It’s kind of mind boggling isn’t it, that we are the thinkers of our thoughts? That “we” are separate from our thoughts, and that we can actually choose what to think!?

So a simple reminder: if you’re feeling down on yourself or on a situation or a relationship, you can start right this minute to choose a new way to think about it that will change things for the better!

It is not controlling you or “making” you do or be anything you are not opting into.

If you choose to, you can step away from the spiraling, looping thoughts that are keeping you feeling down and step into a place of light and peace.

With a prayer in your heart, move out of the shadow and into the light by declaring new and powerful words!

”I am learning a new way of thinking.”

”I am finding solutions to this problem.”

”I am open to seeing things as they really are.”

”I choose to be in the light!”

”I am humble and teachable.”

”God is always with me and waiting to bless me. I am asking for His help with redirecting my mind.”

”My body is relaxed like sitting in warm sunshine coming through a sunny window on a winter day.”

”I am still. I am at peace.”

Sending you love—






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