Wake-Up, Learn and Keep Going

For all of you parents who are studying the Real Love books, particularly the book on parenting, how’s it going? Are you getting clued-in like I am? Many of these pages smart! I see myself and my mistakes and I have had moments of shock and amazement and sadness too. Can you relate? The last […]

The Deliberate Thinker

A seminar group client shared this picture with us when we were talking about thoughts and bows and arrows. (Do any of you Lionesses know who to attribute for this picture? Please share if you do!) I love it so much! It personifies power, beauty, grace and determination! So how are things going for you? […]

Cherries On Top!

It’s not quite cherry picking time, but we’re getting there! Meanwhile, I’ve been using the cherries we put in the freezer the last two summers. I made tart cherry juice out of some with my steamer canner, and we’re storing it frozen in clean peanut butter jars. (I like those Adam’s peanut butter jars for […]

Short & Sweet

Hello my friend! I hope this finds you well. Today I’m passing on an idea I heard recently from a client. I took note of her thought because it fits so beautifully into our goal of becoming deliberate thinkers! And I might add, deliberate feelers! Instead of looking back over the day and seeing all […]

Simple Sweet & Salty Popcorn!

I hope you’re having a great week! Today I got to spend time with my daughter and her daughters and it was a delight! Not to mention, all the help they gave me working on the fairy garden and weeding flower beds. Thank you lovies! Now, I’m ready for a bit of rest. Maybe we’ll […]