Being at home. Taking a class. Reading stories together. Quiet time alone. Cooking dinner. Having breakfast…again. Volunteering for a good cause. Learning to say no. Time alone with your spouse. Time with the whole family. Developing a talent or pursuing an interest. Simplifying your life. Buying school clothes. De-cluttering closets. Finding a good bargain. Holding out for quality. Learning self-sufficiency.  Knowing when to ask for help. Holding your boundary. Being flexible.

How do you know where the balance lies?

Well, you practice making decisions. You practice following through. You practice paying attention to how you feel and you learn to be very observant and to get good at gathering data. {Keeping a journal is the most powerful tool you can use to accomplish that gathering!}

In short, you learn from your experience, and the experiences of others, what it is that you truly want most. Then you work toward creating the life you desire by learning the habits and thinking patterns that will support that life.

Do you know people who have done what it is you want to do? Watch them! Talk to them. Ask questions and learn from them. Where did they start? How do they think? How do they spend their time? What have they learned?

Do you know what it is you don’t want? You can certainly look, with humility, at those who have that life and take note of the decisions that may have created those circumstances. In many cases, the truth is, “There but for the grace of God go I,” but we can learn from everyone and every situation.

My point is, we’re all creating life a minute, an hour, a day and year at a time and we are all learning as we go!

I pray that you {and I} will continue to gain greater confidence in walking the balance beam of life. Not comparing ourselves to those around us. Not judging other’s paths or condemning ourselves either. But moving forward with courage to risk, to learn, to live!

God bless every step you take.

All is well.



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