“Trust the Process”

I hope this post finds you well! I am amazed at all you are doing and the ways you’re figuring things out! Good for you! Do you believe that we are here to learn? That life was designed to be a continuous series of experiences that help us grow? That we gain strength by learning […]

Victims No More

Hello! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the majority of parents in the world today were bravely in agent mode and feeling like “victims no more?” And teaching their kids to be loving and responsible people? It’s a great goal, but we have a way to go don’t we? I would guess that you want your […]

All Your Light

We’ve had a ride these last few months haven’t we? While there have been uncertainties and strangeness, chaos and devastation in some cases throughout this year, there have also been many potential and effectual blessings. The blessings of being together with family more often and more exclusively. (Some days a challenge and a blessing.) The […]

Creating The Ideal Home

Hello my friend, I hope this post finds you well! I recently had a conversation with an amazing client who used something like this title phrase, “creating the ideal home,” to describe a profound realization she had. Her ah-ha moment was so important, I’d like to share the gist with you. (Lovely client, you know […]

Tomato Basil Potatoes

Hello my friend! Here’s a quick recipe idea to make (even with leftover fried potatoes) that might come in handy. I dressed-up these leftover potatoes with cherry tomatoes and basil from the garden for lunch. I liked the result so much, I thought you might too. If you’re starting with raw potatoes, put enough olive […]