Thanks Be to God

Glory be! God is good. Hello, and I hope you are well, this almost spring day! Sometimes, it is easy to give thanks, because it is a natural response to feeling loved and valued and having our needs met! But what about the times when we feel conflicted or wronged or empty and or needy? […]


Good day to you my friend, I hope this finds you well! Would you agree, that anything that helps us become truly more loving and responsible is empowering? One way to see empowerment, or to recognize principles that will help us retain more of our own power and agency, is to recognize those things that […]

On The Other Side

Do you think you have failed? Feel fallen from grace? Were you wrong to dream? Did you shoot too high? Did you risk too much? Do you feel abandoned on the way and alone in raging fear? Sister, I know that road, it’s signs of detour and danger ahead! So I can tell you truly. […]


Hello my Friend! I hope you are well. This morning I woke up thinking about peace. About lifting off emotional weight; feeling lighter in our steps; being habitually more relaxed and having calmness in our interactions with others. Mostly, having a clear conscience, which feels like inhaling and resting in light! How are you feeling […]

Planners Ho!

Hey there my friend! I hope you are turning the calendar this year with hope for better things to come. We had a Lioness planner class this evening and I was delighted to visit with some of you young mothers, and hear your desires to create goodness and order. Especially since goodness and order are […]