7 Steps to Family Wellness Seminar

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Date(s) - 18/08/2018
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Lindell Emporium


Family is everything.  It is worth our best efforts and our deliberate growth.  And, family is probably the only thing that encompasses enough love, the epitome of all motivation, to give us the grit we need to see ourselves as we are and honestly take stock of what we need to change in order to find success at home.

That said, as a mother, do you live your life “putting out fires?” Can you imagine your life functioning with an improved plan? What if you knew what household chores would need to be done each day?  How easy would that make delegating? Would you love to have a vision for the next year of your life? Are you ready for some big change?

Lioness at the Door, Holistic Health Coaching was created with you in mind!

Holistic health coaching is a relatively new phenomenon. Basically, it is having someone in your corner, listening to your goals and encouraging you to take consistent baby steps to reach them.  At Lioness, the coaching focus is on a woman and her family, so coaching also includes training in the fundamentals of creating a healthy family lifestyle. The genesis of each program is designed to help women learn to care for themselves.  So the first step is about getting your head in the game with a healthy mindset, then, we build on your new skills and health to create the environment for your home that will best nourish your family.

Are you ready for support with the goals you have set for this new year?  Do you want to get a handle on that conversation going on in your head? Could you use some accountability to help you shed a few pounds?  Would you love to be inspired to simplify your life by making plans for home management and healthy meals?

If you said yes to these questions, please join me for this year’s 7 Steps to Family Wellness seminar, designed for busy women of faith!  We focus on one step each month so that we can take baby steps and make changes that last! Baby steps for seven months adds up to impressive progress!

  • Step 1 Spiritual Creation & Practice (Vision board, declaration, mental management)
  • Step 2 Lighten Your Load (Clearing clutter; environment & schedule)
  • Step 3 Get Clear On Boundaries (Reading assignment; learn validation)
  • Step 4 Primary Food & Self-Care (Preference inventory; schedule self-care)
  • Step 5 Commit to Creating Order (Time-blocking; household management)
  • Step 6 Nutrition & Your Kitchen (Whole foods diet; reading assignment; time to cook!)
  • Step 7 Meal Plans! (Pre-decision making for meals; grocery lists)

2018 Seminar options:

Materials for seminar include:

Inspiring and insightful workbook written for seminar, including reading list, assignment tracking and worksheets; a beautiful Lioness planner designed specially for self-care, goal setting and tracking, meal planning and record keeping; two books for reading assignments; Home Management binder.

“The biggest takeaway from the Lioness program (I can only choose one??? ;))
I think would be my confidence as a wife and mom. Also a stronger belief in the importance of my role and my ability to fulfill it. Going through the steps gave me very practical teaching and skills, along with the support to make changes and become better. I think I could go through this program fifty times and still come out better than before and with a renewed desire to live up to my God given potential. I can’t say enough good things about Lioness, it has totally changed my life for the better!” Heather~ 2016

Group [6-10 participants]
Class will meet for 1 ½ hours each month for seven months and provide private Facebook page and email support between sessions.  The group setting, especially over a period of seven months, becomes a powerful learning opportunity as participants encourage and mentor each other.  Register now to save your spot, and tell your friends about Lioness so we can have a healthy group of 6-10 women!
$650 for Seminar and materials (Early bird pricing: when you register by May 1 $599!)

One-on-One Seminar with Coaching
Take the seminar series 1:1 and get individual coaching as you go.
2 individual 50 minute sessions each month either in the Lioness office, or in a virtual setting (Facetime, phone call.)
$1,150 for Seminar/Coaching and materials (Early bird pricing: register by May 1 $995!)

If this growing opportunity speaks to you, please register now by emailing me at jacque.sorenson@gmail.com.  Let me know which of the following versions you would prefer.

I’m ready to cheer you on!

Be well!


PS If you think of questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to respond.


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