Kindness Starts Here

Hey, I hope you are having an excellent Tuesday.  Just a quick question for you…what kind things have you done for yourself today? What kind words have you spoken?  What vote of confidence have you offered?  What self-nurturing things have you said or done? {Sounds like, “I’m so proud of you!” or “Way to go, […]

Magical Moments

I am grateful for the little windows of time when ordinary things seem magical. When old apple trees get dressed up with lights.   When someone builds a little bridge over a wandering little brook.   When the strawberries are blooming pink and white. When the lavender blossoms burst into a purple, fluffy cloud. When […]

Confident? It Shows!

Ever notice how you get along with other people when you are ‘in your groove’?  When you’re really feeling good about yourself, do you find that you get along better with your spouse, for instance? When you’re comfortable in your own skin, it’s so much easier to laugh, to take other people lightly, to laugh […]

Love and Honor: {I Adore My Children’s Father!}

Want to take the quality of your marriage up a few notches?  Want to have a stand-out, “wow-they-look-happy” relationship? Listen up! This advice comes after 31 years of marriage, and I am staggered with gratitude to say that it is a great marriage!  That must mean we’ve learned something! Many of these ideas I have […]

Make Today Count

You know the old saying, “No success can compensate for failure in the home?”  That admonition has given me pause on many, many occasions, and kept me going back time and again to embracing my role as a wife and mother and community leader over and over again. Taken one way, it can kind of […]