Turn It Around

When it comes to self-care, what is the biggest mental hurdle that gets in the way of your planning and accepting care? I’m going to take a guess that it is the sense that amid your family responsibilities, you don’t feel that you have the time, or that you might be perceived as self-centered or, […]

Write Your Own Rx

What do you need today? Someone to talk to? Inspiration? Relaxation? Some kind of decompression? On any given day, give yourself what you need. Feeling too intense? Maybe you need some comic relief! Know any good jokes? Have a favorite funny movie? Maybe you are are feeling sluggish or head-achy. Maybe you need to focus […]

What They Teach Us

I am amazed at the two-year-old’s I know.  When you ask them a question, they know the answer…right now! Do you want a drink? No. Would you like to get down? Yes. Do you need your pants changed? Nope. Are you hungry? Yeah. No thinking about it or considering the ramifications of one answer or […]


Self-validation sounds like this: “My feelings matter and I care about my well-being.” “I am kind, gentle, respectful and firm with myself.” “I am worthy of  my own love and attention.” “I am capable of making decisions for myself.” “I can learn and I continue to challenge myself.” Self-validation is evident in these behaviors: I […]

“Toby” 2005-2017

Toby pulled me away from a sink of dishes with his chocolate face turned up beside me, his chocolate eyes asking me to follow.  He led me to the front door and I let him out; but that was only half of his request. He wanted to walk and see the world down the dirt […]