Remember your last flight, when the attendant gave the “in-case-of-emergency” instructions and said, “take the oxygen mask that falls from above you and put it to your own mouth and nose first, then assist others…?” As a mom, I smile when I hear that reminder, because it is a profound analogy to my life! When we are in a position of caring for others, we have a constant need of renewal and nurturing ourselves. But it seems that we can easily fall into a pattern of neglect when we don’t have plans in place for caring for ourselves and for all that is in our stewardship. Half the battle for good health is convincing your body that your life IS NOT AN EMERGENCY right? My holistic health coaching practice is geared toward supporting busy moms, and their families, to learn and practice better self-care, in creating step-by-step home management habits and demystifying the answer to the daily question, “What’s for dinner?”  Let’s face it, we need a plan and systems in place to feel calm, happy and flowing in this challenging, fulfilling career of parenthood. Lioness at the Door promotes a philosophy of taking responsibility for your health and being a fierce advocate for your family. Ready for some support in your health and family-life goals? Contact me and let’s get started!

Love is, after all, the greatest motivation for any change we dare to make.  ~ Jacque