Self-care ideas

Ideas and inspiration about the need to care for ones self

Let’s Look Around


What’s going on in your world today? I hope you are well!

Do you ever get so focused in on the challenges you are trying to solve that they actually eclipse everything else that is going right?

Here are a few questions to add a little perspective.

Do you have water to drink?

Do you have a warm place to sleep?

Are you able to sit next to your child?

Can you spend time reading together?

Do you have food to eat?

Do you have electricity and hot water? {Oh, blessed hot water!}

Do you have a coat to wear this winter?

Do you have supportive relationships in your life?

Say yes to most of these questions and wow, what a wonderful life!

I hope you are keeping perspective. When the challenges we have get too close and obstruct our vision, we need to push them out, away from such close inspection for a little while, and look around at all that is working well, and all the ways we are blessed.

And sometimes that is difficult to do.

But we can get better at balancing our perspective. Heaven help us to balance better everyday!

Love and thanks to you for all you are doing to add kindness and love to our world. You’re the best!


P.S. {This post was inspired by a film I saw about a volunteer program that gives inmates the opportunity to record themselves reading and singing for their children to listen to at home. It rips at my heart to think of being away from my loved ones in that way. Particularly if it meant being separated from my children! What a luxury it is to be together. How free and wealthy we are!}

Unwind on Purpose


Just a reminder-

Taking care of oneself is productive.

Maybe even more productive than most things that we think are worthy of our time.

Without our humor, our health and flexibility, we can’t do the things we dream of doing or just those things we want to get done.

Patience is involved right? When you know you need to spend precious time unwinding and decompressing, taking the time to do that may mean pushing back a project or other responsibility that is pressing us for attention.

It may also mean some clear boundaries with those we love. Is it time for a date night with your spouse? Is it time for you to have an hour to think and relax so that you can keep going?

Filling our self-care cup pays dividends over and over and over again. I know this. You know this. Hopefully we will get better and better at taking care of ourselves until self-nurture has become a firm pattern in the tapestry of our lives!

I hope your cup is brimming over.


P.S. The other thing we know is that our daughters are watching! Heaven help us!


Be Here Now!


Don’t wait until everything is in place to breathe!

Or for your to-do list to be crossed-off. {Can a few baby steps toward having your long-term projects be done and doing your daily chores as you go along, count it as productive? Because any movement forward is progress!}

Or wait for a sunnier day!

Use your courage, vision, kindness, wisdom, patience and mostly your love to connect with your family today!

They need your unique love and your smiling acceptance.

Open your arms. Open your heart. Breathe in deeply, let your shoulders relax and smile.

Today is what we have. Tomorrow will have cares of it’s own.

“Now is the time to seize the day!”


“When the first child laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” Hook


On Decay:


In our neck-of-the-woods, it is getting cold outside. My flower beds are wet with rain (blessed rain!) and soon the annuals will die in frost. My goal is to get them pulled out before they freeze and turn black.

There are leaves in wet piles. Over the course of the coming months, they will freeze and thaw in turns to decompose into simple components that will become part of the soil.



When left alone, nature decays. Weeds grow and wind themselves around everything they touch, sometimes strangling or simply crowding out the colorful flowers we hope will thrive!

Our minds are much the same.

Being wishy-washy about what to do with what easily floats into our minds leads to decay and a decline in our thinking patterns. So much of what we want to think and feel doesn’t just come to us on a floating silver platter!

It is a choice.

If we want stunning flower beds, we must remove the weeds that automatically grow.

If we want to raise produce, we have to keep weeds from competing with our plants for water, sun and nutrients. We also have to feed the soil and keep pests away.


The law of the harvest is alive and well every day (and sometimes in the middle of the night) when it comes to our thinking habits.

What thoughts do you want to plant?

How fertile is the soil of your mind? Is it fed with self-care; with inspirational words of wisdom and love; with a desire to progress and grow?

For planting on purpose, here is a hint to make that process most effective: consider what thoughts and feelings are sapping your energy or challenging your confidence; find the opposite truths and create declarations that are the positive flip-sides of those negatives!

Example: I might recognize that my shoulders are rising closer to my ears with stress or that I am dreading some upcoming challenge. As fast as I can, as soon as it crosses my mind that my body is reacting to stressful thoughts, I express gratitude to God, ask for His help and then re-frame my thoughts to release the tension and build my courage.


My prayer might sound something like,

“Heavenly Father, I thank Thee for my life! I’m so grateful to be here. With Thy help I know I can accomplish the needs of this day. Please help me to know Thy will and feel Thy love, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Then to counsel myself, I might say;

“I am safe. I can meet the challenges of ________ in this day. I love my life and I choose to let go of tension and strain. I am creative. I choose to see _______ as an opportunity to learn. If I make a mistake, it only means that I am human and tomorrow I will try again.”

When the words about letting go of tension and strain cross my mind, my head will often automatically begin gently turning side-to-side. I may stretch and roll my shoulders. It’s important to think back carefully to exactly what thoughts started the tension in the first place, then I can switch those around and water and nourish my mind and soul with the power of love, self-acceptance, my trust in God and His desires for my life.


It is such an honor, and pretty heady too, to realize that we have the power to direct our thoughts, our feelings, our healing and our joyful experiences!

Isn’t it great to be alive?

I wish you a day of flexing the muscles of your agent-hood in a positive and powerful way!

Much love to you,

Learning Any Way


Whether we are telling our brains to think and speak well of ourselves and others, and we’re rehearsing positives on purpose day in and day out {and reaping the happy benefits} or, if we are telling our brains to listen to negatives and believe negatives and speak of negatives and rehearse negatives, {and suffering the outcome of that focus}, either way we are training our minds. 

So I guess the only question to ask oneself is: in which state do I want to live my life?

I love that starting-with-the-end-in-mind idea! Decide on the consequence you want and do what it takes to get it!

Here’s to cultivating- yes, that’s a verb, and verbs mean effort- a happy, healthy mind and heart that leads to a happy, healthy you.

What a joy it is to be around people who are in love.

Love to you!