Holistic Health Coaching for Women of Faith

Remember your last flight, when the attendant gave the “in-case-of-emergency” instructions and said, “take the oxygen mask that falls from above you and put it to your own mouth and nose first, then assist others…?”

As a mom, I smile when I hear that reminder, because it is a profound analogy to my life! When we are in a position of caring for others, we have a constant need of renewal and nurturing ourselves. 

But ironically, it seems that we can easily fall into a pattern of neglect when we don’t have plans in place for caring for ourselves and then for all that is in our stewardship! Planning and self-care are the critical tools we need for staying strong, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Boiled down, we maintain good health as we convince our bodies, by making decisions and plans ahead of time, that our life is not an emergency.

Lioness at the Door, holistic health coaching was designed to support busy moms with that very task! Specifically, to learn and practice better self-care; to create step-by-step home management habits and even demystify the answer to the daily question, “What’s for dinner?”  

Let’s face it, we need a plan and systems in place to feel calm, happy and flowing in this challenging yet fulfilling career of parenthood.

Lioness at the Door promotes a philosophy of taking responsibility for your health so that you can be a fierce advocate for your family.

Are you ready for clarity, guidance and support with your health and family-life goals?

If so, I would be honored to assist you in  channeling your inner Lioness!

God bless you my friend.





"I love how validating has been such a blessing with my children and how our conversations go. The book was life changing for me."


Thank you! Thank you! I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity! Thank you for validating and encouraging my desires of wanting to be a good mom and wanting to cook for my family. I always felt so encouraged and pumped up after our sessions! I would come home and tell my husband about everything!

Interior Designer

"I've experienced a beautiful sense of peace in my home with time-blocking. Even when I'm not able to get to everything, knowing what I'm working on each day has brought so much peace and made my day to day more manageable."


"My experience in Lioness (seminar) was mind-blowing- maybe that's hyperbolic but I really feel like my brain is changing. Seminar is a good kind of hard! If you are considering whether or not to start this program, do it! It's not too early or too late. It applies to whatever you're worried about or whatever stage of life you're in."

Educational Counselor

"The positive changes in my health during my Lioness coaching were losing 20 pounds and sweet cravings, a better knowledge of what to eat or not eat and why, cooking healthier meals for my family, physically feeling better, less overwhelm and I feel better emotionally too!"


"I am beyond grateful that I made the investment in coaching. I feel like when I started coaching this time, I was at a major cross roads. My life could have gone in two different directions and you helped guide me onto the correct one. The one that leads to love, peace, and health. Having that information and being on that path is priceless."

Lioness Client

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