An Appetite for Success


Do you ever struggle with imagining something good to eat? Even though I love food, sometimes my appetite sinks and it gets more difficult to think of things to cook.

Just looking at this picture gives me food for thought though!

Fresh herbs make all the difference when it comes to flavor and branching out and trying new combinations of tastes always brings joy back into cooking!

So much of our healthy family relationships depend on food as the center of their growth. Sitting down together is a crucial time to reconnect and just be with each other.

I’m going to make a renewed effort to serve our meals at the table, instead of sitting at the counter, and make a menu for this week that is out of the norm!

I wish you all the best in your efforts to nourish your family. It is a crucial piece to your family’s success.

I hope you will be able to find great joy in your valuable, necessary and unique contribution to the loves of your life!



The Best Is Yet To Be


Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,

The last of life,
for which the first was made;
Our times are in His hand Who saith,
“A whole I planned, youth shows but half;
Trust God; see all, nor be afraid.
A whole I planned, youth shows but half;
Trust God; see all, nor be afraid.”
Robert Browning

It’s true! There is much of life and love and joy ahead!

Take heart,


A Hundred Ways


Your love is given in so many ways, it’s hard to count! But it may be worth asking the question, of your spouse and children, “what helps you to feel loved?”

Is it felt mostly during playtime or also when Mama holds the line?

Is it cooking together or sitting around the table talking?

Is it knowing that you’ll be there when they return home or the lunch you may have made for them to take?

Is it when you honor the budget or when you verbalize your contentment with how things are now?

Is it when you answer their call with “I’m happy it’s you” in your voice or the times you have welcomed their friends for a meal?

Whatever their response, and surely it will be different for everyone, you will be armed with knowing how to succor, or serve them best in future days.

You are making such a meaningful difference {in your unique style} for those you love!

Be well.





“Everyday, I am choosing better foods to eat.”

“Everyday, I am speaking kindly to myself.”

“Everyday, I am stronger and have more experience.”

“Everyday, I am practicing the skills of validation.”

“Everyday, I am thinking the words kind, gentle, respectful and FIRM as I interact with my family and friends.”

“Everyday, I am strengthening my connection to God.”

“Everyday, I am counting my blessings.”

“Everyday, I am wiser than the day before.”

I wish you well my friend, as you practice the art of declaration!