It is time to be full! To feel seen, accepted & loved! Our spouses need our strength and our children desperately need to feel our unconditional love.

We can do this!

Hi, I’m Jacque and I help women of faith through coaching and courses, to thrive in their God-given roles.

As a certified holistic health coach, my passion is ultimately seeing children growing in happy, nurturing homes.

My clients are women who love learning and are determined to grow into the most loving and responsible versions of themselves possible! 

A Must Read for Mothers!

EBook Course

If you’re struggling to find fulfillment and joy in your role as a mother, you’ll want to devour this eBook today!
The truth is, you have far more control over the emotions you are experiencing in your family relationships than you know.
This 5-step approach is helping moms create a sustainable and fulfilling life at home, with energy & joy!


Jump into a new way of seeing your mind & body, your family & friends, your history & future in this 6 month digital class (with group coaching options). We’re studying the principles of The Mind-body Syndrome (TMS) and the principles of unconditional love, and how they fit together to improve your life!

Coaching is positively changing the way people are improving their lives! And holistic health coaching for women of faith and their spouses is a powerful way to make progress in individual health and in the health of your most important relationship. I am amazed at the growth my clients have made, as we counsel together about correct principles and craft actionable, deliberate baby steps. Feeling better is pretty heady stuff!


Inspirational messages, a kid’s recipe booklet, and other free resources you can download right away!

Free Class

What is Healing With Love?

Get a sneak peek inside this amazing course and how it can benefit you and your family!

Mothers EBook Course

This course will teach you how to understand what you and your family members really need that will help you stop pushing yourself to exhaustion and instead, find fulfillment, energy and joy at home!

“I took the program hoping to find physical but also emotional relief. It was six months of learning to change my thinking habits and work on myself to heal relationships. It was transformative to my thinking. My eyes of compassion and understanding have opened up tremendously this year. I just genuinely found this class helpful!”


“I love and teach my children”


“When we truly understand the cause of all Getting and Protecting Behaviors, we realize that all ‘irritating’ people are only drowning. When we understand and remember that their irritating behaviors are intended only to keep their heads above water, our anger effortlessly disappears.”

Dr Greg Baer, M.D.

Author of Real LOVE

“Thank you! Thank you! I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity! Thank you for validating and encouraging my desires of wanting to be a good mom and wanting to cook for my family. I always felt so encouraged and pumped up after our sessions! I would come home and tell my husband about everything!”


Interior Designer

“I see the real needs of my children and spouse because I love them unconditionally.”


“I’ve experienced a beautiful sense of peace in my home with time-blocking. Even when I’m not able to get to everything, knowing what I’m working on each day has brought so much peace and made my day to day more manageable.”



“My experience in Lioness (seminar) was mind-blowing- maybe that’s hyperbolic but I really feel like my brain is changing. Seminar is a good kind of hard! If you are considering whether or not to start this program, do it! It’s not too early or too late. It applies to whatever you’re worried about or whatever stage of life you’re in.”


Educational Counselor

“As we tell the truth about ourselves, we create opportunities for people to see, accept, and love us, and that changes the world for us.”

Dr Greg Baer, M.D.

Author of Real LOVE

Would you recommend this course to others?

“Absolutely YES! In fact, I’m recommending it to all my sisters and cousins and mother. Everyone needs to take this class.”


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