I Like Myself


With your new or brushed-up validating skills, how are you treating yourself?

When you make a plan to take care of yourself, are you honoring that plan?

I was reminded recently that confidence is gained through keeping our commitments to ourselves. And that’s a life-long quest!

One of the most powerful mantras I’ve ever used, is simply saying, “I like myself.  I love myself.”

If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot.  You’ll know you need to employ this tool whenever you are feeling snappy or frustrated or down. Amazing how self-acceptance, or rather the lack of it, is most often at the root of all of our slow vibration moments.

If you want to prove the point to yourself, the next time you are angry or frustrated with someone else, take a quick look through your mental log and see what negative or cutting thing just crossed your mind about you. It’s as if you’re on the defense from a self-injurious thought or comment first, and then the blame gets shifted to whomever happens to be close by. Yes, it sounds too simple, but give it a go.  See what you discover. {If you are constantly down on yourself, you may not hear the put-downs right away. It may take some practice shining a light on your mental chatter. But once you tune into what you are actually doing to yourself, you will be in a position to make massive changes very quickly!}

You can immediately shift your feelings by saying these simple words, I like myself, I love myself. Say them until you feel the shift and then move on in your interactions with others.

It is so effective, it feels miraculous.

Be lovable. Be loved. And start with yourself.

All my best!


All or Nothing


Sometimes I get into trouble when my thinking is too black and white.

Do you ever realize that you are stalled in a decision because you’re thinking only all of one thing and nothing of another will do?

Maybe there is a sweet spot of compromise in the middle somewhere.

If you’re stalled out, I challenge you to look for the win/win solution that you may not have recognized yet!

Prayerfully, we can keep moving forward and find the balance for which we are searching.

Be well!



More Than We Know


At the synaptic space, that juncture before each thought we think, lies our power to choose.

The more we are the master of our thoughts, the more power we have to create the outcomes we want in our lives and in the lives of our children. We will create, one way or the other, but do we really want to create more fear or pain?

Guard your mind like a Lioness at the Door!



“I love my life!”

“I choose to be happy.”

“I choose to be a team player.”

“I am an effective leader.”

“I learn from my experiences.”

“I pray to learn from every experience I have and every person I meet.”


What Makes You Fly?


We’re going to be talking more about Primary food and self-care! Not that we need reminders about that right?  Ha!


As you listen to this gorgeous music, think about what activities you do, or have done in the past, that make you feel like this medley makes you feel!

{I think one “flying activity” for me would be singing in a group like this! What a blast!}

Then write out your ideas. You need to get a list together so that you can refer to it when you need to be filled-up with Primary food!

Be well!


Make Today Count


I have a little flowering perennial shrub that gets ready all summer to bloom in the fall. I just checked it; it’s not ready yet! That means a few more weeks of summer and I want to get as much sun and sky flowers and soil and vegetables and herbs as I can with the time that is left in this season.

I plan to take in all the sunrises and sunsets I can. To walk in the grass with bare feet and smell the scents of summer a little while longer. I will weed the flower bed a few more times and take a few walks with my grandchildren. We’ll pick corn and find caterpillars and gather eggs and ride bikes.

What would you like to do before this season passes by?

I hope you’ll find the time to get in as much “Primary food” as possible. Life is beautiful!



“I am at peace with life right now.”

“I never give up.”

“I nourish my hope and faith.”

{This is a picture of a flower bed I’d like to remember for next year! The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I love the combination of plants this gardener put together.}

{Remember, Primary food is what you do that feeds you and is as, if not more, important than what you eat!}