My Story

Welcome to Lioness at the Door! It is always fun to see an idea become a reality, especially when it is years in the making.

I have been on the journey of marriage and motherhood for over a quarter of a century and I believe now more than ever, that in our families we learn life’s greatest lessons- the messy, inconvenient, difficult lessons that change us into more compassionate, potential-reaching human beings! So I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be in such a classroom with my husband and children and parents and siblings as my tutors.

The idea for Lioness came while I was anticipating the fast-approaching day that all of my children were going to be leaving home. I was feeling the discomfort of major change and wanted to have something fun and challenging in the works to ease the transition. What job could I create that I could put my heart into while still having the flexibility to enjoy the close relationships that were built in years of being at home with my children (and now their children)? What could I do with my time and energy that would make a difference to someone? I read back through my journals and poetry and revisited my own struggles with health, cooking, parenting, anxiety, personal validation, the challenges of getting an education, of raising a child with a disability and so on. How could I offer support to my younger sisters in the world, and their families, who are now in the middle of the intensity I had just come through?

The result of this cogitating, as my Granny would say, was an idea to use my education and experience to offer encouragement to those who might be wondering if they’re going to make it past the current stage; past potty training, past sleeplessness, past a learners permit, past a diagnosis or past just feeling wholly inadequate for the challenge at hand whatever may be… I pray that this site will be a source of peace and comfort, of ideas and light, of love and hope!  Most especially a reflection of the truth that: You are enough.

Best wishes, Jacque