Expectations Be Banished!


Do you ever ride the roller coaster of “failed” expectations?

Such as when a holiday comes and you have some special hopes in mind, things that your spouse might do to celebrate an occasion or to show you that they care?

And then maybe that day comes and those hopes, that may have morphed into big expectations, may not be realized?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Seems as though this has happened to every one at least once!

I really believe this is most likely another case for beefing up self-care!

We need to show ourselves that we care, and not depend solely on someone else to give us that cared for and nurtured feeling.

We need to celebrate our lives and not give so much of our power to others. Particularly if we are expecting that someone will have the ability to read our minds to divine what it is we want!

If you need something, I hope you’ll find a way to provide that for yourself.

If you want something, I hope you’ll speak up and let those important people in your life know all about it!

And, I hope you will take a moment to feel your blessings today!


“The mission of Lioness at the Door is to uplift, strengthen and encourage women of all ages to magnify health, hope and happiness at home. We do so boldly, with humility and gratitude for the opportunity.”



Anyone working on getting rid of a cold or the flu at your house?

I hope not, but if so, here’s a simple idea for making lemon juice ice cubes and a soothing tea of lemon, ginger and honey.

When you find lemons for a good price, stock up and juice them all at once. You can pour the juice into ice-cube trays, freeze and then transfer the lemon cubes to a freezer bag.

Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash

When you’re ready to make tea {or anything that calls for fresh lemon juice} you can pop a frozen cube into your cup!

For tea, add:
1/2 – 1 tsp powdered ginger {or use fresh sliced or grated ginger}
1 lemon juice cube {or lemon slice}
1 tsp raw honey
to a cup of hot water.

Let the tea sit until it cools off to warm. {Hot temps aren’t good for the stomach.}

Ginger is invigorating; lemon is full of vitamin C and honey is antibacterial and soothing.

I hope you will be stay well! But if anyone at your house needs a little boost, I hope this simple recipe will help.


Lemon ice-cubes!

Those Wrong Songs


I say “wrong” because they aren’t true, and I’m referring to the songs in our culture that worship people, even those we love.

The music that says, “If you leave me, I won’t have any reason to go on.”

Or, those that sing along the lines of, “If you decide to be unfaithful to me, it would kill me.”

I reject those messages. For those of us who put our faith and hope in God, they are wholly untrue.

Instead, I would suggest lyrics and declarations that speak of our commitment and steadiness. Of our decisions and behavior. Of the divinity of our souls and the eternal purposes of God. And of the strength that comes from putting good faith and hope in the promises and fidelity of others, with the understanding that because of humanness, we ultimately lean and depend on God and His promises to us.

If the day ever comes, or already has come, that someone you love abandons their commitment to you, or in some way is unfaithful, I hope you will determine now that you will stand in strength; find forgiveness, beauty and newness in life because of your faith in and dependence on your Heavenly Father. For ultimately, giving the responsibility of our happiness to another person is a misuse of our agent-hood.

We all make mistakes. We all fall short. Only He is worthy of all praise and adoration.

Love and blessings,


“With God all things are possible,” even surviving, rising, discerning, forgiving and healing. God bless you!

How Sweet It Is


Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting behind a young family at a Sacrament service.

There were three little people…all the same age!

What I heard and saw was so inspirational to me and reminds me why I am confident in the strength and goodness of so many parents today.

I saw a lot of hugging.

I saw a sparkling smile from dad to mom when one of the kids said or did something endearing. I mean it sparkled!

I heard, “Jesus loves you and Jesus loves Daddy and Jesus loves Mommy,” many times.

I saw preparation and simple quiet activities and a lot of explaining, “Now we’re going to pray.”

And, “Now we’re going to sing.”

I felt so happy for the strides that are obviously being made in a marriage relationship and in the challenge of caring for triplets. {What courage that must take!}

I applaud all of you in your efforts to teach your children that they are loved and cherished and that you are loved and cherished too.

We can be full of hope and love and faith, together.

And what sweet rewards come to a family who work and pray and sing together.

Be well my friend!



Be Yourself


You’re learning. You’re watching. You’re paying attention to the experience of others.

You have some of your mother’s traits. You may have things you do just like your dad.

But even so, there is no one else in the world who is uniquely you. A shift from imitation to recognition may be in order.

While honoring the principles you have learned from your parents and teachers, you can also express and develop your own wisdom, style and voice. In fact, the world in general needs to hear it! In particular your family needs to know it!

You are amazing. You are unique. You are a gift.

Practice being all you. Give your bright and beautiful self to those you love.

With love,