Give Place No More to the Enemy of My Soul

My friends; Today I am sharing a scripture and quote script I wrote out for myself some time ago. I needed something to bring my brain back from the abyss when discouragement was looming, when fear was encroaching or when I felt helpless and worried about everything and everyone! If you should find yourself needing […]

The House of Your Dreams

A small and fanciful parable for you today my friend. There once was a woman who dreamed of living in a beautiful house. She thought about what it would feel like, where she would store things, how it would be decorated and what happy things would happen there. She thought of colorful flower beds and […]

Change is a Beautiful Thing!

What do we lose when we change from feeling empty and alone to feeling loved? irritability anger drama pseudo-love seeking exhaustion pain fear What do we gain when we learn to be charitable, beginning with realizing our need to say things like, “I’m sorry; I love you…?” joy peace of conscience greater faith more time […]

Mama, Speak My Name

Mama, speak my name with love. Not with suspicion;Not in anger;Not with disgust;Not in condemnation;Not with malice;Not with resentment;Not with threats;Not in pain. Mama, speak my name with love,and I will hear you,Come to you,Learn from you and Be healed. My friend, I wish you a glorious Sunday! Brim full of the knowledge that love, […]

Speak the Word Only

I am listening; for HisVoice–Commanding me to Rise. I hear it in my children’sCries and standing, I over-Come myself, andAnoint them with myLove. Liberated; healed; Connected; our peace togetherMultiplies. I can feel that–Loving them, exceeds theJoyof being soLoved. Matthew 8:8 “The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under […]