It’s All Relative

Isn’t it crazy how differently we each perceive the same situations? As we’re trying to educate our voices to inform others that we mean what we say, we may have to look closely at the sound we make and the look on our faces and even our body language. Hopefully you have had a chance […]

Boundaries Baby

I have lately observed kids whose parents are victimized by them; worried that their child is mad at them, anxious that the child is uncomfortable or taxed in some way, and excusing bad behavior on account of it. ¬†And I have seen those children crippled by their own power over the people who are trying […]

Eye Training

Because our brains must be extremely selective about what stimuli will receive our attention, there is a great opportunity for us to learn to ask our brains to tune into the good we want to see.¬†There is no possible way that we can attend to the millions of bits of information our brains are capable […]

In Thy Love Abiding

When we understand who we are in relation to God, that he is our Father and we are His daughters, we instinctively reach out to Him in in our need, in our joy!

Lavender Blue

Do you want to create beautiful spaces that ring with order? Of course we all understand, or at least are trying to understand, that order is coming and going every moment of every day. And surely, there is a large difference between chaos that is deep and wide and that temporary disorder that is a […]