Lavender Blue

Do you want to create beautiful spaces that ring with order? Of course we all understand, or at least are trying to understand, that order is coming and going every moment of every day. And surely, there is a large difference between chaos that is deep and wide and that temporary disorder that is a […]

It’s Actionable Now!

Thank you for taking this little ride with me as I’ve done my best to convey these thoughts without dragging on too long! I hope that something in this series has been meaningful to you and encouraging as well. If you’re in the middle of needing big change, like I have been so many times, […]

The Need to Medicate

  Onto the third part of this conversation.  Thus far we have looked at Christian principles regarding emotions and a quick view of the work of Dr. Sarno who taught about the connection between emotions and chronic pain.  Of course there is much more to say on those two topics and I have been flooded […]

What Does Your Back Say?

In the context of what I am learning about emotions and our health, today I’ll address the issue of psycho-physiological pain. I was introduced to the work of Dr. John Sarno about two months ago. Let me see if I can nutshell his basic ideas in case you haven’t heard of his interesting career helping […]

“Slow To Anger Is Better Than The Mighty”

Today is one of those days that I have so much to say that I don’t know where to begin, and I wonder what kind of time it will take to make a stab at verbalizing all that is going on in my head! Maybe a good starting point is the word, anger. And a question: […]