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The Uniform

I was talking to a young mother the other day about a “homemaker uniform.” Or at least what worked well for me! It seems to be a source of frustration to some to be conflicted about looking nice or in other words, not feeling “grungy” and yet wearing clothes that support the shear physical work out that caring for children and maintaining a home.

Here are a few thoughts in hindsight:

It’s important to be clean. There is clarity and discernment and reverence and calm in keeping ones person clean! ┬áIt’s where self care begins and it shows self respect and puts you on the right foot for a happy day. If you have time before the household is moving and shaking to get yourself showered and groomed, it’s as if you put on a pair of glasses for the day that make the world look hospitable. (If you’ve gotten good rest before that, the world looks even brighter!)

Wear comfortable clothes. Whether that means wearing athletic shoes (a very good choice!) and a well fitting T-shirt and jeans (my particular young child phase choice), or even a nice shirt and comfortable khakis, you need to be able to move. And, you need to be able to get dirty. Babies spit up and blow out and floors need washing and gardens need weeding. It’s wonderful to be able bend and stretch and run and respond to what the day calls for.

Do you have a functional apron? I love mine. I have four or five that I rotate. Pockets are a must! You can put odds and ends in them while you’re cleaning or they can hold the eggs you gather or the herbs you cut or your small garden shovel. Mostly, an apron saves you from having to get spots out of your clothes after you stir spaghetti sauce or turn a roast or mix up a cake.

Simple jewelry, simple make-up, and you can feel nice but not worried about spoiling anything or about taking much of your time to maintain.

Mostly, consider the motherly, feminine attractiveness of a happy and pleasant countenance. Everything you do to bring a smile to your own face and to cultivate your own cheerfulness will pay dividends for the welfare of your family. If taking a walk will lighten your spirit, take it. If stopping to quiet your thoughts, to pray for strength, to visit with a friend, to be mindful of your neighbor, do it. Do all you can to help yourself and then draw your family to you with your kindness.

I hope you are breathing and present in your Christmas preparations.

Sending you my love and best wishes!


One thought on “The Uniform

  1. I am not in a normal situation! Keeping clean is very hard while traveling on a semi truck with my spouse! I know it’s needful after three days without a shower… even deodorant and light make up can’t mask the sadness that I feel because Im not clean! I may be tidy… which I also fight to be and do in such a small space, but aI know that if I loose the battle of tidy and clean the depression increases!

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