Self-care ideas

Ideas and inspiration about the need to care for ones self

Declaring Peace


With the climate of “do more to have more” permeating every waking moment of our culture, here’s a declaration to try out:

“I am content.”

This little sentence is a treasure. I challenge you to try using it in your declarations night and morning for a week and see what changes come about in your mind and heart.

We already have so much. The feeling of contentment, while maybe foreign for most, is amazing! It nips every ad and billboard and popup commercial and sales pitch in the bud!

I don’t know what the stats are about how many millions of dollars are spent per person in the US to convince us that we need something more than what we already have. But I’m sure the number is staggering because there is never a moment without something being offered and something being sold.

“I am content” focuses on gratitude, on being enough and having enough.

Let me know what experience you have with this wonderful gem, will you?

Lots of love to you today!


All Is Well


Did you have a good day?
Did you feel energetic or a bit tired? Were you engaged and happy or did you have a lot on your mind?
Did you follow your plan or did you feel to put out a few fires?
Are you learning something new and dealing with growing pains or are you in a set routine and feeling confident about it?
Wherever and whatever you were today, no worries.
Tomorrow will have more blessings and challenges, and all you felt about yourself today will have opportunity to grow or to change.
You are doing just fine. And in most cases I’d guess you are doing far, far better than just fine!
Please go easy on yourself. Take a deep breath…..let it out.
Know that you are needed and valued, loved and appreciated.
Let today go, rest as much as you can and take on the day tomorrow with curiosity and strength.

Be well.



Step Up to Lead Out


Recently I was asked the question, “Who do you lead?”  My response was, everyone I meet. And I’d say that that is true for you too. Aren’t we all influencing one another in large and small ways, almost constantly? And doesn’t influence also mean leadership?

Every word that comes out of our mouths informs others about what we value, what we have read, who we are and who is influencing us!

I truly believe that we cannot chose whether or not we will be influenced, but only by whom and what we will give enough time and attention to in order to be influenced. So hopefully we’ll be intentional about it.

And it’s not just our words that let others know who we are is it?

Oftentimes, it is the respect we show ourselves by caring for our bodies. Not consistently over-taxing ourselves nor allowing others to unduly burden us either. Stopping when we are tired. Or if you’re a guru at self-care, taking any opportunity you have to rest and recharge.

At times we inform others by our behavior that our needs aren’t that important. We can go without. We will be ok. And yet, we are human too. Yes, we love. Yes, we sacrifice to bring souls here to have a physical experience. Yes, it is very strenuous work! So it is imperative that we keep our reservoirs of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual strength as full as possible.

Mothers, please care for yourselves! Love others but love yourself too. Don’t apologize for needing a break. Or help. Or a healthful diversion.

I’m sending you my best wishes and vote of confidence today! You are enough to do what you were sent here to do.



P.S. I believe we will be strengthened every time we ask for help in doing our special calling in our family life. Our children are God’s children and He wants them to receive the best possible care we can give! If you are feeling constantly overwhelmed, I would challenge you to intermittently ask the question, “Am I feeling overloaded because of my family calling or because I have time-consuming distractions that are keeping me running and too busy to feel happy and successful at home?” I have to constantly ask myself this question and I don’t have little ones at home anymore…there are just so many potential side roads aren’t there?




Ebb and Flow


Last year this lupine in my garden was thriving. This spring it didn’t come back. I don’t know why, it just didn’t winter well.

We try hard to understand things that happen so that we can learn from the experience and try to influence outcomes in the future.

And sometimes we do.

But sometimes we just have to accept the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes we don’t figure things out.

And that’s ok.

There will be successes tomorrow or the next day.

There will be moments of smooth sailing and high spirits.

And when things are frustrating or hard to understand, we keep walking. Taking rests at times. Relaxing our minds and letting things be for awhile. Sometimes asking for help from a kindly soul nearby.

When it is time, we’ll find the meaning that will give us the experience and understanding that bring wisdom. And empathy. And human kindness.

Please keep on going and don’t you give up.

Much love,