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Do you feel, like I have many times, that there isn’t enough time to do all you want and need to do?

I am reminded again today that the key to accomplishing our mission, the things that we each alone were put here to do, is to prioritize what we do with our time.

The trick is prioritizing, or putting first things first.

If we wait until there is time to pray and read and study our Holy Writ, we will continue to wait.

If we wait until there is time leftover to take a walk or do some strength training, we will continue to wait.

If we wait until there is a window for eating a square meal, sitting at a table, we will continue to wait. These things must have first priority on our to do list or they just won’t get done.

God multiplies us with love and light and energy as we feed our spirits every day. He multiplies our strength and ability to lead because we have taken the time to care for our physical bodies. Stated simply, our ability to care for our families is multiplied when we are stronger in body and spirit.

Besides all this, faith is a principle of action isn’t it? Who knows all the ways that we are multiplied as we act on our faith and trust that our efforts will be made enough.

Plugging in the most important things first means we are better able to to function; to love; to cope; to excel; to accomplish the things only we can do.

I hope we can be strengthened in our resolve to fortify ourselves, every day, so that we can be a force for good!

Sending you love,


P.S. Doing first things first means that the unimportant items on our want to do list may fall by the way. But is that such a great loss? Really? We can be confident that what we are meant to do is getting done! Godspeed!

P.S. This is a picture I took in my home town last spring!

Mango Basil Smoothie-Kitchen Coach Jenny


Mango Basil Smoothie

1/2 C. frozen mango chunks
1 C. milk of choice
small handful of basil (about 1/4 C.)
sprinkle of salt
dash of vanilla
1/8-1/4 tsp. monk fruit powder, stevia, or other sweetener
5 pitted dates
Blend everything together for about a minute. The dates take some time to become fully incorporated. If you don’t have a high-powered blender, soak your dates for at least an hour first. (You can also omit the dates and just add a little extra sweetener!)

Learn to Smell It Quick!




Negativity creeps in. A little pessimistic thought here, a worry there. Soon the sarcasm starts coming out.

Once it becomes a full blown mess and other people and negative emotions are involved, it can be quite difficult to  turn around. {Understatement right?}

The goal is to learn to recognize the slight turning of our thoughts.The hint of pseudo-guilt. The self-incrimination. The wave of blame. It takes practice to tune in faster and faster. But the sooner we can smell the rottenness the better! Just when we sense that our minds are barely leaning toward the negative, we can stop it there!

Yes, it is easier to do if you aren’t dog-tired.

Yes, it is easier to do if you have been rehearsing your truth in declarations.

But in any case, quickly catching smell of “stinkin’ thinkin'” as I heard someone call it, will save you and your loved ones time, money, emotional distress, and so much more!

The goal is to get better and better at recognizing the first thought! And do you know what to do when you do?

You immediately speak the truth!

“I am of worth.”
“My feelings matter.”
“Someone cares about me.”
“I am loved.”

Bam! The negativity vanishes. The truth is your best defense.

Love to you this beautiful day.



Standing Ready


Who are you? Beyond what you like or who you married or what school you attended or who your friends are or what you “do.”

Who are you deep down?








Here are a few declarations about your identity that will keep you standing ready to:
-Face new challenges
-Maintain your confidence even when someone else may be behaving badly
-Receive the peace you desire even when things don’t seem to be going your way
-Give a soft answer in times of stress
-Care for yourself when you are tempted to neglect your needs
-Care for others when it isn’t convenient or easy

Here they are!

I am a daughter of God.
I am loved and cherished.
I reflect His light to others.
I am a speaker of truth; always in love.
I am a force for good.
I am a great validator.
I am healthy and strong.
I am a life-long learner.
I am grateful and my words and actions show it.

What declarations are you employing every day to arm yourself with strength and courage?

Your family needs the strength you will gain when you remember who you are.

Sending you lots of love today!


Taking Counsel From Your Faith


In seminar, we are working on mindset. Why? Because your mindset is crucial to the health and functioning of your family!

By this I mean that when you are in a place of positivity and learning, when you are defending yourself against negative thinking and deception, when you are resilient and able to deal with adversity, then you are leading your family by example to greater growth and health.

Cultivating a positive outlook is a task that requires practice, practice and more practice. Do you know how many negative thoughts you have every day? What do you do with those thoughts?

In seminar, we are practicing the skill of recognizing negatives, mentally shifting them to positives and sending them back out in new, true positive statements.

It’s a boundary thing.

No more wallowing in self-depreciating, self-pitying mind chatter.

No more listening to doubts and dramas and fears, as if they are the counselors who are giving us a shot of what we might think of as hard reality. But are negative thoughts really helpful? Should we take counsel from our fears? No.

No, they just keep us down and struggling.

I hope you’ll join us as we learn with humility and sobriety, to right the wrongs that may be habitually happening in our thought processes.

You could ask a friend to hold you accountable. You could share the challenge with one of your kids and work on it together.

I wish you the strength that will come as you spend more and more of your energy in thinking of the true and the beautiful in your life!

You are beautiful my friend!