It’s a tricky thing, achieving some sort of balance.  Some days trickier than others, huh? Finding the balance between work and play.  Between taking charge and going with the flow.  Between supporting family members with our presence and supporting them by giving them space.  Between focusing on our goals and personal development and focusing on […]

The “Standard American Diet” is Sick-Not You!

I promised a rant.  Can you bear with me a minute? Our country is sick.  And most of it is preventable.  You know what I’m talking about; the obesity, diabetes and heart disease for starters? What is up with us?  Is it our entitlement attitude about so many other things that oozes into our unhealthy […]

Claim Your Power

I usually end my written or video posts by saying something like, “I hope you’re taking really good care of yourself!” Today I’ll tell you why. It’s because I am a recovering perfectionist/negative thinker/codependent-validation-seeker. How’s that for an exhausting line-up? I know all about not taking care of self; of pushing too hard and denying […]

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Do you ever ask yourself this question, “Do things have to be so hard?” In the Lioness seminar, 7 Steps to Family Wellness, we’ve been working on learning to manage the conversation in our heads.  You know, the constant jabbering that is going on every waking moment and sometimes in the sleepless hours of the […]

When the Plot Thickens

I few weeks ago I met the grandmother of a child newly diagnosed with Autism.  A new chapter for the whole family as a mind boggling reality begins to sink in.  I promised my new friend that I would write a post to let that little mother know that she’s not alone! And already I […]