Tinfoil Dinner {Crock-pot Style}

Make a meat mixture of: 1 pound of hamburger 1/3 cup oatmeal or breadcrumbs handful of green onions 2 eggs 1/4 tsp dry mustard salt and pepper Press into the bottom of the pot.  Then add layers of veggies: -onions and mushrooms -carrots and potatoes -green pepper, fresh parsley and oregano {or whatever fresh herbs […]

Let It Go

I once heard someone say, get really, really good at forgiving.  Learn to forgive everyone everything, all the time. Mostly, we need to get far better at forgiving ourselves. If you’ve made a mistake, regretted something you have said or done, felt inadequate or flawed, you’re in really good company! We’ve all been there! I […]

I Don’t Have To

Not only do I not have to, you don’t have to either! And that’s because we can’t! We can’t make everything all better for anyone on the planet. And trying to do so is self-defeating and terribly discouraging to everyone else. So why do we try? Because we have unintentionally gotten our wires crossed. It seems […]

Take Care

“There is a place in our hearts that will put us on the right course with people and ourselves.  That place is willingness to make amends, willingness to achieve healing in our relationships with people, and willingness to find the gift. When we achieve that place, when the idea of willingness begins to enter our […]

Sweet Potato Soup

The short hand version of this recipe is to start with chicken bone broth, homemade if possible; heat up 3-4 Tbs coconut oil and sauté a diced sweet potato, purple onion, regular potatoes, carrots, yellow sweet pepper until tender; add them to the broth and season with Real salt and fresh basil. This is a very […]