General inspiration

The Enviable One


Do you ever find yourself envying someone who seems to be recognized by society as more “accomplished” than you feel you are?

Or do you sometimes think that a “job” with pay would be more respected than the job of being a parent or a “domestic engineer?” And do you ever long for that respect?

Well it is my belief that if you have the luxury of being at Home, even for a season with your own little family; if you have people for whom you sacrifice your selfish tendencies, who delight you and bless you, who grow and challenge you and make you feel completely alive— I’d say that you are the Enviable One.

You already have the world by the tail! Now just recognize the prize that is yours and rise  to your full stature as a Nobel Mother.

Because the truth is, that when you love and train a child, you are changing yourself and the world forever.

May we all come to understand the Enviable treasure our families are!!



At Day’s End


No matter how you felt this morning, no matter how your household looked; No matter what conversations you had or what frustrations you may have dealt with throughout the day; No matter where you are in your relationships and where you are on your to-do list or what you have crossed of your “bucket list” or how many loads of laundry are left or what challenges will meet you tomorrow;

I hope that your evening prayer will set things right in your mind,
and give you strength to meet another day, and courage to continue on your chosen path,
and may the silent pleadings of your heart be heard and answered,
and may you feel loved, your fears assuaged and worries put to rest.

Truly a safe harbor waits for you in communion with your Creator. Run to Him with your cares and you will be comforted. Share your joys and they will be multiplied!

At the end of this day, I send you my love and best wishes,


Steer Your Own Ship


One of the biggest trouble spots for many young parents, is the balancing act between the attention we give our children and the people in our lives and the attention we give our devices.

It’s tricky because the software on our devices is designed to be addictive. No question about it. So our attention is being sought after 24 hours a day by one notification or another.

Do you ever have a day that you feel you have been completely led around by the nose by demanding notifications for seemingly important texts and emails and social media in general? It can be coming out of a trance-like feeling when you disengage and recognize that a large amount of time has lapsed since you decided to look at one little thing and that one little things led to 50 other little things.

It’s like driving distracted. You cover the length of a football field physically in the time it takes you to glance down and see something on your phone, and as your attention shifts to the phone, you don’t know what has happened around your vehicle during that distance. It’s an eerie feeling. {Thank heaven for the safety apps now available that put phones to sleep while you’re driving!}

Driving distracted/living distracted. They’re the same thing. In a young family, looking at your phone for 10 minutes can mean a child has wandered off or eaten a quart of ice-cream or written out the ABC’s on the wall or something with far worse consequences. It’s like life is speeding by and your loss of focus means you’ve traveled a proverbial football field in between attending to the present and getting sucked into something online.

So a few ideas:

Park it. Find a place where your phone can stay for awhile while you are attending to that to which you decide to attend. Research is showing that even having your phone on the counter by you is a distraction, even before it makes any noise, so find a place to park it where it won’t be calling to you or vying for your attention in any way.

I heard a young mother wisely say that during the time she is helping her children in the morning until lunchtime, her phone is put away. Then, she has time when they are napping to spend a certain amount of time returning texts or corresponding. {Kudos to you Rene‘!}

The average person checks a personal device every 6 minutes of every day. That is a horrific number of distractions for those who want to engage in learning, reading, teaching, talking, listening, practicing, working or any other endeavor that is necessary for personal and family growth!

I’m convinced that one of the biggest and best decisions we can make in our day is that of being an agent to act, not to be acted upon by the creators of technology that are extremely good at capturing our time and attention and guiding us into thinking about and acting on whatever it is they are selling. Not only that, but consider the fact that our brains are being literally rewired to have itty-bitty attention spans. That is exactly the opposite of what I want for myself and for my family!

Decide when and where and how you will act concerning your devices. Write your plan out. Tell someone else about it. Commit to it. Then follow-through. Report to your someone. Be supportive to them.

We don’t have time to waste. Life is a big juicy treat and so many people, young and old, are missing it!

Commit to engaging with real life in real time with real people. Then you’ll have relationships to show for it at the end of the day, the month, a year and a lifetime.

All my best to you!









This week, as part of my self-care, I was grateful to get a massage from a talented therapist. Oooooh. How wonderful it is to be relaxed and have tight muscles give way to the effects of powerful, and delicious smelling essential oils.

Self-care also included a hair cut, meditations, a hot bath in Epsom salts, warm honey, lemon and ginger tea, a few bike rides, some fun walks/hikes in the beautiful weather, getting to bed on time most nights, playing tag on the trampoline with my grandchildren–laughing so hard we had to stop to let our stomach muscles calm down!

I’ve read inspiring texts most mornings, prayed for strength and worked on my time-blocking to keep my household in order.

I made an herbal combination for a physical ailment, cooked some good food, sat over a bowl of steaming herbs and essential oils with my head under a towel {if you haven’t tried steam inhalation therapy, you’re missing out!}. I’ve been practicing new, powerful declarations, looked a fear in the face, played the piano for fun and tonight I’ll be going on a date with my husband.

As I’ve been making this list, I’m a little surprised at all the self-care that has become part of the fabric of every day life. Not only that, but the realization comes that even my work is self-care in a real sense because it helps me to maintain a level of cleanliness and enough predictability to keep things moving.

Are there things I wish I had done a bit differently this week? Yes. Have I had to apologize for misunderstandings or saying something out of line? Yes. Are there things undone that I wish were already finished? Yes. But all in all, it has been a great week and I have learned a lot!

I am glad for the opportunity to be here, learning from my mistakes, enjoying the beauty of the earth, cultivating stronger ties with friends and family and reveling in this amazing ride!

I hope you are taking very good care of yourself.

Be well!









FOCUS = deciding what you want to grow by giving it your attention, {then shifting your attention back every time it wanders away.}

What do you want to grow?

Your children’s good behavior?

Your new rhythm of exercising?

The positive beliefs you are adopting?

Your sense of peace and contentment?

Focus on them! And they will grow!

You’ve got this!