your family toward you to help build the atmosphere you envision.

Happy Monday Girl! I hope you will have a great week ahead! You can do much good in the small and simple things you do for yourself and for your family. Never forget that you are in a very powerful place to make life brighter and better for those you love and that your efforts will ripple out and out and out to bless many.

Go get ’em!



P.S. Fact: We need daily inspiration to keep our minds in a positive place! If you have experienced a lift from reading this blog, please share it with your sisters! More features are in the works!

Think Serenity


A long time ago, when my children were all young and my days consisted of stretching beyond my physical abilities to meet their needs, my brother suggested that I needed a little more intense music in my life! {Maybe he had heard the classical music I was playing, I don’t remember the situation exactly.} I tried to explain to him that my body couldn’t take anymore adrenaline rushing than it was already getting from being on mother-duty twenty-four hours a day! That is why the music I employed during that time was peaceful and calming.  It is an understatement to say that I needed it’s influence.

In parenthood or any other demanding role, peace of mind doesn’t just happen. It is born of doing our best, keeping our commitments and being honest with ourselves and others. But it also comes more readily as we commit ourselves to cultivating a peaceful mindset.

Which means that we have to intentionally place peaceful pictures, thoughts, words, declarations and feelings in our minds and hearts in order to reap the health and relationship benefits of living a peaceful life.

Lyrics like these can be a great mantra, along with the music that serves to glue the message into our minds: 

“I’ve got peace like a river
I’ve got peace like a river
I’ve got peace like a river
In my soul
I’ve got love like an ocean
I’ve got love like an ocean
I’ve got love like an ocean
In my soul
I’ve got joy like a fountain
I’ve got joy like a fountain
I’ve got joy like a fountain
In my soul”


Memorize and rehearse powerful, peaceful words and phrases such as these:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,”
King James Version (KJV)

Or declarations like these:
“I am at peace.”
“I am finding peaceful solutions to my problems.”

Even the enjoyable times of play and laughter are made more joyful when we have peace as the foundation of our relationship with ourselves and others.

Do you feel peaceful?

What are you doing to create more peace in your mind, heart and home? I’d love to hear!

Much love to you,


P.S. Wish I could send along the fragrance of these lilacs along with the picture! Mmmmmmm! Divine!

Peace Versus Hurry


From Norman Vincent Peale’s, The Power of Positive Thinking:

“A former member of a championship university crew told me that their shrewd crew coach often reminded them, “To win this or any race, row slowly.” He pointed out that rapid rowing tends to break the stroke and when the stroke is broken it is with the greatest difficulty that a crew recovers the rhythm necessary to win. Meanwhile other crews pass the disorganized group. It is indeed wise advice–“To go fast, row slowly.”

“In order to row slowly or to work slowly and maintain the steady pace that wins, the victim of high tempo will do well to get the coordinating peace of God into his mind, his soul, and it might be added, into his nerves and muscles also.”

“Slow down, for whatever you really want will be there when you get there if you work toward it without stress, without pressing. If, proceeding under God’s guidance and in His smooth and unhurried tempo, it is not there, then it was not supposed to be there. If you miss it, perhaps you should have missed it. So definitely seek to develop a normal, natural, God-ordered pace. Practice and preserve mental quiet. Learn the art of letting go all nervous excitement. To do this, stop at intervals and affirm, “I now relinquish nervous excitement–it is flowing from me. I am at peace. ” Do not fume. Do not fret. Practice being peaceful.”

I wish you an unhurried stroll into summer!

I’m going to make my Sleepytime tea and read my book and practice being peaceful before bed. Aaaaaah.

Love you.




No Time to Waste


Here’s a thought question for you: Is there something that is keeping you from “feeling” your life?

Just the normal, every day stuff. Do you feel glad to see your baby’s smile or have warmth flood you when you see your kids playing peacefully together? Can you feel satisfied at the end of a productive day or let yourself cry when things are sad or disappointing?

If you can, I’m so glad! If you struggle, I’d admonish you to take a look at what may be in the way.

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to feel because we’ve been hurt and so disappointed that we’ve wrapped ourselves in some form of insulation for protection.

Or maybe we have built a wall of busy-ness and distraction and we don’t even know that we’re living in a sort of numbing bubble.

Maybe the expectations, most likely unrealistic ones, are overwhelming and not humanly possible to reach! Then, disappointment may be a part of every day.

If you can relate to what I’m saying, would you consider taking some time to journal your thoughts and see if you can identify the issue? Then, if needed speak to a trusted friend or if necessary a trusted counselor and ask for assistance?

When you look back over your life, you will applaud your efforts to be well, because it is so very important to the functioning of your family!

When you don’t feel, you don’t connect with others, you don’t come to understand them and sadly, you don’t have the memories of those connections later.

I pray that you will work to be your healthiest self here and now. Healing is such a wonderful journey and so worth the effort!

Love to you,





Recently I heard a wise man say that, “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

 Part of me wants to fall over laughing when I think of the boxes and bags and tons and vaults of enthusiasm I’ve lost and had to regain over my lifetime! {The other part of me wants to cry at the time I’ve killed in that process, not to mention living through the undesirable negative emotions that go with it. Can you relate at all?}

I was thinking of this today when I started a small project of shortening a pair of lace curtains. First, I folded the extra fabric to get the length I needed and then didn’t multiply the amount by two to count for the fold! So I went through the whole process only to get the panels hung and see that they were still too long.

I didn’t pin the casing to the loosest part of the lace and ended up having to cut the casing off again since the lace stretched and made them uneven.

I ran out of bobbin thread. When I took them down the second time, I cut the casing off and cut off the extra inches of the first panel, and then on the second panel I only cut off the casing…not realizing it….and sewed the casing back on. Yes– it was shocking to hang them and see that one was seven inches longer than the other! What?! Oh! I had to retrace my steps to see how that possibly could have happened.

It was a small job. It should have taken about 15 minutes. It took over an hour. {Did I mention I had a headache and really wanted to just take a nap and forget about the curtains?}

I have to say that they look lovely now. But I was sorely tempted to lose enthusiasm! Ha!

I hope you’re fighting the good fight today. I hope you’re giving yourself a lot of room for growth. I hope you are laughing and finding a little  more patience when you fall short of where you want to be, right now.

We’re all rising and falling and rising again. But little bits of success here and there add up over time to major change and improvement. And a worthy baby-step-goal is to little by little, strengthen our ability to maintain optimism and humor, even when the curtains are seven inches shy of even! Failure doesn’t mean we’ve lost, it means we’re on our way to learning. Especially if we can keep our enthusiasm alive and well.

Love to you Sister!