Begin With the End In Mind

Some years ago, I cut an obituary out of the newspaper because it was so moving to me!  I saved it because I wanted to it have it on hand to be able to be inspired again and again by this woman’s life and by the fact that her children got her and appreciated what […]

I Give Thanks

I give thanks for you and for the life you are living! For your goodness. For your beauty, talent and love. Be well! There are brighter days ahead! Love always, Jacque

What is Beautiful?

{First: I have heard several reviews from yesterday’s intense post.  One was “love it!” and some were something like, “oh dear!”  If you have a response to share, please do!  Drop me a note and I will be interested to hear what you have to say. For clarification, the opinions I expressed were toward large […]

Make The Connection

Time for another rant.  You’ve been warned!  xo How many times a day do you hear that the world has gone crazy?  That our prisons are full and the government is corrupt and X number of countries are bankrupt and that men are untrustworthy and that the air is unsafe to breathe and….you know the […]

Under the Influence

Have you heard the phrase, “they were at an impressionable age”? While I realize that children, in their innocence and inexperience and state of phenomenal growth are very impressionable, I don’t think we ever outgrow that completely.  In fact, I believe that we were created to be influenced, and likewise to be influential. And I […]