Words We Cannot Speak

Oh, the irony of opposites! I had a single friend tell me the other day how she had been to a meeting and she was sure the men in the room were speaking a different language. How true that is! All of us are getting a lot of experience learning to communicate with those guys […]


Years ago, I went to a week long educational event, where you could choose from an array of classes on everything from parenting to the Middle East, and attend as many as you could squeeze in from 8:00-7:00.  I loved it! And I went for several years each summer, hungry to learn more. After a […]

Fight Smarter!

I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s post and the idea that it may not be enough to speak our declarations each day.  According to Mr. Peale, we have to take them to another level, like 10 notches up if we want to gain the self-mastery, confidence, health and the “creative faith” we desire. So […]


What is your favorite flower? Think for a moment until you decide.  Then for a few moments, close your eyes and imagine watching that flower unfold, from a bud to becoming it’s most open, reaching, beautiful self! Isn’t it glorious?  It just knows what to do and it’s blooming is accomplished almost as effortlessly and […]

In The Gap

You know that moment when you really want to do something that you know isn’t good for you, and you feel yourself slipping into that semi-conscious state of not caring and then of not being fully awake in the moment you begin to indulge? Like when sugar is calling… (Sorry, I realize that this may […]