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Ideas and inspiration about the need to care for ones self

Spin Out


Recently, a dear friend told me a story about a difficult time in her life and a prayer that was answered.

She said she was having a very challenging health problem that was causing her constant  pain to the point of anguish. She had done all that she and her doctors could do and she was in the window of trying to be a patient patient.

At some point, as she prayed earnestly for relief, the answer came to her simply, “Do something for someone else.”

She of course took the heavenly counsel and got busy fixing a meal for a daughter who was sick. And, if I am remembering her story correctly, that became a turning point in her healing. {I have been blessed with some amazing friends and I hope you have been too!}

It’s easy to get our minds into an inward spiral when we are suffering or purposefully narrowing our focus to deal with some issue in our lives. And sometimes we certainly need to batten down the hatches and focus on one day, or even one hour at a time.

But along with focusing on getting through and finding the solutions to our own problems, it helps to take breathers! And some of the most therapeutic and uplifting breaks are the ones where we are giving of ourselves to the needs of someone else. A fundamental doctrine of Christianity, service is enobling to the giver and the receiver! And we certainly need to take our turns on either side of the equation.

We run the risk of having our minds and spirits eclipsed by a problem if it becomes such a large part of our waking view that we can’t see anything or anyone else. So, next time you feel overwhelmed or worn out, see what you can do to turn your thoughts spinning outward, to see the need of a neighbor or friend or especially of someone who lives in your house. Your burdens will be lighter, your perspective more accurate and you will have invested in strengthening relationships that will add more hope and joy to your life and theirs, in the days and years to come.

I hope you are well my friend.



P.S. Thank you for the parable Lesley. xo

P.P.S. Would you love this car? I would! I don’t know what it is, but I like it a lot!

Why, Yes!


Do you get your hair done at a salon? Or your nails or eyelashes or anything else?

I have gone to salons on occasion and some are awesome, but I’ve found that I prefer to get some of those things done at home. So, on occasion we mothers and daughters or girlfriends do each other’s hair and nails.

It is fun to create the spa you want! You can get a foot massage and nails painted or some hair color or a cut. You can do facial masks with simple clay or hair moisturizing treatments with coconut oil or henna. You can soak feet and hands in an Epsom salt bath and then use soda to scrub off dry skin.

Of course you can also create the atmosphere you want by adding flowers or an essential oils diffuser, soft lighting and beautiful, restful music.

Do you know someone that you could swap or maybe you could consider having a “party” or girl’s night, where several friends come with their favorite nail polish and lotion, prepared to pamper a friend and to be pampered.

What do you think? Add some nice healthy snacks or fun smoothies or, what we are planning to eat this evening…chocolate quinoa cake! (If you’re curious, you can find that recipe on the recipe page.)

I hope you’re taking good care of yourself! And I hope you are creating some fun things to look forward to.

Be well!





Compelling. Compulsive. Not able to be resisted. Irresistible urge that goes against one’s conscious wishes.

Can anyone relate to this issue?

Geneen Roth, the guru of eating disorders, says this:

“I tell them that if compulsive eating is anything, it’s a way to leave ourselves when life gets hard.  When we don’t want to notice what is going on. Compulsive eating is a way we distance ourselves from the way things are when they are not how we want them to be. I tell them that ending the obsession with food is all about the capacity to stay in the present moment. To not leave themselves. I tell them that they don’t have to make a choice between losing weight and doing this. Weight loss is the easy part; any time you truly listen to our hunger and fullness, you lose weight. But I also tell them that compulsive eating is basically a refusal to be fully alive. No matter what we weigh, those of us who are compulsive eaters have anorexia of the soul. We refuse to take in what sustains us. We live lives of deprivation. And when we can’t stand it any longer, we binge. The way we are able to accomplish all of this is by the simple act of bolting–of leaving ourselves–hundreds of times a day.” Women Food and God

It seems that any compulsive behavior does just that; removes us from ourselves. Could be checking a phone 100 times a day. Could be taking another pill for pain long after the surgery. Could be most anything that keeps us from being in the now.

Which is so tragically sad since the now is the only place we really live.

Heaven help us all to have the courage to truly feel and create and work and cry and mourn and love and laugh in the days and years we have here!

My love and best wishes,


P.S. If you are having a struggle with a compulsive behavior that may be keeping you from living a full and rich life, please, seek help from a qualified therapist you can trust. Running isn’t the answer! Besides, the world needs your beautiful self and your unique gifts!

The Buzz


Do you ever feel that you are pushing toward a finish line that doesn’t exist? Flying about in a hurry, hustling and bustling from one task to the next, zig-zagging and multi-tasking until you forget where your flight began and where it was supposed to end?

As women, we were wired for thinking of multiple things at once, of being able to sort and grasp the connections between the many facets of our lives, and it’s a great and needed gift!

But sometimes, we need to take a moment to decompress, unwind and relax. Being in flight all the time wears a body out not to mention exhausts us mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

I highly recommend sitting in silence at least once a day and learning to focus your thoughts on just breathing in and out. If your mind wanders, and it will, you can just easily slide back to being aware of yourself breathing in and out.

It’s amazing to me how just ten minutes of focusing the mind can leave a calm spot in our awareness for the rest of the day. Meditation coupled with prayer is truly a life-line for a healthy  mind, body and spirit.

You are never alone. Call on God in your quiet moments or sad times or when you are overwhelmed. His peace and help will come.

Love you!


Around The Corner


For those of you who are experiencing winter right now, and if you are challenged by the cold as

I am, hang on, spring is right around the corner!

But before it gets here, and the out-of-doors is calling your name, what indoor projects could use your attention?

Are there scrapbooks or pictures to work on or a closet or two that could use cleaning? Is there a quiet basket of yarn that you’d like to turn into a fun afghan for your grandchild or some other creative sit-down project you’d like to make?

Of course there is your over-all vision for the year that may need tweaking or goals that you may still need to break down and record on the months and weeks in your planner.

Maybe now is the time to sort through a filing cabinet or dust the book shelves or finish the books you’re reading or get a bag or two of clothes ready to be donated to a thrift shop.

Whatever needs doing inside will surely be much easier to tackle now while nature is still sleepy. Because as soon as she really wakes up, and starts shooting green little bits of life from the soil in the flower beds, the closets may have to wait until fall to get my full attention again!

Best wishes to you in embracing what is now.

Be well.