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Ultimate Lioness Program for 2017

Includes Traditional Skills Whole Foods Cooking Class, 7 Steps Seminar Series and 12 one-on-one coaching sessions in person or distance. Begins Jan 2017, register today!


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    • 7 Steps to Family Wellness Seminar Series: (Group or individual, in person or distance) 2016 Lionesses were amazing in this 7 Steps Program! They report that they have made, “So many wonderful changes!” This series is life-changing for moms and for their families. Learn to take control of the conversation in your head, clear your mental and physical clutter, learn to set boundaries and the skills of validation, organize your time and household maintenance and last but not least, make a plan for cooking! Seminar meets once a month with assignments and email support in between classes. If you are ready to make big strides in your health and family life, don’t miss this!
    • “Hi Jacque!
      I just wanted to tell you that time-blocking has been the missing link for me! It seriously makes a huge difference in the order of my mind and the order of our home. It has made self care actually happen and given structure to my days. I’m totally still tweaking and figuring out what works best for what days, but it helps me to relax and not feel like I have to do it all at once! Whoo hoo!! Haha, anyway it is awesome and I love coordinating my vision board with my time blocking…it just all fits together! And I can tell why you put meal planning last… Haha because we wouldn’t have been ready for it yet and it is the final piece to the home managing puzzle. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you!”

    • Six-month Lioness Basic Health Coaching: (In person or by phone) Learn about basic self-care practices, whole foods nutrition and finding personal balance. Two 50 minute individual sessions each month. (As a six-month client, you are eligible to attend seminar for a very reduced rate!)

    • Six-month Lioness Family Health Coaching: (In person or by phone) Enjoy talking to someone about your personal health and practical ways to encourage health and balance in family life. Two 50 minute sessions each month.

    • Once-A-Month Tune-Up Coaching: After completing one of the above Lioness programs, enjoy continued support with a monthly conversation about your goals/progress. One 50 minute session once a month.

    • Six-to-Twelve Email Correspondences: Have a goal you want to reach pertaining to your health or your family and need support getting there? This Lioness option will help you to stay accountable and on task.


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  1. I participated in the 6 month Lioness Family Health Coaching and also 7 Step Seminar Series. ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING!!!! I wish every mother, wife, & woman could participate in Jacque’s programs!

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