Speaking of Balance

It seems that there is a happy medium to strike in just about every endeavor that makes the difference between failure and success.  Parenting is no exception and often I have wished for the wisdom of Solomon when trying to strike the sweet balance, or boundaries, required to keep the family functioning well.   We […]

It’s Here, Not There

Do you ever feel that you are holding your breath until the current difficulty is over, and do you figure that then, after whatever the current stress is past or healed or solved, then you will breathe? It’s a mind-warping truth, that is getting more and more difficult to wrap our heads around in our […]

Can You See It?

This month in seminar we’re doing three assignments to train ourselves to manage the conversation in our heads and also to decide and then focus on what we want. It’s exciting stuff! If you think about it, everything in life is a mind game isn’t it?  What we believe always comes out in our behavior! […]

We Have a Love Story

Can you imagine having grandchildren?  Well, depending on where you are in the grand scheme of things, it may be years away or right around the corner.  But let me just say that being a grandparent is an absolute joy!  And what do you want to pass on to those beautiful, shining souls that will […]

Happy Mother’s Day: Repost!

{Here is a repost of something I published a few years ago.  I hope it is a bit of inspiration for you today. xo} A few years ago I was standing in the middle of a picturesque little-town cemetery, talking to my deceased grandmother, and to my mother who was out of the country. I […]