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Ideas and inspiration about the need to care for ones self

“That’s What Makes The World Go ‘Round”


I know that maybe I am sounding like a broken record. {Have you ever played a record? They’re big, mostly black vinyl flat discs and if they get scratched, the needle of the record player gets stuck in one groove and it plays the same section of sound over and over- just for clarity’s sake!}

I’ve been dealing with the up’s and down’s of hormones for these many years, and I am just coming to understand the role of stress {and yes, our thoughts and beliefs are a huge part of that!} in hormone balance.

Learning to quiet our nervous system is paramount. Moving and stretching and having good blood flow is very  important. Eating foods that support our endocrine system and support healthy elimination is crucial.

The fallout of imbalance is costly isn’t it? Irritability, a feeling of instability, low brain chemistry, over-reactivity, not to mention the pain of headaches, body aches, cramps, weight issues etc. etc. etc.

If you are experiencing this roller coaster ride, I would encourage you to:

~Use the resources on Lioness to support yourself in making healthy changes, whether that is reading the blog for a daily uplift and reminder, or trying some of the recipes or signing up for coaching or seminar!

~Check out I’m impressed with the free 8 week program they offer along with a free e-book that is full of incredible information on healing your endocrine system. I think they are right on the money! It’s the deep, real, slow and very effective version of self-help that gets to the root of the problem. They also sell products to help with the process, but what you can glean from them that doesn’t cost a dime is amazing!

~Do all you can to simplify your life. Too much pressure and strain will keep you stuck in a pattern of swinging from one extreme to another. Much of the pressure we have is self-inflicted. If you’re suffering, please do a little self-diagnostic and see what physical or emotional or mental weight you can drop. Learn to say no, or at least learn to say yes with definite parameters that don’t compromise your health.

I wish you all the best my friend!

Please, please, please take good care of yourself in every way you can.




Satiation: {to supply to satisfaction}


How much of what you don’t need will help you?

Ha, ha kind of a tricky question isn’t it? It may go without saying, but there isn’t enough cotton-candy in the world to fulfill a person’s nutritional needs!

Yet, don’t we sometimes try to get nourishment out of foods and activities and habits that can’t nourish us because they aren’t what we really need?

This is true for some relationships; for most of the food in the standard American diet; for much of the entertainment and time-killing activities that can snatch up our days if we’re not careful.

If you are feeling hungriness in your life, be it emotional, spiritual, physical, mental or social, I challenge you to feed yourself what you really need. Consider putting stops on those pseudo-fixes and get into the real deal.

Instead of waiting until you’re so hungry that getting fast-food sounds good, make a plan to cook something hearty and nourishing.
Instead of reading something solely for entertainment, find something that will broaden your mind and contribute to your education too.
Instead of listening to music that is repetitive and simple and numbing, try something complex, uplifting and mentally engaging.
Instead of watching another movie together, find something interactive to do for your date night with your spouse.
Instead of surfing around social media for an hour, dig into the mending pile and get it off your list! {I was reminded this week that the mending actually takes so little time to do when consider how daunting it can look sitting on my sewing machine, staring at me!}

I hope you will take action and claim every good, life-giving and truly satiating thing that is within your reach! You are worth every effort that will enrich your life. The bonus is that whatever enriches you, in turn will strengthen and uplift your family!

I love that you are doing wonderful things with your time and talents!
You’re leaving things better than you found them.



P.S. I’m going to say that this cupcake/muffin looks just like a butternut squash muffin recipe I love. Coconut oil, honey, squash, eggs, milk and of course mini- dark chocolate chips! Nourishing and tasty too. When you find a win/win, it’s as if the skies part and angels sing!

Declare It!


How are you using your declarations this week?

Need a little reminder that they are incredibly important? That you have more control and power in your life than you may think? That your brain is hungry for a new story about you and your abilities and your marriage and your children…?

In the Lioness planner, there is a two-page spread sheet for recording your declarations. If you write them on sticky notes, you can then move them all over your planner and strategically place them where they will serve you best.

You can take a photo copy and print those two pages and tape them on your bathroom mirror.

You can take a picture of them with your phone and refer to them when you have a lull in your day.

But however you do it, the truth is that you need to be reading, memorizing and internalizing them!

I’ve said it a few times and I’ll say it again, crafting declarations to help you think, feel and behave how you want to think, feel and behave is a crucial healthy habit.

If your declarations are non-existent or tucked away or just sagging, I challenge you to get on it!

Have faith and be in the driver’s seat of your life.

Love, love, love,


Sauerkraut 101


Posted by Jenny Sullivan on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This girl has it down!

And I tried her method and it works! I’m so happy to be eating raw, probiotic-rich sauerkraut!

It’s tasty on sandwiches, tacos, fish, eggs, steamed greens, with mashed potatoes or just by itself!

I hope this inspires you as much as it inspired me. Thank you Jenny!



A Portrait of Self-Care


Do you ever wonder what real, sustaining self-care looks like?

Last week I got to visit with a woman that I’ve known for most of my life, who is now in her 80’s and living alone after being widowed a few years ago. It was so nice to see her and hear about how she is getting along. But what has stuck with me since then is how she looked.

She looked cared for- and, even though she lives alone, she seems to be doing very well.

She said that she has people who come to help her around the house to keep things clean and in good repair.

But more important than her house being cared for, she looks well. Her hair is “done” {nicely tinted and has a lovely back-combed style}, she wore a little make-up and she was certainly wearing her trademark smile!

Since our visit, I’ve been thinking about what continuous habits she must have had throughout her years of young adulthood, raising a large family and now to being a grandma. In my memory, all through those years, she was having her hair done, I’d guess a weekly trip to a salon. As I think back, I don’t remember her being harried much or over-taxed. It seems that she tended to things and planned and worked and enjoyed her family. I’m sure she had her difficulties, but she seems to have fashioned and maintained a great outlook on life that has kept her going strong.

Part of what I’m describing, I’d say, was the fruits of an era when ladies were pretty much at home caring for their families, and when they were focused on the maintenance and care of their homes. But it seems that along with that mindset came caring for self in a way that might feel exorbitant to us today. Resting, getting to bed at a decent time. Eating regularly and well. Not being pulled {in a major way} in four directions at once, they just seemed to have a kind of contentedness that permeated their lives. {Wait, isn’t that what our computers and appliances and prepared foods are supposed to give us…less work / more time and contentedness and even connected-ness?}

I’d guess too that the ladies who lived on her street were doing much of the same thing and were a support to one another, as they were socializing and working together in the neighborhood.

Do you think that the wisdom of their era is lost? I have experienced something like it in some neighborhoods where we have lived and I loved it so much!

I wonder if it could be alive and well for those who seek to create it?

I hope that wherever you are today, that you have women who are your friends and neighbors with which you can build friendships and support systems. Particularly those who will support you in caring for yourself!

Be well.