Dare to Create


Do you consider yourself the creative type?

As I may have mentioned before, I think creating is our birthright.

It seems that we can get off on this important topic when we think that creativity has to look a certain way. For instance, if it needed to involve mod podge (how does one spell that?) or pipe cleaners or plastic canvas, I wouldn’t consider myself creative.

But since creativity is boundless, I am, and you are!

Anything that you can explain by putting ‘creating’ in front of it, counts. Creating order. Creating peace. Creating connections. Creating relationships. Creating a book, or a lesson or a plan or an itinerary works.

How about creating a power point document or a letter or an invitation? Could be creating a party or a tradition or a class or a book club.

And of course we could create a paining or a piece of pottery or jewelry or an afghan or a musical composition!

I think I feel most alive when I am creating. I need to consider ways to be in that space more often! How about you?

I hope you are taking care of yourself. I hope you are breathing deeply and letting go of what you cannot change. I hope you are keeping things simple and not expecting yourself to be superhuman, just enjoying your work and your play, your family and friends. Know I’m cheering for you and praying for your success!




Back to Breathing


Ever wonder about the “how to” of meditation? Here’s a little tip I was given and it is a good one! I am loving the ability I am gaining to reconnect with myself when I need to whether that is in the middle of the night when reality is tipped and worries creep in or if it is just when I sense fatigue or stress.

If you have a smart phone, check out the app called “Headspace.”

It will guide you through learning to meditate in a very simple and straight forward way.

I am amazed at the difference it makes in how I feel after even just a few minutes of focus and relaxation.

{Maybe someday we’ll create a Lioness meditation series just for moms! would you like that?}

I highly recommend taking a few minutes, when your children are in a safe and supported environment, to learn this art. The dividends are big.

Love you!


P.S. The times when I have been most harried in my life have been the times I didn’t know how harried I was! During highly stressful moments, weeks or years, we can become so unaware of our bodies and our interior selves that we lose touch. And that isn’t a great place to be. Not only does it keep you from living in the present, but that translates into not having a past to look back on and enjoy. We have to learn to be present– not running away to some corner of ourselves– in order to connect with others, to learn, to experience, to teach and to progress. If you know what I’m talking about, meditation is for you. Three to ten minutes a day will be a life-changing, future-shifting Godsend to you!

The Cat


My dad has a saying, one of many, that he offers to me whenever I am wondering if a big job is ever going to be over or if I am just generally being impatient!

He says, “It’s just like a cat eating a grindstone.”

Kind of a good visual, huh?

So much of what we do everyday in a family is an investment into something so big, it’s cosmic, but we don’t often see the progress we’re making. The outcome of the accumulation of years of work doesn’t seem to be profoundly visible until later, like when a milestone is hit! That’s why moms often cry at graduations and recitals and weddings and maybe even at the sight of a good report card! There are thousands of days, countless hours and many internal battles fought and won, put into creating those moments! They are a very big deal!

Just wanted to remind you that all of the little things you did today are adding up to greatness, growth, gifts and gratitude! This work you are doing will yield blessings and joys that can only be imagined by those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to work as a family builder.

Keep your chin up! You may not feel like it, but you are moving the world, and profoundly making it better, every single day. In fact, you are the world to those little people who need you.

Sending you love and kudos for another day invested well!



Confidence Attracts!


Do you think that title has truth in it?

What does a confident person look like?

Often, it is easier if we think of things from another perspective. Such as; think about the times that you are most attracted to your spouse. Is it when they may be feeling down on themselves? Probably not.

I love it when I see my husband in his groove. When he feels my love and acceptance. When he is smiling. I love to hear him greet our children and grand children with enthusiasm and excitement. He lights up when he sees them and it is a delight to witness.

Sometimes as women, I think we are trying to “be” the mother or wife or sister or daughter we think our families need, and it is easy to lose sight of who we are, and sometimes lose confidence that who we are is enough and wonderful.

When really, who we are is actually what they want and need.

So what is confidence?

First of all, confidence is not looking a certain way. It’s not having hair like so and so. It’s not weighing a certain amount or dressing in the latest style. It’s not being the center of attention or having x number of friends (…although all of these outward things can show part of how we feel about ourselves!)

Confidence is knowing who you are. Created by God and beloved by God.
Confidence is feeling love and acceptance for and within yourself, that then oozes out and touches others with love and acceptance.
Confidence is knowing that you are human and giving yourself room to grow.
Confidence is doing good; being kind; reaching out; showing concern; loving within healthy boundaries.

So how do you build confidence in who you are?

A#1 answer in my opinion is to have respect for yourself and for your needs, and to communicate that respect to others by how you speak of yourself and how you treat yourself.

Want to be more self-respecting and therefore more attractive? Write out your declarations about how you feel about yourself (those positive, beautiful thoughts!) and get to saying them until they come to your mind unbidden. Work at it and pray for it and begin to show greater respect for yourself today.

Yes, we give.  Sometimes we give appropriately, sometimes not enough, then sometimes we give too much. Keep working on balance!

Yes, we nurture. And that nurturing needs to extend to us too!

Yes, we sacrifice. While allowing others the opportunity to sacrifice for us as well.

We have so much more power to change our circumstances by changing how we feel about ourselves and our lives than we realize or use!!!

You are great!

So let it show.

Love you,


Beautiful You


Easy does it Girl.

Do you ever have the sense that everyone else knows something you don’t? That you’re the only one who didn’t catch on to the joke or the make the accomplishment or get the style or whatever it may be?

I think that everyone feels that from time to time.

We are designed to strive for belonging, so it’s not surprising that fitting in feels good.

But know that the ways we fit in are really important! And the real ways don’t include self-abusive thoughts or expectations.

Really fitting in or connecting with others doesn’t come because we’ve crossed every ‘t’ or dotted every ‘i’. It doesn’t come because we have it all together or have more purchasing power than someone else.

Real connections are made between imperfect people who are doing their best to be their best selves, to be kind and loving and inclusive.

Connections happen best when we can risk allowing others to see our true selves and trust that who we are is enough.

You are enough. The striving, serving, falling, rising, rejoicing, grieving, searching, giving and receiving, you.

If you’re feeling in a crunch in your mind, I hope you will take a deep breath, and let the stress and expectations and intensity go. All will be well. You’re much further along than you know.

I wish you the best Tuesday ever!



“I love my life.”

“I am well.”

“I give and receive help and support.”

“I am valued and cherished.”

“My efforts are enough.”

“I am relaxed and happy.”

“My family feels my love.”