Our team at Lioness at the Door is dedicated to empowering moms to become fierce advocates for themselves and their families. Our goal is to inspire the setting of healthy boundaries in minds and hearts and in relationships with people, time, food, education, and everything that makes up a home. Could you use some support in getting to a healthier place in some of these areas in your life?

Begin the Lioness journey with this 7 Steps to Family Wellness Seminar Series. You’ll be challenged to raise your awareness, take stock of your current mindset, home environment, schedule, boundaries, skills of validation, Primary food and self-care, nutrition and time and meal planning! It’s quite an exciting overhaul!

You will receive a 7 Steps workbook download and audio classes for each step.
You will have three reading assignments (books you will need to purchase and read) and specific assignments to complete each month. I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better, Gary & Joy Lundburg; French Kids Eat Everything, Karen Le Billon.

We will walk through one step each month, so that you can work the assignments, do the reading, listen to the class and practice! Then, you can join the group coaching class each month and report your work, ask questions and receive coaching. You will also submit before and after pictures on the 7 Steps Facebook group, of the projects you are focusing on in each step. There you can share your insights and celebrate your progress with like minded women who are also on the 7 Steps journey!

There is so much information online surrounding each of the assigned topics in this program! 

Yes, you could continue to read and gather information for years to come! But, committing to this program, receiving your materials, listening to each class and working the assignments within the given time-frame will give you several critical assists:

  • you will move directly into a workbook where the decisions about where to begin and what to do each step of the way have already been made and worked through with great results!
  • you will receive feedback and encouragement
  • you will have a start time, a finish date and accountability
  • by the time you finish, you will have a visual account of all you have accomplished!
  • you will gain friendships with women like yourself who are striving for similar goals
  • you will reap the rewards of doing the work instead of researching and thinking about doing the work 😉
  • you will grow in your abilities, your mental, emotional and physical strength, in knowledge and skills and in your family relationships.
  • your health and the health of your family and how it functions will be impacted for the better

If you are ready for this invigorating challenge, I would be honored to walk with you on a journey of increased awareness leading to greater balance and peace.

I wish you every good thing as you strive to become more and more responsible for your own health and happiness.

God bless!