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Welcome to Healing With Love, the class designed to assist you in learning to love yourself and your family unconditionally, (like what does that mean anyway?) in concert with lighting up your world with new possibilities, by teaching you to understand chronic pain in a new way! These concepts and the principles that make them actionable, are perfect partners! I’m so excited to show you how they work together to create health and peace in a family.

In order to go deep and get the most out of this class, I recommend that you get your own copy of the short story, The Great Divorce, by C. S. Lewis, (particularly for April’s class); Real Love in Parenting, by Dr. Greg Baer, and The Great Pain Deception, by Steve Ozanich, if pain is an issue for you or someone you love.

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Do you ever wish you had more support in figuring out the drama of family life? Are you often angry, frustrated, stressed or in chronic, physical pain?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Lioness at the Door is pleased as punch to present, Healing with Love, a monthly class designed to help you understand the why of family drama, with all it’s attendant stress and suffering, and equip you with the tools you need to step out of pain and into much greater balance and peace, health and happiness!

This class will blend learning (in a formal presentation the first gathering of each month) with group coaching, which will be held the three weeks in between classes. All our gatherings will happen on Zoom.

You will be able to control how much you want to participate in the group setting; whether or not you want to be visible or if you will add to the discussion or not. It will be completely up to you.

We will be using several books for our learning, depending on your unique needs. I will post a list from which you can make a selection. You will need to purchase these online, (if you don’t already own them) so there will be that additional cost. ($30-$50)

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Either way, you won’t regret jumping in to learn from this life changing curriculum!

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“Wow, (during Lioness coaching) there were so many changes to my health! The number one thing being my mental/emotional health… which in turn greatly affects our overall health. I am so grateful that you taught me the root cause of my pain and tools to help combat that. I went from feeling like my life was over… literally… like I wouldn’t be able to raise my children, to feeling like I can thrive and help my family thrive. That means everything to me.” ~ Rachel

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  1. Judy S.

    Learning and growing so much with every class! I can be in a rut before class and leave feeling empowered by the discussions, with better clarity and vision of how I want to move forward. I am definitely seeing the impact that a focus on love has in my family dynamic and even in reducing my own stress levels. Definitely recommend!

    • Jacque Sorenson

      I’m so excited that you are feeling the love Judy! I’m enjoying every class too- being inspired by all of the progress we’re making! Love you!

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