Thank you for your interest in the group coaching class, Healing With Love!

I am so excited to offer this life-changing curriculum to you with others like you, who want to experience greater balance and peace, and less pain and tension in family life.

We will meet for class three times a month, on zoom. The first week will be a formal class structure, followed by two weeks, same time and place, for group coaching on the class topic. Each of the six months will have a different sub-topic, i.e. parenting, marriage, friendship, etc.

In between class times, we will share experiences and discuss assignments on the Telegram app.

Reading assignments are crucial for this class! You will need to purchase several books and take time each day to read and study.

Please meet with me in a complimentary 20 minute consultation to get more information and to determine if this is the right class and right time for you to participate.

If you will need the support of family and friends with childcare or tuition, please don’t delay in having those conversations; because if you are a parent, experiencing stress and contention and possibly chronic pain, you need these principles now. For some reason in our culture, we wait to learn the ‘how’ of love after we’re already married and in the full swing of parenthood! We reach out in desperation, oftentimes, because we are suffering or our children are suffering. No, unfortunately, the principles we will be learning and practicing, most people don’t learn at home and they aren’t taught at school!

I am convinced that there is great purpose in the family design! What other motivation, except our love for our family, would ever move us to see ourselves as we are, discover and get over our thinking errors, destructive habits and self absorption?

If any of this is speaking to you, please don’t hesitate to set up a consultation. I am looking forward to visiting with you and hearing about your current challenges and goals.

It is my joy to assist families in becoming healthier versions of themselves.

God bless you in your efforts, today and always!