Here’s a thought question for you: Is there something that is keeping you from “feeling” your life?

Just the normal, every day stuff. Do you feel glad to see your baby’s smile or have warmth flood you when you see your kids playing peacefully together? Can you feel satisfied at the end of a productive day or let yourself cry when things are sad or disappointing?

If you can, I’m so glad! If you struggle, I’d admonish you to take a look at what may be in the way.

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to feel because we’ve been hurt and so disappointed that we’ve wrapped ourselves in some form of insulation for protection.

Or maybe we have built a wall of busy-ness and distraction and we don’t even know that we’re living in a sort of numbing bubble.

Maybe the expectations, most likely unrealistic ones, are overwhelming and not humanly possible to reach! Then, disappointment may be a part of every day.

If you can relate to what I’m saying, would you consider taking some time to journal your thoughts and see if you can identify the issue? Then, if needed speak to a trusted friend or if necessary a trusted counselor and ask for assistance?

When you look back over your life, you will applaud your efforts to be well, because it is so very important to the functioning of your family!

When you don’t feel, you don’t connect with others, you don’t come to understand them and sadly, you don’t have the memories of those connections later.

I pray that you will work to be your healthiest self here and now. Healing is such a wonderful journey and so worth the effort!

Love to you,



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