Boundaries Baby

I have lately observed kids whose parents are victimized by them; worried that their child is mad at them, anxious that the child is uncomfortable or taxed in some way, and excusing bad behavior on account of it.  And I have seen those children crippled by their own power over the people who are trying […]

Lavender Blue

Do you want to create beautiful spaces that ring with order? Of course we all understand, or at least are trying to understand, that order is coming and going every moment of every day. And surely, there is a large difference between chaos that is deep and wide and that temporary disorder that is a […]

“Slow To Anger Is Better Than The Mighty”

Today is one of those days that I have so much to say that I don’t know where to begin, and I wonder what kind of time it will take to make a stab at verbalizing all that is going on in my head! Maybe a good starting point is the word, anger. And a question: […]

Clear It

We got to visit an old pioneer home today. It was built in the West, to be a fort of protection for white settlers from Indians in the late 1800’s. It was, in a sense, a simple time to live. We women listened to our guide tell us that the dozen, five pound bread pans […]

Emotions & Stuff

In the “lightening our load” process we inevitably find that we have emotions that are attached to our stuff.  You agree? I just want to give a short bit of inspiration on this point. I heard this today, but I don’t know who was quoting whom, so I’ll add to the confusion and quote it […]